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Some Tips on Dealing With Urinary Incontinence

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The Promise Ball in aid of JDRF

published on 13 November 2021 by jdrf.org.uk
The hugely popular Promise Ball is back…and we can’t wait! Arrive on the red carpet at the Queens Hotel for what’s set to be another superb night and help us to find the cure for type 1 diabetes. Tickets include a drinks reception, a ... >> read more

The importance of temperature checking in the food production workplace

published on 27 October 2020 by bullproducts.co.uk
At a time when hygiene and cleaning in the workplace is even more crucial, it’s important to have all the necessary equipment to hand including effective temperature checking devices and practices. From COVID-19 to other infectious diseases, the regula... >> read more

8 Tips to Help Control Male Urinary Incontinence

published on 27 October 2020 by findhealthtips.com
Find Health Tips What is male urinary incontinence? Urinary incontinence (UI) is a condition characterized by the loss of bladder control that is frequent in older men. Typical for early UI is accidental leaking urine, a phenomenon that can reach more ... >> read more

NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere Is Sentenced to Life In Prison

published on 27 October 2020 by the-hair-salon.co.uk
NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere Is Sentenced to Life In Prisonhttps://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/a27718913/nxivm-sex-cult-what-to-know/https://www.elle.com/rss/culture.xml/ The post NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere Is Sentenced to Life In Prison appeared fi... >> read more

The Future of AI in Healthcare

published on 27 October 2020 by televox.com
As healthcare systems continue to tackle a host of challenges this year, the use of AI-driven solutions is accelerating. The CDC hosts an AI-driven bot on its website as a screening tool. And the FDA is using several AI-driven devices... >> read more

How to feel better on your period

published on 27 October 2020 by ourremedy.co.uk
Our monthly visitor can leave us feeling pretty crap. Headaches, hormones running wild, aches – to say the least – and tossing and turning trying to get some kip are just a few of the things you might be up against.    You just want to feel... >> read more

Sportstech F10 Treadmill Review

published on 27 October 2020 by fitnessreview.co.uk
Summary: The F10 is the entry level treadmill in the impressive Sportstech range. This brand has best-sellers in several categories. Their selling point might not be what you expect… its German engineering. Cliches aside, the build quality of the Sport... >> read more

Hail to The Kale Salad by Harmony Slater

published on 26 October 2020 by keenonyoga.co.uk
This recipe is a guest post by Harmony Slater, and you can see the original, along with other wellness tips on her website. Harmony is a long term Ashtanga yoga student, teacher and received the rare qualification of Certified by Sharath Jois to teach ... >> read more

Will The UK Cycling Boom Lead To More Personal Injury Claims?

published on 26 October 2020 by georgeide.co.uk
In 2019, cycling was on the wane. After an enormous boost in the popularity of cycling following successful showings in the 2012 Olympics, and years of growth for cycling, things were really slowing down and... The post Will The UK Cycling Boom Lead To... >> read more

Scots Pine, Moray Forest, Scotland

published on 26 October 2020 by nobleisle.com
Tucked away in the northern Scottish province of Moray is the pinewood forest of Pluscarden; overlooking the 13th century abbey of the same name, it’s the impressive home to a myriad of wildlife, flora and fauna. Part of a network of forests in Moray, ... >> read more

How To Reach Us In London

published on 25 October 2020 by broadgategp.co.uk
The post How To Reach Us In London appeared first on Broadgate GP. ... >> read more

Outrageous Mineral for kid Recommendations

published on 25 October 2020 by mymodafy.com
Within the context of diet, a mineral is a chemical component required as a vital nutrient by organisms to carry out features mandatory for life. She has a background in purposeful nutrition and 8 published books, including The Every part Information t... >> read more

WOW – Oct 26 2020

published on 23 October 2020 by bayshorefit.com
The post WOW – Oct 26 2020 appeared first on Bayshore Fit. ... >> read more

How to prepare for your online therapy and coaching session

published on 23 October 2020 by beecholmeadultcare.co.uk
Online counselling allows clients to book appointments from the convenience of their homes, without spending time on the commute, and many times avoiding traffic. Often clients feel more at ease at their homes, which can help with the therapeutic proce... >> read more

A Hero’s Welcome with Wonderwheels

published on 23 October 2020 by alliedmobility.com
Calling all caped crusaders! Superhero Series, the “UK’s one and only disability sports series for the Everyday Superhero”, needs you!  This November, the sporting organisation is hosting their latest event ‘At Home Winter Wonderwheels’ that will see h... >> read more

Dr. Arthritis Asks: Do You Experience Fatigue Because Of Your Arthritis?

published on 22 October 2020 by doctorarthritis.org
Fatigue is an ever-present and persistent challenge when you have arthritis. While it can sometimes be caused by inflammation, arthritis disease activity or pain; it can also be caused by other contributing factors such as limited physical inactivity, ... >> read more

Top 7 Delicious Foods that Can Help Relieve Constipation

published on 21 October 2020 by motleyhealth.com
If you are suffering from constipation, you don't necessarily have to visit your doctor to get relief. That's because there are many foods you can eat to achieve that naturally. The post Top 7 Delicious Foods that Can Help Relieve Constipation appear... >> read more

6 Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation you Never Knew

published on 21 October 2020 by alluremedicalaesthetic.com
Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term that holds much promise but may be confusing for some women. In the past, it typically referred to vaginal tightening surgery. Now we have advanced laser vaginal tightening and revitalizing treatments that don’t use... >> read more

Cosmetic Procedures for the Holidays

published on 21 October 2020 by drjosebarrera.com
Plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly. Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is committing to an operation that requires healing and downtime. Downtime takes time away from your regular schedule, including work time, family time, and social time. Fo... >> read more

Exercising in pregnancy

published on 21 October 2020 by miracleinprogress.co.uk
Gentle exercise during pregnancy is good (and safe) for you and your baby. Not only does it help you maintain a healthy weight, it also helps prepare your body for labour. Did you know that 150 minutes of exercise each week has loads of benefits for pr... >> read more

Why Facelifts Are Popular During the Holidays

published on 20 October 2020 by drchrislivingston.com
The most wonderful time of the year may also be the busiest. Still, the holiday season is also one of the best times of the year to undergo plastic surgery, like facelifts and many different non-surgical enhancement procedures. It’s also... Read More T... >> read more

Become A CBDLife Affiliate

published on 20 October 2020 by cbdlifeuk.com
Why not look to earn some money by telling people about your positive experiences using CBDLife products? Sound appealing? Then our Afilliate scheme could be perfect for you! All you need to do to get started with our afilliate scheme is fill in an onl... >> read more

Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery 

published on 20 October 2020 by beverlyhillsplasticsurgery.com
Nipple Reduction   Breasts with protruding nipples or disproportionate areolae have poor aesthetics. Women with such problems may choose to undergo nipple and areola reduction… The post Nipple And Areola Reduction Surgery  appeared first on Bever... >> read more

Best Hair Products for Pixie Cut & Tips for Styling Short Hair

published on 20 October 2020 by luckycurl.com
A pixie cut is considered one of the most daring haircuts for women. While it may seem, low-maintenance, it does require a little work. With this in mind, Lucky Curl has listed the top products and tools to help style this edgy hair cut. The Best Hair ... >> read more

Highgate’s Covid response highlighted for praise at UK Customer Experience Awards 2020

published on 20 October 2020 by highgatehospital.co.uk
Highgate Private Hospital enjoyed success at the UK Customer Experience Awards (UKCXA) on Thursday 15 October, where the company’s response to the coronavirus pandemic achieved a Gold award through parent company Aspen Healthcare. Aspen won Gold in the... >> read more

Is Eyelid Surgery Right for You?

published on 19 October 2020 by malenaamatomd.com
Do people ask if you’re sick, sad, or tired when you feel alert and well-rested? If this is a common occurrence, or you’re unhappy with how your eyes look, you may need cosmetic help. Though they may be the windows to the soul, the eyes are often the f... >> read more

Garage Salon Conversions – a New Trend for 2020?

published on 19 October 2020 by directsalonfurniture.co.uk
Is it time to invest in the continuity of your business? You have to have been living on the moon to have failed to notice that 2020 has been a challenging year for all businesses, but especially those public facing sectors such as hospitality, gyms an... >> read more

How To Become A Fitness Trainer In The USA

published on 19 October 2020 by rightpathfitness.co.uk
A personal trainer’s job has caught the attention of a lot of individuals, as many view it as an opportunity to uplift their career. As a result, the different steps to land up with a job of this sort is being sought after by everyone. Apart from the u... >> read more

Introducing Speedy Services

published on 19 October 2020 by rush.co.uk
The perfect colour refresh for Girls On The Go. Revive your colour in 90 minutes or less. At Rush, we love to try something new that we think you’re going to love. So from the 19th of October until the 15th of November we’re introducing our brand new l... >> read more

Lip filler aftercare – the do’s and don’ts after having lip augmentation

published on 19 October 2020 by dranitadhunna.com
Lip filler aftercare: Dermal fillers for the lips have become one of the most sought after and famous treatments in the UK to enhance, beautify and augment the lip area. A straight forward procedure to administer (for expert medical practitioners who h... >> read more

Cosmetic Procedures for the Holidays

published on 16 October 2020 by etrecosmeticderm.com
The holiday season is a time of celebration, relaxation, and reflection. The festive period also offers people an ideal opportunity to get cosmetic work done, as the added stress of worrying about finding time off from work to recover is relieved for s... >> read more

7 Evening Skin Care Tips

published on 16 October 2020 by vcps.com
These days, we’re all looking for ideas to improve our self-care strategies. Did you know that how you treat your skin after the sun goes down is essential for preventing a range of concerns, from acne to premature aging?   While nighttime skin ca... >> read more

Autumn is definitely here!

published on 16 October 2020 by 77thehill.com
The post Autumn is definitely here! appeared first on 77 The Hill. ... >> read more

3 Ways Employee Burnout Can Impact Businesses

published on 15 October 2020 by klearminds.com
Read the full article... The post 3 Ways Employee Burnout Can Impact Businesses appeared first on Klearminds. ... >> read more

Five soups that Ayurveda offers to consume

published on 14 October 2020 by ayurvedabansko.com
Ayurveda recommends that the diet comply with prakriti and purusha – or in other words, with our ancient nature and current state. The innate is that which predisposes us to certain emotions, foods, states, it makes us predisposed to one or anoth... >> read more

The Pelvic Floor

published on 14 October 2020 by altiushealthcare.co.uk
The post The Pelvic Floor appeared first on Altius Healthcare. ... >> read more

10 Best at Home Skincare Routines to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Moisturized

published on 14 October 2020 by drsajjadian.com
Dry, rough skin can be unpleasant. It is vital that you provide your skin with the moisture it needs so that it can be healthy – but it is not just individuals with naturally dry skin who need to do this. Whatever the time of year, hydrating lotion is ... >> read more

Plagiocephaly: to Helmet or not to Helmet?

published on 14 October 2020 by technologyinmotion.com
Why Some Parents Choose Plagiocephaly Treatment With a Helmet and Others Don’t Deciding whether to give your baby plagiocephaly treatment with or without a helmet is by no means an easy task. Conflicting attitudes and opinions from GPs, HVs, the press,... >> read more

The Rise In Tattoo Removal

published on 14 October 2020 by pulselightclinic.co.uk
Since returning to the clinic from lockdown we have a lot of enquiries from clients that had started the process of getting their tattoos before lockdown. The increase in clients are mainly the ones that have... The post The Rise In Tattoo Removal appe... >> read more

The Rise In Tattoo Removal

published on 14 October 2020 by pulselightclinic.co.uk
Since returning to the clinic from lockdown we have a lot of enquiries from clients that had started the process of getting their tattoos before lockdown. The increase in clients are mainly the ones that have... The post The Rise In Tattoo Removal appe... >> read more

Plagiocephaly: to Helmet or not to Helmet?

published on 14 October 2020 by technologyinmotion.com
Why Some Parents Choose Plagiocephaly Treatment With a Helmet and Others Don’t Deciding whether to give your baby plagiocephaly treatment with or without a helmet is by no means an easy task. Conflicting attitudes and opinions from GPs, HVs, the press,... >> read more

3 Ways to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size for You

published on 13 October 2020 by timsayedmd.com
Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., with over 300,000 women opting for breast implants every year. Surprisingly, a trend that is also on the rise is breast implant removal surgery. In most cases, women opt for this p... >> read more

Should you see a chiropractor for lower back pain?

published on 13 October 2020 by centralchiropracticclinic.co.uk
Central Chiropractic & Physiotherapy According to the NHS, it is ‘estimated that up to 8 in every 10 people in the UK are affected by back pain at some point in their lives’. These figures are significant as it shows that back pains are now becomin... >> read more

What Can You Eat With Snap On Veneers?

published on 13 October 2020 by fabsmileveneers.co.uk
The post What Can You Eat With Snap On Veneers? appeared first on Fab Smile Veneers. ... >> read more

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear: Diagnostic, Surgery & Rehabilitation

published on 13 October 2020 by myfrenchphysio.london
What is the function of the cruciate ligaments? There are two cruciates ligaments in the knee: the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and the second the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL). These two ligaments cross forward and laterally between the femur ... >> read more

Get BOOtiful Skin This Halloween! 10 Great Tips on How To Make Your BOTOX® Last Longer

published on 12 October 2020 by ctfacialplasticsurgery.com
Although Halloween is all about scary, it doesn’t mean your natural appearance should frighten anyone. Smooth skin is desirable no matter the holiday, which means crow’s feet and forehead lines need to go. Perhaps BOTOX® is part of your anti-aging... >> read more

How to straighten teeth

published on 12 October 2020 by kilnlanedental.co.uk
Want a straight smile, but not thrilled about the idea of braces? We don’t blame you. Braces may […] The post How to straighten teeth appeared first on Kiln. ... >> read more

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!!!

published on 9 October 2020 by riversidevetcentre.com
Good news for rabbits and their owners. In recent years there’s been a noted drop off in the number of rabbits suffering from myxomatosis.  This success is a reflection of widely used vaccination.  However, the disease itself is still prevalent in the ... >> read more

Supporting new mums has never been so important – MamaPromise

published on 9 October 2020 by lansinoh.co.uk
During the Fourth Trimester, one in five new mums will experience a mental health issue* Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10th October, we’re shining a light on the importance that mental health support can bring to new mums, especially in the all-i... >> read more

Is Labiaplasty Right For You?

published on 7 October 2020 by syplasticsurgery.com
Have you ever considered Labiaplasty? If you experience discomfort during sex or prone to dryness, chafing, and uncomfortable twisting Labiaplasty may be the “down there” cosmetic care you need. Interested? Call 1-(805)-682-1731 or contact ... >> read more

Pre-procedure Checklist FAQ’s

published on 5 October 2020 by centreforsurgery.com
Why do I need to avoid Tobacco and Alcohol? Smoking and Alcohol can have negative effect on your recovery from surgery. You can read more about the effects of smoking here and alcohol here. Why do I have to leave the clinic in a car/taxi? As you are un... >> read more

Critical Thinking

published on 5 October 2020 by inspire360.co.uk
If our current Covid-19 affected world has demonstrated anything to us, it’s the need to have a well-developed Critical Thinking ability. Is the pandemic real, or is it a ‘plandemic’? Is the government doing a good job dealing with a difficult situatio... >> read more

How To Get Ripped

published on 5 October 2020 by jasonkozma.com
Forget everything you thought you knew about diet and exercise in order to achieve that lean, ripped body. I have… The post How To Get Ripped appeared first on Personal Trainer Los Angeles. ... >> read more

Feel Multivitamin Review

published on 5 October 2020 by healthandwellnessreviews.co.uk
8.6Buy Feel MultivitaminsBuy hereFeel claim to be “reinventing multivitamins for the modern world”. Supplements and vitamins often come with lots of impressive claims with minimal supporting evidence. However, Feel provide lots of proof to ... >> read more

Semi-Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics Horror Stories – How Not To Become a Real Life Halloween Character

published on 5 October 2020 by immaculatetouchbeauty.co.uk
With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d write a quick topical post about those semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics horror stories that crop...Read MoreThe post Semi-Permanent Makeup and Aesthetics Horror Stories – How Not To... >> read more

Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Buttock Implants

published on 4 October 2020 by ivogwanmesia.com
Having an attractive buttock plays a key role in enhancing body shape and curves, particularly in the female patient. No wonder there has been a tremendous increase in the number of buttock reshaping procedures in the last few years. Women seeking a sh... >> read more

Blood pressure management during pregnancy: Preventing complications now and reducing future cardiac risk

published on 2 October 2020 by cardiocarellc.com
Here is everything you need to know about hypertension in pregnancy. Learn hypertension types, signs, and the best ways to prevent any cardiac risks.... >> read more

5 Reasons Why Going to Rehab Is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

published on 1 October 2020 by canadianhealthrecoverycentre.ca
Recovery can be almost impossible without outside help. While many people have overcome addiction on their own, the results are often temporary: Without holistic and proper treatment, many of these people eventually relapse and fall back into old habit... >> read more

Fall Office Hours

published on 1 October 2020 by yehfacialplasticsurgery.com
OUR NEW FALL OFFICE HOURS ARE WEDNESDAY ~ THURSDAY ~ FRIDAY  8:30 – 4:30 EARLY AND LATE APPOINTMENTS UPON REQUEST The post Fall Office Hours appeared first on Yeh Facial Plastic Surgery. ... >> read more

Pure Aesthetics – October Newsletter

published on 1 October 2020 by pureaesthetics.co.uk
Hello and welcome to the Pure Aesthetics – October Newsletter. Are we in lockdown?... The post Pure Aesthetics – October Newsletter appeared first on Pure Aesthetics. ... >> read more

Get Your Skin Holiday-Ready With Microneedling: Everything You Need To Know About Microneedling

published on 1 October 2020 by bryanarmijomd.com
The skin is one of, if not the most, noticeable aspects of our body. If not correctly cared for, the skin naturally deteriorates over time due to sun exposure and age. But treating aged or damaged skin can be difficult. In many cases, our bodies have n... >> read more

Steps to Ensure the Best Results from Your Rhinoplasty

published on 29 September 2020 by plasticsurgerynola.com
Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, reshapes or resizes the nose (or does both) to make it more attractive, symmetrical, and balanced with your other facial features.... The post Steps to Ensure the Best Results from Your Rhinoplasty appeared first on New Or... >> read more

Breast Lift, Breast Implants… Maybe Both? Which Option Is Best for You to Perk Up Your Look!

published on 29 September 2020 by montanteaesthetics.com
Are you considering cosmetic breast surgery? If so, there’s a good chance you are wondering if a breast lift will be the best surgery for you or if you might need implants. The answer is determined by your unique anatomy, cosmetic concerns, and lifesty... >> read more

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments That Are Right for You

published on 28 September 2020 by ritaccalasercenter.com
If you’re bothered by the signs of facial aging, there’s never been a better time to seek treatment. You have more options than ever before— from injectables to laser treatments to improved cosmetic surgery techniques that yield wonderfully natural-loo... >> read more

GB Foam Customer Survey – Here’s What You Said!

published on 28 September 2020 by gbfoamdirect.co.uk
You may have noticed recently that we sent out a survey asking for your opinion on GB Foam Direct. We always strive to deliver the very best service, but also know that no business is perfect. There’s always room to improve and that’s what we’re aiming... >> read more

10 Best at Home Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Moisturized

published on 28 September 2020 by waltzmanplasticsurgery.com
We’re all spending more time at home these days, but your skin doesn’t have to suffer. These at-home skin care tips will keep your skin looking healthy and moisturized whether you’re at home or on the go. Slather on the Sunscreen How many days a year d... >> read more

Sunwing partners with Medcan to support industry-leading health and safety program

published on 24 September 2020 by medcan.com
TORONTO, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sunwing is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Medcan, a global healthcare leader providing medical expertise, consultation and health inspiration. Medcan will advise on the company’s Safe wit... >> read more

Steps to Ensure the Best Results From Your Rhinoplasty

published on 24 September 2020 by restoraaustin.com
Your beautiful new nose awaits. Get the best possible results from your rhinoplasty with these tips from the board-certified plastic surgeons at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre. Be Choosy About Your Surgeon Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure. Sur... >> read more

The Work Place registers with NHS Covid-19 Tracing App

published on 24 September 2020 by twpa.org.uk
The Work Place is now registered as a venue with the NHS Covid-19 Tracing App to help support contact tracing If you are visiting, simply scan our NHS QR code as you enter the building.  ... >> read more

Q&A On Spotty Skin

published on 22 September 2020 by cedarsderm.co.uk
With some of our clients approaching us for specialist acne treatments here at our Harley Street skin clinic, we thought it was the ideal time to share some fast facts on spotty skin, including causes, symptoms and, of course, how we can help through o... >> read more

What to Expect After Lip Fillers

published on 22 September 2020 by dreyfussplasticsurgery.com
If you love that keyhole pout or Cupid’s Bow many celebrities are sporting, you may want to look into lip fillers. Stars like Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner get a lot of attention for their sensual looks. Lip fillers are trending in the Chicago area, mo... >> read more

Personal Healthcare Checklist for the Fall 2020 Season:

published on 18 September 2020 by afcurgentcaretampanw.com
Fall 2020 is going to be quite challenging for many patients. Healthcare providers at AFC Urgent Care Tampa are here to help patients make sure they are prepared to stay healthy with the challenges of flu season, are aware of common preventive care tec... >> read more

5 Things to Expect from Your Upcoming Lasik Surgery

published on 18 September 2020 by willvision.com
What to expect before, during, and after LASIK surgery at Will Vision and Laser Centers will vary from patient to patient. Rest assured that your decision to have LASIK will be life-changing. You have decided to experience clearer vision and are probab... >> read more

Robert Bedoukian Joins the Non-profit Organization’s Volunteer Board of Directors

published on 4 September 2020 by regionalhospicect.org
This month, Regional Hospice welcomes Robert Bedoukian of Danbury, Connecticut to the organization’s volunteer Board of Directors. As President of Bedoukian Research, Inc, an international supplier of fragrance and flavor ingredients, Bedoukian is a sk... >> read more

What is the Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery?

published on 2 September 2020 by dramyalderman.com
Compression garments don’t get the same public attention as new surgical techniques, technologies, and injectable products. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a critical part of creating beautiful and lasting results. Though you may not have heard ... >> read more

Things you need to Know for Studying Ayurveda

published on 1 September 2020 by rishikeshyogaclub.com
In the current era, human beings are exposed to so many stressors on an everyday basis. There are physical stressors like commuting to work, sitting in one place in front of the computer screens for eight hours straight to get the job done, etc. These ... >> read more

Achilles Tendon Pain

published on 31 August 2020 by sussexfootcentre.co.uk
The post Achilles Tendon Pain appeared first on Sussex Foot Centre. ... >> read more

Dermal filler maintenance and top-ups

published on 29 August 2020 by drdandhunna.com
If you have ever had a facial treatment with dermal fillers, you’ll be aware that the difference it can make to your facial structure, tone, shape and skin quality can be immense! However, most safe and regulated dermal fillers on the market today offe... >> read more

Procedures You Can Combine with a Facelift

published on 27 August 2020 by maeplasticsurgery.com
Our facelift results are stunning on their own, but many patients want to make them even better. Pairing your facelift with other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments can enhance and extend your results. What procedures pair well with facelift... >> read more

Never a cross word!

published on 27 August 2020 by willowbrook.co.uk
Try this quick word puzzle – nice and simple (we hope!) and a pleasant distraction for ten minutes or so… Simply type your answers into the crossword below:   Scroll down for the answers…            … Rea... >> read more

Demystifying Supplements: B12

published on 25 August 2020 by motivatept.co.uk
You may have heard vegans talking about needed a B12 supplement but what actually is it? Vitamin B12 is found attached to the proteins in the food we eat. However, it cannot be adsorbed that way therefore it is the role of your stomach to separate the ... >> read more

My Experience with Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

published on 19 August 2020 by icls.ca
(This blog was written by an ICLS patient about her experience with Votiva, a non-surgical treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Due to the sensitive nature of this procedure, she has chosen to remain anonymous.) I recently received a series of treatment... >> read more

One fifth of UK drinkers say their alcohol intake is out of control

published on 18 August 2020 by alphabiolabs.co.uk
Figures from the latest Global Drugs Survey have revealed that on average, UK adults are consuming at least twice the daily recommended alcohol levels to reach their desired state of intoxication Responses from more than 60,000 participants, aged 16 – ... >> read more

New Starter – Colleen

published on 18 August 2020 by physioteq.co.uk
We are really excited to introduce you to our newest member of the team, Colleen. Colleen has a wealth of experience in musculoskeletal private practice with a special interest and advanced skills in acupuncture, women’s health and the female athlete. ... >> read more

A New Addition To The Ultimate Team

published on 17 August 2020 by theultimateretreatcompany.com
From September 2020 we are delighted to welcome Laura to our dedicated retreat team, Laura is a clinical psychologist & life coach & has extensive experience in working with people with addictions, depression, anxiety, stress & burn-out, ea... >> read more

Baby Bike Seats: Buyer’s Guide & My Top 10 Picks for 2020

published on 17 August 2020 by babyzeen.com
Choosing the right bike seat for your baby, toddler, or child is incredibly important. Given the vast array of bike seats available on the market, including various types made to … Baby Bike Seats: Buyer’s Guide & My Top 10 Picks for... >> read more

Repairing Sun Damage With the Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

published on 14 August 2020 by drmayakato.com
“Too much of a good thing” couldn’t be more applicable than when it comes to exposing our skin to the sun. The science behind the benefits of sunlight is well documented – increased vitamin D, dopamine, circadian rhythm synchronization, and sheer enjoy... >> read more

What Aftercare is Necessary for Breast Implant Surgery?

published on 14 August 2020 by aesthetx.com
Following your breast augmentation, aftercare instructions can be the difference between facing unexpected complications and having a comfortable and speedy recovery. At each stage of the healing process, we’ll provide you with in-depth information to ... >> read more

How Weight Loss Can Affect Your Breast Implants

published on 14 August 2020 by vancouvercosmeticsurgery.ca
Breast augmentation can be a life-changing enhancement. If performed by a skilled surgeon, this operation can improve your figure safely, and be followed by a quick recovery. Vancouver plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Pugash, stresses that breast implants sho... >> read more

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for a more balanced life

published on 13 August 2020 by doctorsib.com
Hormones are chemical messengers that help all of our organs, tissues, and cells communicate within the body, which is why […] The post Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for a more balanced life appeared first on Dr Richard Sibthorpe. ... >> read more

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Have a Facelift

published on 12 August 2020 by drlangsdon.com
It is never too early to age beautifully! Face Lifts are one of the only procedures that can give you transformative, long-lasting results. They help tighten your skin in the most critical places and rejuvenate your overall appearance. Contact us and s... >> read more

Dr. Farber Is Florida’s #1 Choice For Tummy Tuck Surgery

published on 12 August 2020 by farberplasticsurgery.com
Do you want to know how you can achieve the body you’ve always wanted? A tummy tuck removes all of the excess skin and fat to create a more toned appearance. Losing weight can be difficult and a tummy tuck can help you regain your confidence in a... >> read more

Increased hair loss? Could COVID-19 be the cause?

published on 12 August 2020 by vie-aesthetics.com
The post Increased hair loss? Could COVID-19 be the cause? appeared first on Vie Aesthetics. ... >> read more

Di? Protezi Nedir ?

published on 11 August 2020 by yetkinbayer.com
Di? protezleri , a??z içerisinde yer alan do?al di? özelliklerini art?k kaybetmi? ve fonksiyonlar?n? yerine getiremeyen ya da kaybedilmi? di?lerin tamamlanmas? amac? ile olu?turulan yapay di? dokusuna verilen add?r. Di? protezleri sayesinde ki?inin hem... >> read more

Health tips to keep you safe and well this summer

published on 10 August 2020 by nimbusclinics.com
The temperature is rising and we’re finally enjoying the long, hot days of summer. While summer can be a nice break from the chilly days of seasons past, it can also bring unwanted health problems like dehydration, upset stomach, bacterial infections a... >> read more

What Muscles Does The Cross Trainer Work?

published on 7 August 2020 by fitnessguides.co.uk
Do you dream of a J-Lo bum or do you want to get rid of your flabby arms? Hop on a cross-trainer and you’ll get a good total body workout, with an increased focus on your legs.  Fitness looks different on everybody, but an elliptical will keep your mus... >> read more


published on 4 August 2020 by luminatewatford.com
The post GOVERNMENT UPDATE appeared first on . ... >> read more

How to Prevent Maskne & Other Face Mask Skin Problems

published on 2 August 2020 by cityskinclinic.com
As if 2020 wasn't bad enough already, maskne is now a thing! No doubt wearing face masks is essential for controlling the pandemic. However, more people are beginning to experience a range of skin problems with ongoing mask use. These include acne, br... >> read more

Tips for Managing Dry Skin From Frequent Handwashing and Sanitizing

published on 31 July 2020 by drbresnick.com
Frequent handwashing is one of the most important ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. The Centers for... The post Tips for Managing Dry Skin From Frequent Handwashing and Sanitizing appeared first on Plastic Surgery Los Angeles | Stephen Bresnick, ... >> read more

The Effects of Everyday Stressors on Your Skin

published on 31 July 2020 by schmidtplasticsurgery.com
Stress is a normal part of life, but if you’re experiencing more stress than usual, you could be noticing a difference in the clarity and quality of your skin. Learning what to look for, as well as developing all-natural ways to manage stress, are esse... >> read more

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