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A Look at How CBD Can Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Moringa: the Ancient Leaf that Can Treat Many Conditions

Hot Tub History: How Have They Changed Throughout the Years?

Everything you wanted to know about preparing for your Sugaring Hair Removal Session

Sure-fire Methods for Cancer Prevention

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Climb 1 for Type 1 – Scafell Pike 2021

published on 12 June 2021 by
Join JDRF North and climb Scafell Pike on 12 June 2021. On the same day, JDRF Scotland will be a taking a team up Ben Nevis and JDRF Wales will be tackling Snowdon – so on the same day we will be completing the National Three Peaks, all in the na... >> read more

Cardi B Wants Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic to Be Free From Prison

published on 28 March 2020 by
Cardi B Wants Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic to Be Free From Prison The post Cardi B Wants <i>Tiger King</i>‘... >> read more

FIT & Flirty’s Champagne Jewelry

published on 28 March 2020 by
FIT & Flirty’s Champagne Jewelry Shop our necklaces and bracelets FREE shipping on all jewelry                     GOLD. SILVER. WHITE RHODIUM. ROSE GOLD Sweat, Slay Champagne Engraved Hexagon... >> read more

Couple Personal Fitness Training

published on 28 March 2020 by
Keith McNiven is founder of London based personal training company Right Path Fitness Couple Training   In my opinion, working out as a couple is one of the very best things you can do for your relationship. A study sh... >> read more

What to do during a pandemic

published on 28 March 2020 by
Coaching with NLPUnderstanding what to do during a pandemic will help you realize that a pandemic is not the end of the world. The impact that a pandemic can have on individuals psychologically, socially, and financially can be devastating. However, th... >> read more

How to get by without panicking

published on 28 March 2020 by
We’re all dealing with anxiety lately. What do we do if things start to spiral? How do we manage our thoughts when the future is so unpredictable? What if it all starts to seem a little too much? Medcan director of mental health Dr. Gina Di Giulio, a c... >> read more

4 Big Benefits of Small Breast Implants

published on 27 March 2020 by
The age-old idiom “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” couldn’t be more relevant than in today’s beauty and fashion industry.  People’s ideals and standards are continuously changing, as we can observe in a trend among women seeking smaller breast im... >> read more

5 Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home Right Now!

published on 27 March 2020 by
With the current global situation, many of us will have more alone time on our hands. Whilst working from home, whether this be from your garden, the living room sofa or the dining table, our homes have become our new offices. So, if you are a little u... >> read more

Off-licences added to list of ‘essential’ retailers

published on 27 March 2020 by
Off-licences have been added to the government’s list of essential UK retailers allowed to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic. The list was updated on Wednesday amid reports that supermarkets were selling out of some beers and wines. It ap... >> read more

Curtain Call by Kate Stanforth

published on 27 March 2020 by
I’ve always been a huge fan of the theatre.  From an early age I’ve been incredibly lucky that my parents gave me plenty of opportunities to take part in and watch productions.  Once I could no longer perform on stage,… The post Curtain Call by K... >> read more

DIY Afternoon Tea

published on 27 March 2020 by
The weather this week has been glorious and hopefully it will last until the weekend. We have the perfect activity for you and the family – DIY Afternoon Tea! Find some recipes below that you can make with some store cupboard ingredients and then sit b... >> read more

The 3 Week Diet & Its Advantages Over Other Diets

published on 27 March 2020 by
Find Health Tips In this generation where every single one of us is exposed to social media platforms, it’s quite impossible not to compare ourselves with the other account users we follow online.  Just by endlessly browsing through your feed you ... >> read more

Bodily Exercise And Exercise

published on 27 March 2020 by
This article was co-authored by Laila Ajani Laila Ajani is a Health Coach and founder of Push Personal Health, a private training organization primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Enneking told the physician that she used to be larger, that s... >> read more

Saç Ekimi Sonras? Y?kama Nas?l Yap?l?r?

published on 27 March 2020 by
Saç ekim operasyonu, erkekler taraf?ndan en fazla talep gören estetik müdahale olmaktad?r. Ülkemizde de bir hayli popüler hale gelen saç ekimi, etkili bir sonuç vermesi aç?s?ndan ekilme i?lemi sonras?nda birkaç ritüele ihtiyaç duymaktad?r. Saç ektiren ... >> read more

How Pregnancy Affects a Tummy Tuck

published on 27 March 2020 by
Becoming pregnant and bringing a new life into the world can be a beautiful and life-changing experience for a woman. It is a blessing for a family and offers many joyful, exciting moments, as well as lifestyle adjustments.  Of course, it’s not always ... >> read more

How Losing Weight Can Affect Your Breast Implants

published on 27 March 2020 by
New breast implants can be a fantastic addition to your life. You could be at the end of your childbearing years and are now looking to restore your breasts to a more youthful size and shape. Other women may want to improve the look of their breasts fo... >> read more

4 Indications of a Brachycephalic Head Shape

published on 26 March 2020 by
A brachycephalic head shape is one of the most common forms of flat head syndrome. A brachycephalic skull is characterised by a flattening at the back of the head and disproportional cranial width. For more information on what is brachycephaly and its ... >> read more

4 Indications of a Brachycephalic Head Shape

published on 26 March 2020 by
A brachycephalic head shape is one of the most common forms of flat head syndrome. A brachycephalic skull is characterised by a flattening at the back of the head and disproportional cranial width. For more information on what is brachycephaly and its ... >> read more

How it helps Ayurveda in reducing vision

published on 26 March 2020 by
Causes of vision impairment Vision damage is caused by various reasons. It can be exacerbated by glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and many others. Glaucoma This condition is due to an elevated fluid pressure in the eyes that makes you feel li... >> read more

Starting A Healthy Lifestyle And Fat Loss Routine At Home

published on 26 March 2020 by
Whether you’re researching how to start a healthy lifestyle and fat loss routine at home or thinking about trying CoolSculpting, a leading non-surgical fat reduction treatment, you’ve probably arrived at this article because you’d like to look and feel... >> read more

A unique situation…

published on 26 March 2020 by
The post A unique situation… appeared first on 77 The Hill. ... >> read more

Breastfeeding through viral respiratory infections

published on 25 March 2020 by
There’s a lot of discussion and understandable concern about Coronavirus right now and it’s natural to wonder how best to care for a little one at a time like this.  Breastfeeding and providing breastmilk to your baby is still one of the best things yo... >> read more

SDLT Refunds: How to Claim Back Stamp Duty

published on 25 March 2020 by
If you have purchased a residential property recently, there’s a possibility you... The post SDLT Refunds: How to Claim Back Stamp Duty appeared first on MoneyBright. ... >> read more

GB Foam Direct – COVID-19 Update For Our Customers

published on 25 March 2020 by
Our COVID-19 Response In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’d like to clarify with our customers that GB Foam Direct is still open for business. Whilst we are running on slightly reduced staff, our team are available to assist you with your orders in a... >> read more

Covid – 19 Update

published on 25 March 2020 by
Ever since this crisis began, we at the Sussex Foot Centre have taken all measures necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of both our patients and ourselves also. Our decision to remain open has been continually assessed in light of advice from ... >> read more

Top 5 cosmetic treatments for men

published on 24 March 2020 by
For today’s man, the choices for rejuvenating treatments have increased considerably, compared to years gone by and it’s no longer seen as ‘feminine’ or ‘weak’ for a guy to want to improve his looks and sense of wellbeing. From his clinics throughout t... >> read more

Advice for separated parents

published on 24 March 2020 by
We are living in unprecedented and challenging times. Your children are the most important thing for you to protect; we would urge you to put their welfare and safety at the forefront of your decision... The post Advice for separated parents appeared f... >> read more

The Work Place COVID-19 Update (23 March 2020)

published on 23 March 2020 by
In order to support the government’s containment efforts against COVID – 19, we have made the decision to temporarily close The Work Place from Tuesday 24 March 2020 until further notice. The health & safety of our staff and colleagues is our... >> read more

Covid-19 Statement

published on 23 March 2020 by
A Message from the team here at Ollie & Darsh: Following on from the government’s advice on 23/03, we have taken the decision to close the clinic for all non-emergency procedures. If you do find yourself in severe discomfort, pain or/and have... >> read more

What is Karma Yoga – Principles and Benefits

published on 22 March 2020 by
KARMA YOGA – Giving back to the World through Action It is a path towards spirituality that is purely based on action and not just on poses and meditation. Karma is defined by unselfish actions […]The post What is Karma Yoga – Principles and Bene... >> read more

Changes due to COVID 19

published on 22 March 2020 by
Dear Clients and Friends To protect our staff, our clients and the public, and in accordance with government guidelines regarding COVID-19, we have taken the decision to stop face-to-face appointments in our London and Essex clinics as of Monday 23rd M... >> read more

Get Fitness Ready For A Summer Staycation!

published on 22 March 2020 by
There are many home workouts you can do - we have many listed here. Don't keep repeating the same ones, mix it up and challenge yourself some days with workouts you are not so comfortable with.  Here's a selection of home workouts and fitness ideas o... >> read more

Immune System Boost Part 3

published on 22 March 2020 by
Welcome to the last part of our 3 step plan to help support and boost both mind & body if you are feeling stressed ( & who isn’t? ) by the coronavirus situation, part 3 is a gentle audio recording … the session was made by our clini... >> read more

Aspen Healthcare supporting the NHS in fighting Covid-19

published on 21 March 2020 by
Aspen Healthcare today announced that it is supporting the NHS response to the coronavirus pandemic. In a move that sees Aspen and other independent hospitals unite with the NHS, more beds, ventilators and thousands of extra healthcare staff will be ma... >> read more

A Note to Our Members: Virtual and In-Home Training Coming Soon

published on 21 March 2020 by
Our membership has asked us to find a way to keep their membership going and help stay fit and healthy during this stressful time. Experts agree, one of the keys to making it through all this is to exercise regularly, stay healthy and fit. The post A N... >> read more

8 activities to do in Spring

published on 20 March 2020 by
Hello Spring! It’s that time of year we have all been waiting for and we’re very excited – we can finally say goodbye to the winter blues. It feels like we’ve all had a long winter this time round but… Read more › The post 8 activit... >> read more

Facility Closure

published on 20 March 2020 by
The post Facility Closure appeared first on Wolverton Leisure Trust.... ... >> read more

Hearing Healthcare Centre – Update [Covid-19]

published on 20 March 2020 by
As the COVID-19 outbreak develops and Government (and industry governing bodies) continue to offer advice, we wanted to ensure all of our clients that we are doing everything we can to support you and our staff during this difficult time. We are fully ... >> read more

Using Proactive Patient Outreach to Minimize Coronavirus Risk

published on 19 March 2020 by
As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to conduct mass screenings and answer questions about what to do in the event of exposure. As with any health crisis, according to the latest Situat... >> read more

The 4 Best Apps for Personal Trainers

published on 19 March 2020 by
There are lots of apps on the market that can help you manage your time and your client's time. However, it can be overwhelming with all the personal training apps out there as they all seem to do the same things just in slightly different ways. We’ve... >> read more

Coronavirus Update

published on 19 March 2020 by
To Our Dear Patients and Friends, In an effort to support the optimal health for our patients, staff members, colleagues and families, we have decided to close our office until March 31, 2020.  We understand the importance of social distancing in limit... >> read more

Mature Hairline vs Receding Hairline and Balding – facts and details

published on 19 March 2020 by
The post Mature Hairline vs Receding Hairline and Balding – facts and details appeared first on . ... >> read more

Case Study: Implants and Patient Confidence

published on 19 March 2020 by
The life of someone with missing teeth isn’t a very pleasant one but this could change with a brand new set of same-day implants The The post Case Study: Implants and Patient Confidence appeared first on Synergy Dental Clinics. ... >> read more

Miracle in Progress Policy on Coronavirus

published on 19 March 2020 by
Following recent media announcements relating to the Coronavirus and the impact this may have on pregnant women we thought it wise to update you on the changes we have made at Miracle in Progress to ensure our clients and staff members safety.  We... >> read more

How to Stay Healthy Working from Home

published on 18 March 2020 by
Millions of people are now working from home and a large percentage of them are probably doing it for the first time. The idea can often be really nice, but the reality can be very different. Challenges of Working from Home While the idea of sitting ar... >> read more

Can Give Botox Be Given By Doctors Only?

published on 18 March 2020 by
You might have heard about the latest trend about botox parties or botox bridal parties. Before thinking of going in one, consider the possible consequences of having botulinum injected into your face from somebody who is not trained.  The adminis... >> read more

Service during Coronavirus conditions

published on 17 March 2020 by
Statement from Ross Markham, Managing Director of Bull Products “Bull Products is closely monitoring the development of Covid-19 and its possible impact on the business. “While the health and safety of our staff is paramount, we also recognise your dep... >> read more

My Guide To Home Workout Equipment

published on 17 March 2020 by
People often ask me what the best equipment is for a home gym, so in this article, I’m going to give you a some options for resistance workouts and HIIT style programmes. Rule Number 1 Rule one is very simple… Only purchase stuff that you will us... >> read more

Coronavirus update

published on 17 March 2020 by
We are still open Monday to Saturday and will be until we are told not to. We have however reduced our opening hours in the week to close at 7pm instead of 9pm. Apart from that all is normal in salon. Please follow our social media pages for upto date ... >> read more

X-Force Body Response to COVID-19

published on 17 March 2020 by
Dear X-Force Warriors, At this time, the gym might not feel like the safest place considering the Governor has closed all gyms and health clubs with a capacity of more than 10 people. Here X-Force Body we always have limited clients/coaches in the faci... >> read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Dan & Lindie Bacon

published on 16 March 2020 by
If you’ve walked through the front doors of RH, you might have seen Dan and Lindie Bacon behind the lobby desk. For the past six years, the two have been volunteering their time to make patients and families feel warmly welcomed as soon as they arrive.... >> read more

This Review Of D-Bal Will Explore Ingredients, Side Effects & Benefits!

published on 16 March 2020 by
D Bal claims to bulk as good as Dianabol! Our D Bal reviews reveals side effects, ingredients and user ratings. Get the facts about DBAL The post This Review Of D-Bal Will Explore Ingredients, Side Effects & Benefits! appeared first on INCREASEE. ... >> read more

Top Rated Manual Cellulite Massagers Reviewed

published on 15 March 2020 by
No matter how active you are, the truth is that most women will experience body cellulite and that usually gets worse with age, pregnancy or hormonal changes. Cellulite, commonly known as orange skin, most often appears on legs, butt, stomach and ... >> read more

To Our Valued HOPE Recovery Resources Community

published on 13 March 2020 by
Please know that we are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The virus and protocols around it are changing ... >> read more

Snap On Smile -What To Know

published on 12 March 2020 by
If you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, then Snap on Smile veneers will be a simple but effective solution. You just have to clip the veneers on, and you will be granted a brand new smile! How do you put on the veneers? Applying the ... >> read more

Coronavirus update

published on 12 March 2020 by
Following the recent advice from the Government and the developing situation with coronavirus, Centre for Surgery has decided to cease clinical activity until 1 May 2020. We believe that this in the best interests of all our patients and staff. We unde... >> read more

Dr. Arthritis Shares: Arthritis and the Coronavirus—Here Are the Facts

published on 10 March 2020 by
In recent weeks, the world has been flooded by news of the Coronavirus. The virus, officially called COVID-19, has prompted a lot of worry, largely due to the misinformation circulating on the web. As arthritis sufferers, there’s also a lot of question... >> read more

Laser Skin Treatment: Truth Or Myth?

published on 10 March 2020 by
Whether you’re seeking treatment for a cosmetic reason (like smooth, hair-free skin) or you’re at a loose end for something more medical (like calming a rosacea flare-up), our Dermatologist-led laser skin clinic could help. Many of our clients come to ... >> read more

Dermal Filler Treatment Areas

published on 9 March 2020 by
To enhance your face and give it a fuller, smoother appearance, dermal fillers are an excellent, non-surgical option. For more information, please schedule a consultation or call us at 713-522-4411.   The post Dermal Filler Treatment Areas appeare... >> read more

7 roadblocks to making positive changes & how to overcome them

published on 9 March 2020 by
Read the full article... The post 7 roadblocks to making positive changes & how to overcome them appeared first on Klearminds. ... >> read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus

published on 5 March 2020 by
Coronavirus, or COVID-19, originated in Wuhan, China and has been found in three cases within the state of Florida. Heightened concern over illness is happening across the country. Learning the symptoms and when to visit a physician is critical to avoi... >> read more

Botox Offers Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

published on 5 March 2020 by
Botox is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The non-surgical cosmetic treatment is the most reliable and industry-leading that is widely used by cosmetic practitioners across the world to rejuvenate the appearance of ... >> read more

Bollywood Celebrations for the Old Vicarage!

published on 3 March 2020 by
On Friday individuals from The Old Vicarage and Vicarage Lodge held a vibrant Bollywood themed celebration event at the Social Care Exchange. Leading up to the event, individuals enjoyed planning all the details – from deciding on the ‘Bollywood’ theme... >> read more

Coronavirus: Symptoms and what should you know?

published on 2 March 2020 by
Are you worried about the Coronavirus? Hear from our clinical team on the symptoms of Coronavirus and everything you need to know about COVID-19. The post Coronavirus: Symptoms and what should you know? appeared first on MyHealthcare Clinic . ... >> read more

Do LASIK Procedures Vary According to Age?

published on 28 February 2020 by
Your eyes change throughout your life. Your vision needs at 20 aren’t the same as your vision needs at 70. One thing does remain stable, no matter your age: Good vision is always worth investing in.  Learn how LASIK and other vision correction procedur... >> read more

Healthy Movement and Exercise After Breast Implant Removal, Day by Day

published on 28 February 2020 by
You may not have expected to have breast implant removal surgery, but, like many women, you’ve decided that the implants are no longer right for your body, or you are among the few who have developed unwanted side effects. Dr. Zochowski has worked with... >> read more

Introducing BeautiFill for Skin Tightening, Fat Removal, and Fat Transfer

published on 28 February 2020 by
Does your fat hold the key to beautiful skin? Fat has a bad reputation, but it is an incredibly useful tool for shaping, tightening, and smoothing your facial appearance. We can extract fat from areas on your body that have a bit extra and inject it in... >> read more

Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter Long

published on 28 February 2020 by
The winter months often lead to dry, irritated and itchy skin, which appears cracked, unhealthy, and feels horrible. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Winter skincare isn’t complicated – it only requires some commitment on your part. By following t... >> read more

7 Ways Your Body Fat Makes You Beautiful

published on 28 February 2020 by
Fat is beautiful. That isn’t a joke; we’re dead serious. That same fat that creates those love handles you hate can refresh and revitalize your appearance. Discover seven of our favorite ways to turn extra fat into a more beautiful you. Facial Fat Graf... >> read more

Los Angeles Residents Get the Tummy Tuck for 3 Top Reasons

published on 28 February 2020 by
Tummy tucks are booming in popularity, and with good reason. In a single procedure, a tummy tuck... The post Los Angeles Residents Get the Tummy Tuck for 3 Top Reasons appeared first on Plastic Surgery Los Angeles | Stephen Bresnick, M.D.. ... >> read more

How to Choose the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

published on 28 February 2020 by
Getting a rhinoplasty is a decision that can have long-term ramifications for your appearance and your quality of life. An expertly performed nose job will create a greater balance among your facial features and make your face look more proportional. O... >> read more

What To Do If Your Dog Pee’s Indoors

published on 28 February 2020 by
Urine leakage for dogs can be something owners put up with, often for months, before seeking veterinary advice. It’s a frustrating situation that can put a lot of strain on the relationship you have with your dog. Clearing up puddles and washing beddin... >> read more

Should the Government Impose a Sugar Tax?

published on 27 February 2020 by
In the UK many people have poor oral health, up to a quarter of children alone are estimated to have tooth decay. This brings up the question, should sugary foods and drinks be taxed? This has been a question that has been debated numerous times over t... >> read more

Technovita X-TRI2 Foldable Exercise Bike Review

published on 26 February 2020 by
Summary: The Technovita X-TRI2 Foldable home exercise bike solves a common problem with similar folding models. This involves comfort. With foldable bikes, you generally get a lightweight frame. They are designed to move around, not the bigger, more so... >> read more

The Microbiome: What You Need to Know

published on 25 February 2020 by
About 100 trillion bacteria, both good and bad, are currently living inside your digestive system. Paired with other tiny organisms like viruses and fungi, they make up what’s known as the microbiome. Each person’s microbiome is unique to them. Y... >> read more

Best Spin Bike for Home – Top 5 Reviews

published on 25 February 2020 by
  Cardiovascular disease affects about a fifth of the UK population. In the USA, a person dies from a heart attack every 40 seconds. Those grim statistics show that we need to take charge of our health. Spinning bikes can improve cardiovascular he... >> read more

The Best Baby Gates for Banister – Our Top 5 Picks For 2020

published on 24 February 2020 by
There are numerous types of baby gates you can use at your home, but some of the easiest to install and safest are the ones for stairs with banister. These banister-to-banister and banister-to-wall gates can be successfully installed without requiring ... >> read more

What Is So Sacred About The Number 108?

published on 24 February 2020 by
Astronomer, mathematician, and physicist Galileo Galilei made an interesting statement. He said that the universe is written “in mathematical language”. He maintained that the mysteries of creation itself could be solved through numbers and mathematica... >> read more

Take a look at Belotero Lip in the press this week….

published on 21 February 2020 by
Please click on the link below… Lip Enhancement with BELOTERO® Lips The post Take a look at Belotero Lip in the press this week…. appeared first on Pure Aesthetics. ... >> read more

Choose a Laser Hair Removal Session to Feel Better About Yourself

published on 19 February 2020 by
When it comes to removing unwanted hair, the treatments involved are no longer painful as they were in the past. Laser hair removal is very common these days and because it uses thin, light lasers that are cool to the touch and virtually non-invasive, ... >> read more

Free UV Coating and Hardcoat with Children’s Specs

published on 19 February 2020 by
Get a free UV Coating and Hardcoat  Worth over £30 with children’s specs* *Available on selected frame ranges. Ask our […] The post Free UV Coating and Hardcoat with Children’s Specs appeared first on DW Roberts. ... >> read more

Launching our new waxing services

published on 17 February 2020 by
If you are anything like me, when you make your mind up Read Blog Post The post Launching our new waxing services appeared first on Vivienne Talsmat. ... >> read more

Spring/Summer Offer – SPA FIND ‘Renewed Radiance’ Express Facial with a Sea Sand Scrub Polish & Hydration for the Back

published on 16 February 2020 by
Spring/Summer Offer SPA FIND ‘Renewed Radiance’ Express Facial with a Sea Sand Scrub Polish & Hydration for the Back This Offer is using the SPA FIND product range and includes a back polish as a prelude to a relaxing express facial £40... >> read more

Qualify As A Personal Trainer

published on 16 February 2020 by
The post Qualify As A Personal Trainer appeared first on Fit Training. ... >> read more

Meet The Lazeo Medical Team!

published on 11 February 2020 by
The post Meet The Lazeo Medical Team! appeared first on Lazeo Clinic. ... >> read more

When Does the Penis Stop Growing?

published on 10 February 2020 by
Wondering if your penis is fully-grown? Or if there’s still time for ‘improvement’? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. This question is typed into google over 20,000 times every single month. Penis growth is a very common concern amongst young m... >> read more

Altius supporting Adaptive Grand Slam Charity

published on 9 February 2020 by
The post Altius supporting Adaptive Grand Slam Charity appeared first on Altius Healthcare. ... >> read more

EasyDNA launches the Gut Microbiome Test – a well-being test for maintaining a healthy body

published on 7 February 2020 by
International DNA testing company EasyDNA launches the Gut Microbiome Test – a well-being test for maintaining a healthy body and balanced microbiome. KENT, United Kingdom – February 7, 2020 – EasyDNA is pleased to announce the launch of the new Gut Mi... >> read more

The Best Omega 3 Supplements UK

published on 7 February 2020 by
Omega-3 are essential fatty acids that can be found in foods like fish, seeds and oils. It is essential to include these foods in your diet, but it can be hard to reach the recommended amount. Omega 3 supplements come in a variety of forms, and they ar... >> read more

5 Things You Should Know About Capsular Contracture

published on 6 February 2020 by
The post 5 Things You Should Know About Capsular Contracture appeared first on Allen Rezai MD | Breast Augmentation | Breast Reduction London. ... >> read more

Why Is Nutrition Important During Recovery?

published on 3 February 2020 by
It is important for all people, young and old, to practice healthy eating habits. However, for people recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, this is especially important. Contact us today Why Is Nutrition Important During Recovery? According to S... >> read more

Why Is Nutrition Important During Recovery?

published on 3 February 2020 by
It is important for all people, young and old, to practice healthy eating habits. However, for people recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, this is especially important. Contact us today Why Is Nutrition Important During Recovery? According to S... >> read more

Lilly to Donate Insulin KwikPens To Support Lower-Income Communities

published on 29 January 2020 by
Starting this month, Eli Lilly and Company will donate at least 200,000 KwikPens® to three relief organizations – Americares, Direct Relief and Dispensary of Hope – to stock insulin at nearly 200 U.S. free clinics through 2022. These donations will dir... >> read more

Januhairy with Lala Love

published on 29 January 2020 by
Januhairy aims to promote body positivity and acceptance of body hair on women. Encouraging women to ditch the razor, laser, tweezers and wax to grow out body hair for the month. “There are so many societal... The post Januhairy with Lala Love appeared... >> read more

Januhairy with Lala Love

published on 29 January 2020 by
Januhairy aims to promote body positivity and acceptance of body hair on women. Encouraging women to ditch the razor, laser, tweezers and wax to grow out body hair for the month. “There are so many societal... The post Januhairy with Lala Love appeared... >> read more

Back Pain Can Be A Sign Of Vitamin D Deficiency?

published on 27 January 2020 by
  Vitamin D is very important to our musculoskeletal function and our immune system. Yet many of us are deficient in our levels of vitamin D. In fact, 27% of the population is vitamin D deficient. 80% of our vitamin D intake comes from the sun, so... >> read more


published on 23 January 2020 by
Fun and safety are the two most important things to keep in mind when out on the slopes. Bolle Helmets 2020 Collection helps tick off safety, allowing you the freedom to have a good time. Our Bolle helmets 2020 collection is broken down into four categ... >> read more

How To Find A Personal Training Gym Canary Wharf

published on 23 January 2020 by
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Vaper Liposuction London

published on 20 January 2020 by
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New Year, New You! Beauty Treatments To Give You A Boost

published on 14 January 2020 by
With Christmas now a distant memory and the start of the New Year bringing with it all its resolutions, we thought we’d take this...Read MoreThe post New Year, New You! Beauty Treatments To Give You A Boost appeared first on Semi Permanent Makeup... >> read more (c)2009 - 2020