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Incontinence Activewear for Those Who Exercise

How Diet and Lifestyle Affect Your Teeth

Good Habits You Can Develop So You Can Lose Weight

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Virgin Money London Marathon 2022

published on 24 April 2022 by jdrf.org.uk
If you're only ever going to do one marathon, make sure it’s the Virgin Money London Marathon. JDRF runner places now available for 2021. The post Virgin Money London Marathon 2022 appeared first on JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity. ... >> read more

A Picture Perfect Prize for Emersyn

published on 19 January 2021 by alliedmobility.com
We were thrilled to be able to spread some joy recently with a surprise for the Jackson family - a cool £500!  Gemma Jackson, from Belfast, bagged the money by winning our Spread the Joy Facebook competition.  In December, we… The post A Picture ... >> read more

Four Years in the Front Row

published on 18 January 2021 by the-hair-salon.co.uk
Four Years in the Front Row The country’s best female political reporters go on the record about what it was really like covering Trump’s America. https://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a35174004/women-four-years-covering-trump/https://www.elle.c... >> read more

Body Sculpture BB800 Aerobics Trampoline Review

published on 18 January 2021 by fitnessreview.co.uk
Summary: This 36-inch Aerobics Trampoline from Body Sculpture is a best seller in it’s category. It ticks all the right boxes for an indoor aerobics session. This is a 36-inch model, it has a foam edge built in for safety, sturdy steel legs and a smart... >> read more

Pregnancy in the Pandemic

published on 17 January 2021 by motivatept.co.uk
Being pregnant is nerve wracking and scary enough, without the added anxiety of a pandemic! Here are some FAQ’s surrounding coronavirus and pregnancy to hopefully somewhat calm your nerves. ... >> read more

What’s in our Immune Support Tablets?

published on 15 January 2021 by cbdlifeuk.com
Now, more than ever, it is important to support your immune system. A healthy, strong immune system is more likely to successfully fight off viruses, bacteria and foreign bodies that can cause infection or disease. Our Immune Support tablets contain es... >> read more

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and Eyebrow Hair Transplants – See the Study Results

published on 15 January 2021 by parsamohebi.com
When it comes to hair restoration, most people instantly think about the restoration of hair on the scalp. In the last few years, eyebrow hair transplant has grown in popularity and it continues to be requested by many patients. Thanks to improved FUE ... >> read more

How Often Do You Really Need to Get a Breast Augmentation? | Dr. Pugash

published on 15 January 2021 by vancouvercosmeticsurgery.ca
If you’re asking the question – how often do you really need to get a breast augmentation – then either you’re considering having breast implants or you already have been through the process. Both situations will prompt you to ask many ques... >> read more

#32 – Keen on Yoga Podcast with Celest Pereira

published on 15 January 2021 by keenonyoga.co.uk
Welcome to the Keen on Yoga Podcast with Celest Pereira. Celeste is a trained dancer and martial artist with a BS in Physiotherapy, and over 10 years yoga practice. Her passion has been movement since she was little.  She says she would skip aroun... >> read more

Whats the Difference Between a 32mm Curling Wand vs 25mm Curling Wand?

published on 15 January 2021 by luckycurl.com
The difference between a 32mm curling wand vs 25mm curling wand is the size of the curl that can be achieved. Due to the wider barrel on the 32mm, you can create large, loose curls. A 25mm curling wand can achieve tighter, more defined curls compared t... >> read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Get LASIK Surgery

published on 15 January 2021 by willvision.com
Are you considering LASIK to correct your vision but struggle to take the steps to make that appointment? You’re not the only one. Many of our patients who come to us for the treatment put off the decision for years. But many of our patients say they w... >> read more

What is emotional wellbeing?

published on 15 January 2021 by beecholmeadultcare.co.uk
As reported by Mental Health Foundation, emotional wellbeing is “a positive sense of wellbeing which enables an individual to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life; people in good mental health have the ability to recover... >> read more

Product Focus – DS4 Bi-phasic Stimulus Isolator

published on 14 January 2021 by digitimer.com
… Read More The post Product Focus – DS4 Bi-phasic Stimulus Isolator appeared first on Digitimer. ... >> read more

15% off Breast enlargement and cosmetic surgery

published on 14 January 2021 by belvedereclinic.co.uk
GREAT NEWS – 15% oFF FOR YOUR NEW SUMMER-READY BODY The Belvedere Clinic Leading experts in cosmetic surgery and breast surgery for over 35 years. 0208 311 4464 Get ready for Summer, with this amazing offer from the Belvedere Clinic.  All Br... >> read more

How To Use Meditation To Improve Your Fitness

published on 14 January 2021 by motleyhealth.com
For people who haven’t tried meditation their whole life, they believe that meditation is merely about sitting quietly while closing their eyes and doing nothing. Maybe that sounds very easy for you, not until you actually try it yourself and find out ... >> read more

Can chiropractors treat neck pain?

published on 14 January 2021 by centralchiropracticclinic.co.uk
Central Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Are neck pains getting you down? Neck pains are known to be a hindrance in our daily lives. Not only does it affect our physical health, but it can also cause frustration and a lack of motivation in everyday act... >> read more

Things To Consider When Using Discount Cards For Your Prescription Drugs

published on 13 January 2021 by findhealthtips.com
Find Health Tips The prescription drug prices today are undeniably expensive whether or not you have health insurance. It’s no wonder why everyone is always going after resources to save even a little amount of money on their medications. Whether... >> read more

Is Weight Loss on Your New Year’s Resolution? What’s Next When You Lose the Weight?

published on 13 January 2021 by alluremedicalaesthetic.com
Whether by diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, losing excess weight provides benefits to both your physical health and your self-confidence. However, with significant weight loss comes excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be removed ... >> read more

Fact or Fiction: Botox Myths

published on 13 January 2021 by beverlyhillsplasticsurgery.com
Botox® injections are among the most popular and safest cosmetic treatments. They are remarkably effective in softening certain facial lines and wrinkles—those caused by the contraction… The post Fact or Fiction: Botox Myths appeared first on Bev... >> read more

The vaccine jab gets closer

published on 13 January 2021 by therapy-centre.net
The vaccine jab gets closer   We at the Physio Therapy Centre hope to be getting the vaccine jabs next week- we are on the list! It makes me feel that we are moving closer to a better place after what has been a tricky time for all.  This will be Jab 1... >> read more

Foodspring Daily Vitamins Review

published on 13 January 2021 by healthandwellnessreviews.co.uk
7.8Foodspring Daily VitaminsBuy NowBesides protein and energy products, sports nutrition company Foodspring offers an extensive range of vitamins and supplements. I’ve been using their daily vitamins capsules that contain a blend of extracts and powder... >> read more

Custom Foam Inserts – Factory Made & DIY Foam Trays

published on 12 January 2021 by gbfoamdirect.co.uk
If you’re looking to display, secure and/or protect items with custom foam inserts, we can provide the foam you need to create them. In some circumstances, we can even use our advanced foam cutting machinery to create precision-cut custom foam inserts ... >> read more

Why January Is the Busiest Month of the Year for Cosmetic Treatments

published on 12 January 2021 by drjosebarrera.com
For most of us, the dawning of a brand-new year presents an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start down a fresh path toward the person we want to become. Because of this, January has the highest volume of sales in many industries – mainly the fi... >> read more

10 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Skin

published on 12 January 2021 by ctfacialplasticsurgery.com
The media and the beauty world are obsessed with skin care, which has pros and cons. One benefit of the focus on skin care is that it’s vital to our appearance and self-confidence. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and taking care of it is more tha... >> read more

7 gifts you should give yourself this Valentine’s day

published on 12 January 2021 by ourremedy.co.uk
This Valentine’s day let’s think of self love and a chance to spoil yourself! Whether you have a significant other or not, let’s find ways to show ourselves a little appreciation this 14th of February. Here are 7 gifts you should give yourself th... >> read more

CO2 Case Study: Acne Scar Removal Treatment

published on 12 January 2021 by pulselightclinic.co.uk
At Pulse Light Clinic our practitioners and doctors regularly take our clients skin concerns into consideration so we can invest in new laser technology for the best results. With years of research and development going into... The post CO2 Case Study:... >> read more

What is the difference between ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing?

published on 12 January 2021 by drhconsult.co.uk
Laser skin resurfacing is the treatment of choice for many people concerned with skin rejuvenation issues. In the hands of a skilled medical practitioner such as Dr Asif Hussein, amazing results can be achieved to improve your skin’s appearance and tre... >> read more

CO2 Case Study: Acne Scar Removal Treatment

published on 12 January 2021 by pulselightclinic.co.uk
At Pulse Light Clinic our practitioners and doctors regularly take our clients skin concerns into consideration so we can invest in new laser technology for the best results. With years of research and development going into... The post CO2 Case Study:... >> read more

3 Non-Surgical Ways to Rejuvenate Your Face

published on 11 January 2021 by vcps.com
If you’re concerned about signs of premature aging and seeking ways to get a younger, healthier-looking appearance, you might be wondering whether you can achieve these goals without surgery. After all, undergoing surgery is a significant financial and... >> read more

Collaboration for a Better Future

published on 11 January 2021 by inspire360.co.uk
The old year yields to the new. Will the new year be better? Will you do better? Will the country be better? Does the World get better? Inevitably the new year brings thoughts of change with it. And this year there is real change. The UK is now firmly ... >> read more

Making Fitness Fit

published on 11 January 2021 by lrgfitness.com
Working with our partner Aon to help make 'fitness fit' in the corporate world... Read blog post here The post Making Fitness Fit appeared first on LRG Fitness. ... >> read more

How to Start Working Out

published on 11 January 2021 by medcan.com
One of the biggest hurdles to getting fit and feeling better is knowing how and where to start. You really don’t need anything. Maybe the most exercise you used to get was walking from the GO station to your office. Now you walk from your bed to the co... >> read more

How Long Does It Typically Take to Recover from A Brazilian Butt Lift?

published on 8 January 2021 by bryanarmijomd.com
If you want to enlarge or reshape your buttocks but have discovered that the area does not respond in the way you desire with diet and exercise alone, buttock augmentation may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Buttock augmentation, also known as... >> read more

Lockdown 3.0 Update

published on 8 January 2021 by directsalonfurniture.co.uk
As we’re locked down again, our service will continue to be provided! Our normal service will continue throughout January, but once again we will be operating on reduced staffing so we will be dispatching orders twice a week. As with previous loc... >> read more

New Year’s Resolution 2021: Smile More

published on 8 January 2021 by kilnlanedental.co.uk
Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t give us much to smile about. But thankfully, hope is on the horizon […] The post New Year’s Resolution 2021: Smile More appeared first on Kiln. ... >> read more

Dr. Arthritis Asks: Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe for Immunocompromised Patients?

published on 7 January 2021 by doctorarthritis.org
If you suffer from an autoimmune version of arthritis such rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, then you’re probably wondering how the newly released COVID-19 vaccines affect those who take immunosuppressants. The biggest question is, can you g... >> read more

Poor Gut Health Could Be the Cause of Your Depression & Anxiety

published on 7 January 2021 by canadianhealthrecoverycentre.ca
Terms like “gut-brain connection,” “good gut bacteria,” and “gut microbiome” have become household terms, and for good reason. It’s been discovered that our gut health is not only largely responsible for our overall health, but that an unhealthy gut ca... >> read more

ZOOM BOOM – Don’t Like What You See?

published on 7 January 2021 by doctorsib.com
Top tweakments to make you look your best on ZOOM. ZOOM meetings have made many of us more aware and […] The post ZOOM BOOM – Don’t Like What You See? appeared first on Dr Richard Sibthorpe. ... >> read more

Popular Non-Surgical Procedures During the New Year

published on 6 January 2021 by plasticsurgerynola.com
After a challenging 2020, many of us are looking forward to a healthier and happier 2021. You may have made New Year’s resolutions to lose... The post Popular Non-Surgical Procedures During the New Year appeared first on New Orleans Center. ... >> read more

Highgate Private Hospital is open for treatment

published on 6 January 2021 by highgatehospital.co.uk
Keeping you safe during Lockdown 3 As of Tuesday 5 January 2021, a new national lockdown is in effect in England, meaning that people across the country must stay at home, except where necessary. At Highgate Private Hospital, we know these are worrying... >> read more

New Course Announcement – NEBOSH PSM

published on 5 January 2021 by growtraining.com
… The post New Course Announcement – NEBOSH PSM appeared first on Grow Training Scotland. ... >> read more

January 2021 Lockdown Arrangements

published on 5 January 2021 by mulberryhouseclinic.co.uk
We are sorry to announce that our clinic will be closing again from Tuesday 5th January for the duration of […] The post January 2021 Lockdown Arrangements first appeared on Mulberry House Clinic and Laser Centre, Northamptonshire.... >> read more

Happy 2021! We Are Open!

published on 5 January 2021 by yehfacialplasticsurgery.com
The post Happy 2021! We Are Open! appeared first on Yeh Facial Plastic Surgery. ... >> read more

Issues a Neck Lift Can Address

published on 5 January 2021 by waltzmanplasticsurgery.com
The neck can be one of the most elegant and defining features of one’s physique. Unfortunately, as we age, the passage of time often disproportionately affects the neck’s appearance. Loose skin, jowls, a poorly defined jawline and the dreaded double ch... >> read more

Making a lockdown birthday special!

published on 5 January 2021 by miracleinprogress.co.uk
As we are all facing another lockdown with no end in sight, we thought we would share some fantastic ideas for making your little ones lockdown birthday as special as possible. There won’t be a birthday party and if you had one booked you will have to ... >> read more

What is Ayurveda’s view of coffee?

published on 5 January 2021 by ayurvedabansko.com
Ayurveda is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world, medicine for the mind and body originating from India. This is an ancient Vedic tradition practiced for five millennia, representing a complete “Science of Life”. Proven ov... >> read more

What Can BodyTite Do for You?

published on 4 January 2021 by montanteaesthetics.com
When you’re working on achieving your desired weight and body outline, nothing takes the place of eating sensibly while maintaining a consistent workout routine. But no matter how much you diet and exercise, stubborn pockets of fat often remain in one ... >> read more

WHAT IS DIASTASIS RECTI (Abdominal Separation)?

published on 4 January 2021 by health2u.sg
What is a Diastasis Recti? When you are pregnant the tummy expands to accomodate the growing foetus.  In 76% of women the rectus abdominis muscles (think 6 pack) split and move apart along the tummy line leaving a thin layer of connective tissue h... >> read more

COVID-19 – January Update

published on 4 January 2021 by centreforsurgery.com
Centre for Surgery is open for all Medical/Surgical Appointments and procedures. All of our services are delivered in line with UK Government guidelines and we are fully complaint with the PPE guidance from Public Health England and NHS England. Centre... >> read more

Pet Travel Update 2021

published on 4 January 2021 by riversidevetcentre.com
We have been informed in the last few days about the changes effecting Pet Travel from 01.01.2021. In order to travel from GB or Northern Ireland your pet must: Be a minimum of 12 weeks old. Be microchipped. Vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days p... >> read more

Why January is the Busiest Month of the Year for Cosmetic Treatments

published on 4 January 2021 by etrecosmeticderm.com
January is the biggest and best month for many purchases – particularly fitness equipment, gym memberships, nutritional plans, and cosmetic procedures. This comes down to resolution-conscious consumers starting their year with a bang and getting a jump... >> read more

What Can BodyTite Do for You?

published on 30 December 2020 by dreyfussplasticsurgery.com
A problem with many body shaping treatments is not what they eliminate, but what they leave behind. When an aesthetic procedure resolves unwanted bulges by reducing stubborn fat, the skin may be too lax to drape tightly over the treatment site. This ph... >> read more

12 Ways to Get a Better Body in 2021 – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

published on 29 December 2020 by jasonkozma.com
2021 is coming up, which means it is time to sit down and write out your goals for the coming… The post 12 Ways to Get a Better Body in 2021 – Personal Trainer Los Angeles appeared first on Personal Trainer Los Angeles. ... >> read more

A 2020 Message from Bayshore Fit

published on 23 December 2020 by bayshorefit.com
It’s hard to think it’s here, but 2020 is officially almost at a close! We wanted to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that came out of this year of uncertainty and change. We have all faced various hardships and problems that arose this year... >> read more

Does Getting A Crown Hurt?

published on 23 December 2020 by heritagedentistree.com
Does Getting A Crown Hurt? Dental crowns (something a lot of people refer to as “caps”) are special protective restorations that cover your entire tooth. Instead of smaller ... Read More The post Does Getting A Crown Hurt? appeared first on Dr Karen Da... >> read more

Holiday heart syndrome: Still a risk even if the holidays look different this year

published on 22 December 2020 by cardiocarellc.com
This year has upended the way we normally celebrate the big occasions in our lives – birthdays, weddings, Friday nights, and Thanksgiving to name a few. The coming holiday season will be no different. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the... >> read more

Golden Harvest. The Tale of Two Siblings

published on 21 December 2020 by nobleisle.com
We are proud of all of the extract provenance stories behind each of our fragrance collections; they represent relationships between two partners, collaboration, support and the creation of fresh, new ideas. We thought it would be interesting to delve ... >> read more

Home Working Exercising Tips

published on 21 December 2020 by banselosteopathy.co.uk
Check out our new videos below to help you work more comfortably from home. In this video, Shani will show you some tips on how to sit at your desk properly to help you maintain good posture.  In this video, Jasi will show you some quick exercises you ... >> read more

Christmas Opening Hours 2020

published on 21 December 2020 by dwroberts.co.uk
The post Christmas Opening Hours 2020 appeared first on DW Roberts. ... >> read more

A Journey of a Loving Marriage

published on 20 December 2020 by regionalhospicect.org
Pat Martinsen loved life—and colorful zinnias, a flower that symbolizes endurance, friendship and remembrance. Her beloved husband, Bob, remembers her here. The post A Journey of a Loving Marriage appeared first on . ... >> read more

What Is The Best Acne Treatment?

published on 19 December 2020 by cedarsderm.co.uk
When it comes to spotty skin, we all want the best treatment possible. Acne and spots can lead to scarring or infection, not to mention a huge knock to your self-confidence. And while many associate spots with teenagers and fluctuating hormones, they c... >> read more

Why Facelifts are Growing More Popular with Younger People

published on 18 December 2020 by drchrislivingston.com
In the past, a facelift procedure has commonly been associated with those over the age of sixty to help smooth away the appearance of fine lines, drooping skin, and lost volume. However, in recent years, the surgery has gained popularity... Read More T... >> read more

Office Space Opportunity for 2021

published on 18 December 2020 by twpa.org.uk
An exciting opportunity has arisen and The Work Place is delighted to unveil an unexpected Christmas surprise in the shape of managed office space for up to 40 people, available from Summer 2021. A great business space, contact us now to register your ... >> read more

MEES and Domestic Private Rented Properties

published on 18 December 2020 by georgeide.co.uk
Landlords of domestic private rented properties are undoubtedly au fait with the requirements to have a valid Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) confirming the Energy Efficiency Rating of their properties. They will recognise that under the... The ... >> read more

How a Rhinoplasty Procedure Can Increase your Breathing Ability

published on 16 December 2020 by drsajjadian.com
If you feel your nose is out of balance with your facial features, crooked or misshapen, you might begin researching rhinoplasty (a nose job) to improve what you don’t like. Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery for men and women, but people don’t ... >> read more

How Sculptra® Works for Anti-Aging

published on 16 December 2020 by dramyalderman.com
Suppose you would like to return to your youth’s facial appearance without looking like you’ve had work done. In that case, Sculptra® Aesthetic may be an excellent option to choose. It is a poly-L-lactic acid filler that helps rebuild lost c... >> read more

Want to Go Bigger or Smaller? Maybe You Need a Breast Implant Exchange

published on 16 December 2020 by surgispa.net
Breast augmentation is one of the most highly sought after plastic surgery procedures performed each year. Having the ability to enhance the size, shape, firmness, and volume of a woman’s breasts can be most empowering. While most women are happy for t... >> read more

Season’s Greetings from Bull Products

published on 15 December 2020 by bullproducts.co.uk
Message from Ross Markham, Managing Director of Bull Products “At the end of a very interesting and challenging year, we wanted to acknowledge our appreciation of our loyal customers and their support. “This year like never before, I for one have been ... >> read more

Should You Add Liposuction to Your Tummy Tuck?

published on 15 December 2020 by restoraaustin.com
Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape and smooth the abdomen. A tummy tuck can genuinely transform the midsection, especially for those who see excess skin on the belly after weight loss or pregnancy. O... >> read more

Practice Nurse – November 2020 Article

published on 14 December 2020 by homefromhomecare.com
Reducing Health Inequalities for People with Learning Disabilities Home From Home Care’s Senior Myicro Clinical Manager, Hazel Ashmore, has written a fascinating article in November’s Practice Nurse on Reducing Health Inequalities for Peopl... >> read more

Silagen – Transforms Your Scarred Past Into A Smooth Future

published on 11 December 2020 by maeplasticsurgery.com
Discover and explore Silagen scar treatment for a gentle, child-safe, and non-sensitizing solution to your scars today! Ready to see your scars fade away? Schedule a consultation today by calling 1-(847) 205-1680 or by contacting us online! The post Si... >> read more

How To Get A Perfect Smile

published on 9 December 2020 by fabsmileveneers.co.uk
Smiles are incredibly significant in our daily living. A smile can play an essential role in our personal lives, especially in building on self-confidence and drawing a more positive response from others, thus improving our general mood. Some people be... >> read more

Christmas Opening Times

published on 9 December 2020 by immaculatetouchbeauty.co.uk
2020 has been a tough year for everyone. With all the closures and uncertainty in the beauty industry, we’ve had to muddle through as... Read More The post Christmas Opening Times appeared first on Semi Permanent Makeup and Microblading in Kent. ... >> read more

What is Profhilo?

published on 8 December 2020 by theharleystreetfillerspecialistslondon.co.uk
Profhilo® is a revolutionary injectable, hyaluronic acid (HA), skin remodelling treatment which can replenish the skin’s architecture and increase hydration and resilience within the skin tissues. ... >> read more

Christmas at Rush

published on 8 December 2020 by rush.co.uk
We know that it has been a difficult year and that’s why we think it’s even more important to treat the ones you love this Christmas. Whether you are looking for a stocking filler, a wow factor gift or a little something from me to me, we have somethin... >> read more

Lip fillers in Birmingham

published on 7 December 2020 by drdandhunna.com
Dermal fillers for the lip area are arguably THE most popular injectable filler treatment on the planet. Its rise in popularity with high-profile celebrities, TV actors and pop stars has meant that this highly-sought after lip injection treatment has b... >> read more

A warm welcome back to you all!

published on 5 December 2020 by 77thehill.com
The post A warm welcome back to you all! appeared first on 77 The Hill. ... >> read more

Understanding Gyrokinesis and The Powerful Gyrotonic Movement System

published on 4 December 2020 by rishikeshyogaclub.com
The word Gyro means circular or turn and kinesis means movement or activity. The Gyrokinesis Method is usually well-practiced on a mat and chair, without any machine or equipment. Therefore, without the feedback and guidance of the right equipment, stu... >> read more

Best Minimally Invasive Procedures to Look Your Best for the Holidays

published on 3 December 2020 by malenaamatomd.com
Are you having trouble looking your best this holiday season due to cold weather, dry skin, dull complexion, and lines and wrinkles? Have no fear, because Dr. Malena Amato is here with some of the leading minimally invasive procedures that are sure to ... >> read more

The Bike Headset Guide

published on 29 November 2020 by airevelobearings.com
When it comes to bicycle headsets, they tend to be overlooked on many bikes, the bike headset actually provides an essential function. They will be used every day, it is the part that lets you steer your bike and will also hold the fork in place. What ... >> read more

Achieving facial symmetry with dermal fillers

published on 26 November 2020 by dranitadhunna.com
Facial symmetry with dermal fillers: As we age, our facial anatomy goes through many changes – from bone and soft tissue loss to skin sagging, dehydration and drooping. Facial ageing is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be suffered and can be slowed d... >> read more

How easy is it to book an appointment with private GP in London in 2020?

published on 26 November 2020 by myhealthcareclinic.com
The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made us ‘think twice’ in many aspects of everyday life, and attending a GP appointment is no different. With lockdown restrictions being implemented and then changing with what can be confusing regu... >> read more


published on 24 November 2020 by luminatewatford.com
After over 7 years and nearly 15K followers our Facebook page was hacked and deleted. Please now follow our brand NEW page www.facebook.com/luminatesalon The post NEW FACEBOOK PAGE appeared first on . ... >> read more

5 positive lockdown lessons for personal development

published on 24 November 2020 by klearminds.com
Read the full article... The post 5 positive lockdown lessons for personal development appeared first on Klearminds. ... >> read more

Protected: Bury Clinic, Our New Site Launch

published on 20 November 2020 by altiushealthcare.co.uk
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Bury Clinic, Our New Site Launch appeared first on Altius Healthcare. ... >> read more


published on 19 November 2020 by rightpathfitness.co.uk
Laboring for a whole day for months to achieve a ripped body could be inspiring for many, but only when it comes to the actual workout do people realize the effort that goes into it. Anyone new to workout can find it intimidating in the initial stages,... >> read more

COVID-19 and Influenza Differences: FAQs

published on 18 November 2020 by afcurgentcaretampanw.com
Influenza and COVID-19 are two highly contagious respiratory illnesses, but the underlying causes are by different viruses. Coronavirus leads to the infection of COVID-19, whereas the flu is an infection by the influenza viruses. It can be difficult to... >> read more

How to Help Your Relationship During Lockdown

published on 18 November 2020 by onlinetherapy247.com
This year has undeniably been a time where relationships have been affected in one way or another by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. For some, it may have been a beneficial time where relationships have flourished as partners spend time together 24... >> read more

Muscle Recovery CBD Bath Oil

published on 18 November 2020 by synervacbdoils.co.uk
300mg CBD Oil plus Essential Oils Size: 100ml... >> read more

The Future of AI in Healthcare

published on 27 October 2020 by televox.com
As healthcare systems continue to tackle a host of challenges this year, the use of AI-driven solutions is accelerating. The CDC hosts an AI-driven bot on its website as a screening tool. And the FDA is using several AI-driven devices... >> read more

How To Reach Us In London

published on 25 October 2020 by broadgategp.co.uk
The post How To Reach Us In London appeared first on Broadgate GP. ... >> read more

Plagiocephaly: to Helmet or not to Helmet?

published on 14 October 2020 by technologyinmotion.com
Why Some Parents Choose Plagiocephaly Treatment With a Helmet and Others Don’t Deciding whether to give your baby plagiocephaly treatment with or without a helmet is by no means an easy task. Conflicting attitudes and opinions from GPs, HVs, the press,... >> read more

Plagiocephaly: to Helmet or not to Helmet?

published on 14 October 2020 by technologyinmotion.com
Why Some Parents Choose Plagiocephaly Treatment With a Helmet and Others Don’t Deciding whether to give your baby plagiocephaly treatment with or without a helmet is by no means an easy task. Conflicting attitudes and opinions from GPs, HVs, the press,... >> read more

ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear: Diagnostic, Surgery & Rehabilitation

published on 13 October 2020 by myfrenchphysio.london
What is the function of the cruciate ligaments? There are two cruciates ligaments in the knee: the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and the second the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL). These two ligaments cross forward and laterally between the femur ... >> read more

3 Ways to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size for You

published on 13 October 2020 by timsayedmd.com
Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., with over 300,000 women opting for breast implants every year. Surprisingly, a trend that is also on the rise is breast implant removal surgery. In most cases, women opt for this p... >> read more

Supporting new mums has never been so important – MamaPromise

published on 9 October 2020 by lansinoh.co.uk
During the Fourth Trimester, one in five new mums will experience a mental health issue* Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10th October, we’re shining a light on the importance that mental health support can bring to new mums, especially in the all-i... >> read more

Is Labiaplasty Right For You?

published on 7 October 2020 by syplasticsurgery.com
Have you ever considered Labiaplasty? If you experience discomfort during sex or prone to dryness, chafing, and uncomfortable twisting Labiaplasty may be the “down there” cosmetic care you need. Interested? Call 1-(805)-682-1731 or contact ... >> read more

Brazilian Butt Lift Versus Buttock Implants

published on 4 October 2020 by ivogwanmesia.com
Having an attractive buttock plays a key role in enhancing body shape and curves, particularly in the female patient. No wonder there has been a tremendous increase in the number of buttock reshaping procedures in the last few years. Women seeking a sh... >> read more

Pure Aesthetics – October Newsletter

published on 1 October 2020 by pureaesthetics.co.uk
Hello and welcome to the Pure Aesthetics – October Newsletter. Are we in lockdown?... The post Pure Aesthetics – October Newsletter appeared first on Pure Aesthetics. ... >> read more

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments That Are Right for You

published on 28 September 2020 by ritaccalasercenter.com
If you’re bothered by the signs of facial aging, there’s never been a better time to seek treatment. You have more options than ever before— from injectables to laser treatments to improved cosmetic surgery techniques that yield wonderfully natural-loo... >> read more

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