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A Look at Nursing Home Options for Assisted Living

A Look at Some Food Sources that Contain Vitamin K1 and K2

Why Is Vitamin D Deficiency So Prevalent?

An Introduction to Kinesiology and its Myriad Benefits

Finding The Right Personal Trainer

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TCS London Marathon 2022

published on 2 October 2022 by
If you're only ever going to do one marathon, make sure itís the TCS London Marathon. JDRF runner places now available for 2022. The post TCS London Marathon 2022 appeared first on JDRF. ... >> read more

How To Boost Your Gut Health!

published on 20 September 2021 by
The post How To Boost Your Gut Health! appeared first on Healthxcel Superfood Powders. ... >> read more

Morpheus8 Treatment

published on 20 September 2021 by
Although the popularity of cosmetic surgery has continued to increase especially during the pandemic, there are now a wide range of effective non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation. Centre for Surgery are one of the leading clinics in London f... >> read more

Nut Gifts for Christmas

published on 20 September 2021 by
Almost everyone has experienced the dilemma of what to give family and friends for Christmas. One way to make gift-giving choices easier is to focus on one category of gifts. For example, you could decide to give food gifts to everyone on your list. On... >> read more

How I Lost 5 Kilos

published on 18 September 2021 by
So I’m on a diet Well actually Iíve been through a stressful period and thatís stunted my appetite So I was like, let’s make the most of this! I’d hit 97KG. Thatís 7KG heavier than Iíd ever been! So itís not bad timing. Because when y... >> read more


published on 17 September 2021 by
Saturday 27 November | 6.30am UK | 7.30am Paris | 5.30pm Sydney 2 hours (no recording replay, live only) Nancy began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 1973 with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, India. She had traveled with David Williams joini... >> read more

Weddings canít wait anymoreÖ

published on 17 September 2021 by
The post Weddings canít wait anymoreÖ appeared first on 77 The Hill. ... >> read more

Box Cushion Foam Cut to Size

published on 17 September 2021 by
Box cushions are one of the most common and simple types of cushions to make. At GB Foam Direct, we supply custom cut box cushion foam on a daily basis. These are used for the likes of window seats, benches, pet beds, storage seating, upholstered furni... >> read more

Top 3 Reasons Women Have Breast Lift Surgery

published on 17 September 2021 by
A breast lift surgery is a surgery that is often requested at Restora Austin for a number of different reasons. Whether itís to help promote a more positive body image, a better clothing fit, or just to feel better about yourself and your body, there a... >> read more

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health Will Enhance Your Sporting Motivation

published on 17 September 2021 by
Mental health is a killer and people donít even realize it half the time. You might think that you are fine. But it could be holding you back, especially if you do not recognise the symptoms. The post Taking Care Of Your Mental Health Will Enhance Your... >> read more

Closed 27th Sept

published on 17 September 2021 by
Posted: 17/9/21 The post Closed 27th Sept appeared first on Wickwoods. ... >> read more

Turn Back Time With Eyelid Lift Surgery

published on 17 September 2021 by
As we grow older, it is typical for the effects of aging to take hold. While there are many noticeable indicators of aging, drooping eyelids stand out as one of the most prominent signs. The reason is simple. Since your eyes are the focal point of your... >> read more

Runners Foot Care Guide

published on 17 September 2021 by
Look after your feet, and you will be running for years to come. This simple runners foot care guide has the tips you need! The post Runners Foot Care Guide appeared first on Fitness Review. ... >> read more

Considering a Facial? The Truth Behind HydraFacials

published on 17 September 2021 by
Dull, lackluster, problematic skin making you feel down and out about yourself? You can be doing everything right for your skin: cleansing, treating, moisturizing, staying hydrated, and wearing SPF every single day, and yet, your skin can still lose it... >> read more

Can Acne Scars Be Removed? If So, What Are the Best Treatments?

published on 16 September 2021 by
It's the stuff of coming-of-age television shows and novels. We're talking about blemishes. We've all had the same horrifying experience during puberty or early adulthood of waking up and finding that dreaded pimple that seemed to appear overnight. ... >> read more

A Guide to AutoMate Perfusion System Configuration

published on 16 September 2021 by
… Read More The post A Guide to AutoMate Perfusion System Configuration appeared first on Digitimer. ... >> read more

Why It’s Is Critical to Avoid Sun Exposure After PRK Surgery

published on 16 September 2021 by
PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, surgery is an older form of refractive surgery. It employs a laser to treat vision defects caused by refractive errors in one or both eyes. During the procedure, Dr. Brian Will†at Will Vision and Laser Centers will ... >> read more

What’s included in Linbury Doctors membership?

published on 16 September 2021 by
Here at Linbury Doctors, we offer a personalised service including doctor home visits, so that our patients have continuity of care through their own private GP. This means we get to know our patients and their families, putting you at the centre of yo... >> read more

10 Benefits of Healthcare Translation Technology

published on 16 September 2021 by
Find Health Tips The communication barrier affects the quality of healthcare. Healthcare translation technology comes in handy as people in the medical field can understand those who do not use their non-native language. The technology translates speec... >> read more

How Often Should You Get a HydraFacial?

published on 16 September 2021 by
Facials arenít only for pampering and treating yourself during a well-earned day at the spa. Many patients donít realize a facial is a powerful medical treatment that can improve your skinís appearance and health. And when youíre looking to get a facia... >> read more

Is Facial Fat Grafting Better Than Dermal Fillers?

published on 15 September 2021 by
Restoring volume to sunken facial features is one of the primary goals patients have when considering their facial rejuvenation options. Two specific procedures effectively add volume to your face Ė facial fat grafting and dermal fillers. Which approac... >> read more

3 Types of Fitness Classes that Build Muscle Quickly

published on 15 September 2021 by
At Bayshore Fit, our approach to helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals is based on a single premise: to provide them with access to the best equipment, trainers, resources, and fitness classes available! The post 3 Types of Fitness... >> read more

How the P-Shotģ Can Help Boost Your Self-Confidence

published on 15 September 2021 by
Confidence is one of the keys to a healthy sex life. However, gaining that confidence can be a challenge for many men. Male sexual health treatments at Bawa Medical have helped many men to rediscover (or find for the first time) their sexual confi... >> read more

Choosing The Right Amount Of Nicotine

published on 15 September 2021 by
Nicotine Strengths Choosing the nicotine level in your e-liquid is one of the most significant decisions first-time vapers face and one of the most asked questions in vaping.† While many vapers will find the right level for themselves through trial and... >> read more

Could you run a marathon in under 2 hours 30 minutes?

published on 15 September 2021 by
The post Could you run a marathon in under 2 hours 30 minutes? appeared first on Altius Healthcare. ... >> read more

How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle After Liposuction

published on 15 September 2021 by
Now that liposuction has trimmed you down to your desired body contour, now what? How do you keep your abdominal tight or your arms trim and slim? Here are some suggestions from our staff at Sandel Duggal Plastic Surged & MedSpa to help you retain ... >> read more

10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Childís Eating Habits: How to Deal with Picky Eaters

published on 15 September 2021 by
  Have you ever felt as if your child is a picky eater?† Maybe your child will only eat certain tastes or textures, or maybe your child wonít even sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family.† Some people will tell you that your child will... >> read more

What to do if your partner rejects the idea of couples counselling?

published on 14 September 2021 by
Read the full article... The post What to do if your partner rejects the idea of couples counselling? appeared first on Klearminds. ... >> read more

Asthma treatment with Ayurveda

published on 14 September 2021 by
Ayurveda is a centuries-old medical system that originated in ancient India. Nowadays it is practiced as complementary† medicine in most countries around the world. Ayurveda can successfully deal with many diseases, including asthma.† ... >> read more

MyHealthcare Clinic Launches Facial Aesthetics Skincare Treatments

published on 14 September 2021 by
Book Your Free Consultation* or Call 0207 099 5555 Now! September sees the start of MyHealthcareís facial aesthetics skincare treatment range opening at our award-winning, doctor-led Fulham and Wandsworth clinics. Read on to find out more about MyHealt... >> read more

Tess Daly Skin Treatment

published on 14 September 2021 by
Tess Daly is known for her youthful appearance yet in the public eye, she can’t afford the ‘downtime’ involved with […] The post Tess Daly Skin Treatment first appeared on Mulberry House Clinic and Laser Centre, Northampton... >> read more

Change The Narrative

published on 14 September 2021 by
Over the weekend it was the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. These attacks precipitated the War on Terror and the Western led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. However you care to look at these wars the foreign policy ou... >> read more

Yoga for Sleep | 5 Poses to Try Before Bed

published on 14 September 2021 by
Sleep helps our minds and bodies to recharge. To get ready for the next day and process the one just gone. A decent kip helps us to stay healthy, make better food choices and be more productive. However, sometimes anxiety and the pressure to sleep stop... >> read more

On The Pulse With Sharmadean Reid

published on 13 September 2021 by
The wonderful Sharmadean Reid took 10 minutes to speak with us about everything from her career highlights, skincare routine to the future of the beauty industry. She recently won the Bold Future award by Veuve Clicquot,... The post On The Pulse With S... >> read more

BBC Look North – Social Care Reform

published on 13 September 2021 by
What will it take to fix social care? See Home From Home Care profiled on BBC Look North’s feature on the governmentís long-awaited social care reform announcement. Home From Home Care’s locality co-workers Alex Fenn and Anthony Heppell hig... >> read more

Raising Awareness for Rheumatoid Arthritis Week 2021

published on 13 September 2021 by
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a painful autoimmune disease that mistakenly attacks the lining of the joints causing inflammation and stiffness. And between September 13 to 19, the world is coming together for RA Awareness Week to shed more light on this... >> read more

Figuring out Which Non-Surgical Treatments Are Right for You

published on 13 September 2021 by
Everyone wants to grow older gracefully. However, sometimes, Mother Nature comes between you and your long-held goals. If you notice lost skin elasticity, the effects of time and gravity, or a dull, tired complexion affecting your appearance, the good ... >> read more

On The Pulse With Sharmadean Reid

published on 13 September 2021 by
The wonderful Sharmadean Reid took 10 minutes to speak with us about everything from her career highlights, skincare routine to the future of the beauty industry. She recently won the Bold Future award by Veuve Clicquot,... The post On The Pulse With S... >> read more

Can I Have a Facelift and Laser Resurfacing at the Same Time?

published on 13 September 2021 by
In order to achieve flawless skin that helps you feel rejuvenated from within, you need to turn towards multiple targeted skin treatments. For example, to get rid of wrinkles, you can get a facelift; to bid farewell to damaged skin, you can undergo las... >> read more

Sublative Rejuvenation for Scars: The Healing Process

published on 10 September 2021 by
If you have been looking into aesthetic procedures to help smooth your skin of past scars, your search could be over with sublative rejuvenation. I am a locally trained family physician, Dr. Christine Eros, and I provide innovative, state-of-the-art tr... >> read more

Will Eyelid Surgery Smooth Wrinkles?

published on 10 September 2021 by
Due to the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes, some of the most visible signs of aging occur around the eyes. You may have heard of the revolutionary new cosmetic treatment called eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, that can help lift and tight... >> read more

Ian and Julie Are Enjoying All the Plus Points with Horizon™ Plus

published on 10 September 2021 by
After months of shielding, Ian and Julie Gallier from Weston Super Mare are finally looking forward to a well-deserved trip away.† Itís not just thanks to their local lockdown restrictions easing but also the delivery of their spacious new wheelchair&#... >> read more

What Is the Connection Between Large Breasts and Back Pain?

published on 10 September 2021 by
Large breasts can be a burden. They often come with many physical challenges like difficulty exercising and even significant pain, especially in the upper back. Breast reduction surgery can help reduce the excess weight on your chest, relieving your la... >> read more

How are you really doing? – News from Dr. Sibthorpe

published on 9 September 2021 by
According to my recent questionnaire-based survey, the most common symptoms my patients are currently experiencing are: Anxiety: 64% Sleep disorders: […] The post How are you really doing? – News from Dr. Sibthorpe appeared first on Dr Rich... >> read more

All You Need to Know About Facial Skin Tightening

published on 9 September 2021 by
Are you looking for a subtle facial skin tightening therapy but are not ready for a facelift? Maybe your cheeks are falling a little flat, and your jawline is not as defined as before? You understand that injecting fillers in the cheekbone area would g... >> read more

Your Ultimate Guide to the Types of Injectables

published on 8 September 2021 by
Many people who want to improve their appearance ask for injectables by name, and itís not hard to understand why. From your forehead to your jawline, cosmetic injectables can address various areas of concern that might hamper your self-confidence. Whe... >> read more

RHS Chelsea Flower Show & The Most Fragrant Flowers

published on 8 September 2021 by
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show inspires many of us to get outside and work on our gardens. The show runs from September 21st until 26th... The post RHS Chelsea Flower Show & The Most Fragrant Flowers appeared first on Noble Isle. ... >> read more

How Many Times Do You Need to Get a Breast Augmentation?

published on 8 September 2021 by
Women have been enhancing their breasts with implants for several decades. Whether your goal is to increase breast size, improve breast shape, or correct breast asymmetry, breast implants can help you achieve your body shaping goals with long-lasting r... >> read more

Why Are More Men Opting for Chest Augmentation Procedures?

published on 8 September 2021 by
Take your shirt off with confidence. A sculpted and defined chest is a highly desirable feature for men, but achieving one can be difficult. Many men spend hours at the gym and eat a careful diet but still struggle to create their desired level of ches... >> read more


published on 7 September 2021 by
Face Clinic London are proud to present Ė Secret RF! We have been working hard behind the scenes, researching and training on the latest aesthetic advancements so that as of Tuesday 7th September 2021, we can offer to you the latest and most promising ... >> read more

Top 5 Procedures to Combine With a Brow Lift

published on 7 September 2021 by
A brow lift is a surgical procedure that can significantly improve your self-esteem. By elevating your forehead muscles and removing loose, excess skin, a talented facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Yula Indeyeva can open your expression and remove years ... >> read more

Temporary Fire Safety Solutions

published on 6 September 2021 by
Bull Products is well aware of the risks caused by fires breaking out on construction sites and the danger this […] The post Temporary Fire Safety Solutions first appeared on Bull Products.... >> read more

Most Affordable Places To Live In The UK

published on 3 September 2021 by
Location, location, location! With the average house price rising, start your search... The post Most Affordable Places To Live In The UK appeared first on MoneyBright. ... >> read more

How to remove stains from teeth

published on 3 September 2021 by
Self-conscious about stains on your teeth? Donít worry, it is possible to get rid of them. Lots of […] The post How to remove stains from teeth appeared first on Kiln. ... >> read more

Where Is BOTOX® Most Effective?

published on 3 September 2021 by
BOTOX® is a versatile product with a wide array of medical and cosmetic purposes. Derived from a purified version of the botulinum toxin, BOTOX® can provide natural-looking anti-aging results, helping people delay more invasive surgical proce... >> read more

6 Common Activities That Can Damage Hearing

published on 1 September 2021 by
  Noise Induced Hearing Loss Almost everyone experiences hearing loss as they get older, but what a lot of people don’t know is that there are some very common activities that can actually cause further damage through noise induced hearing l... >> read more

Thinking about Rhinoplasty? Here Are Your Options

published on 30 August 2021 by
If youíre not happy with the size, shape, or projection of your nose, chances are you may have considered a nose job. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex plastic surgeries. Yet, many cosmetic and plastic surgeons donít offer it. And those that do sh... >> read more

Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetic Composite Bonding

published on 27 August 2021 by
The post Everything You Need to Know About Cosmetic Composite Bonding appeared first on Synergy Dental Clinics. ... >> read more

Back To School Ė Getting Childrenís Teeth Ready For a New Academic Year

published on 27 August 2021 by
Back To School Ė Getting Childrenís Teeth Ready For a New Academic Year The summer holidays are almost over and itís time to think about the approaching new school year. In between all the book buying, shoe fitting and name-taping, itís important not t... >> read more

How to support a loved one with mental health problems†

published on 26 August 2021 by
Caring for someone with mental health problems Anyone can experience mental health problems. Friends and family can make all the difference in a person’s recovery process. It can be very difficult and heart-wrenching to see a loved one struggling... >> read more

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures That Are Right for You

published on 26 August 2021 by
In todayís demanding landscape of social media and video calls, you may be more acutely aware than ever before of how your face looks from every angle. At some point, strategic lighting and filters can only go so far to hide the signs of aging, and ití... >> read more

What Can Eyelid Surgery Treat?

published on 26 August 2021 by
We all know how important our eyes are. Through eye contact, not only do we make long-lasting connections, but our eyes often provide clues to what we might be feeling, especially when they twinkle with laughter or fill with tears. Unfortunately, our e... >> read more

My Child is Struggling in School, How Can I Get Him or Her Some Help?†

published on 25 August 2021 by
By: Elizabeth Yanow, PT, DPT Does My Student Need an IEP or 504 Plan, and What is the Difference? As parents, we want to see our children succeed whether this be in school, in the community, and or at home. But what happens when you are left watching y... >> read more

How long do lip fillers last?

published on 25 August 2021 by
From her clinics in London, Essex and Hertfordshire, Dr Anita Dhunna treats many of her loyal patients with lip fillers on a daily basis. Itís one of the most popular treatment to augment, plump and smooth the lips and done properly, by a fully-qualifi... >> read more

How to Treat Torticollis in Infants

published on 24 August 2021 by
Torticollis is a common condition and is often associated with plagiocephaly. It is characterized by an inability to turn the head fully in both directions, and there may also be a head tilt towards the affected muscle. It can vary in severity, from mi... >> read more

How to Treat Torticollis in Infants

published on 24 August 2021 by
Torticollis is a common condition and is often associated with plagiocephaly. It is characterized by an inability to turn the head fully in both directions, and there may also be a head tilt towards the affected muscle. It can vary in severity, from mi... >> read more

How Chin Augmentation Can Help You Achieve a More Balanced Profile

published on 23 August 2021 by
A hallmark of a robust, balanced facial profile is a well-defined chin. For most cultures worldwide, men with a powerful chin and women with a slightly V-shaped or heart-shaped chin are considered highly attractive. Just think about Scarlett Johansson&... >> read more

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet After Liposuction Surgery

published on 23 August 2021 by
Liposuction results can last and last, but only if you do your part. After surgery, maintaining a healthy, stable weight is essential to avoid creating new trouble spots and stubborn fat deposits. A healthy diet may help you to achieve your weight main... >> read more

How Do I Know If I Have Sleep Apnea?

published on 20 August 2021 by
Sleep apnea is a chronic sleeping disorder in which people repeatedly stop and start breathing. This issue often occurs because of nasal obstructions, but often goes unnoticed. So, how do you know if you have sleep apnea? That is what this article will... >> read more

Why Your Child Needs a Sports Physical

published on 20 August 2021 by
It may seem like a burden to get a doctor to fill out that form for school each year, but there are many good reasons to get your student athlete an annual sports physical.† Florida only requires that each child in grades K-12 receive a physical exam o... >> read more

ICE laser hair removal London: pain-free, safe, quick,and long results

published on 19 August 2021 by
Are you looking for a way to get rid of your unwanted hair? If yes, then please look no further as you have landed on the right page. When it comes to hair removal, both waxing and shaving methods provide only short-term results. But, if you are search... >> read more

Important notice: Network issues

published on 19 August 2021 by
Latest update as of Monday 23 August: All issues have now been resolved and APAS is working as normal. We wish to inform our patients that Highgate Private Hospital is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our patient administration system... >> read more

5 Treadmill Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Treadmill

published on 19 August 2021 by
Understanding how to care for your treadmill will extend the life of your most treasured new possessionÖ the one machine that will restore your vitality and improve your heart health! Iíve spoken to Noel, Cardiotechís Operations & Service Manager a... >> read more

5 Skin Rejuvenation Treatments to Revive Your Skin This Fall

published on 18 August 2021 by
Fall provides a welcome transition between summerís heat and winterís chill. After months of sun exposure, fall is a great time to begin skincare treatments to restore and rejuvenate your skin. Fall is the right time for your skin rejuvenation treatmen... >> read more

What Can I Do To Create a Balanced Facial Profile?

published on 18 August 2021 by
Starting from a young age, having an unbalanced facial profile can significantly affect a personís self-confidence. Even adults can become unhappy with the effects of aging as their profile changes over time. When you look in the mirror, what stands ou... >> read more

What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

published on 17 August 2021 by
Our faces are the picture of ourselves we present to the world and define how we are seen and perceived in many ways. As we age, our face inevitably begins to display the effects of time. Wrinkles develop over once-smooth skin, and skin that used to be... >> read more


published on 17 August 2021 by
Perms are now available at Luminate. Prices start from £65, a consultation is needed prior to booking your first perm appointment. The post PERMING NOW AVAILABLE appeared first on . ... >> read more

Welcome Rob Canfer

published on 17 August 2021 by
we are very excited to welcome the fabulous Rob Canfer to our team. Rob is a physio with a wealth of experience in the NHS, elite sport and the military. As well as his degree in physiotherapy , Rob has recently completed his Masters on Sports and Exer... >> read more

Belkyra: All About the Fat Dissolving Chin Sculpting Treatment

published on 16 August 2021 by
Non-surgical cosmetic treatments like cosmetic neuromodulators and dermal fillers have become popular among women and men. These minimally invasive procedures can make a difference in facial appearances and self-confidence. Belkyra, also known as Kybel... >> read more

How to Live Comfortably with Oxygen at Home

published on 13 August 2021 by
Living Comfortably at Home with an Oxygen Concentrator† You might not think that you need oxygen at home, but the truth is that you do. Oxygen is important for your body to function properly and can be used to help treat chronic illnesses like COPD.† R... >> read more

Getting Back Into Exercise After Lockdown

published on 13 August 2021 by
The post Getting Back Into Exercise After Lockdown appeared first on Bansel Osteopath. ... >> read more

Top tips on how to prevent foot and ankle injuries – Infographic

published on 12 August 2021 by
Central Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Many athletes and runners experience foot and ankle pains all time, as this is the area that is the most used and overworked. However, with the right level of care and understanding of the foot, you can help to ... >> read more

How Can A Brow Lift Change My Overall Facial Appearance?

published on 12 August 2021 by
Youíve probably heard the saying that ďthe eyes are the windows to the soul,Ē and while itís true, the eyes do tell a lot about us; a big part of that narrative is in the brows. Do they droop and mask your eyes, making you look more tired or older than... >> read more

Buttock Enhancement: How to Get the Perfect Peach

published on 11 August 2021 by
Interest in plastic surgery procedures tends to wax and wane with the seasons. This past year’s endless virtual meetings†focused our attention squarely on our faces, resulting in a “Zoom boom” of requests for procedures above the neck... >> read more

Dr Dan Dhunna’s comments featured in LADBible – How does Paul Rudd look so young?

published on 10 August 2021 by
A viral tweet by Asma Khan, owner of Darjeeling Express in London, shows actors Paul Rudd and Dan Levy enjoying a meal. Twitter lost it at how good Rudd looked, with great skin and a relaxed expression. How has he defied ageing like that? Paul Rudd is ... >> read more

All the Questions You Want to Ask About Dental Implants

published on 9 August 2021 by
Missing one or multiple teeth can be challenging, diminishing your self-confidence and causing you to hide your smile. In severe cases, this problem can also lead to long-term health concerns. If you have missing teeth or believe that dental implants a... >> read more

Mask wearing at DW Roberts

published on 7 August 2021 by
The post Mask wearing at DW Roberts appeared first on DW Roberts. ... >> read more

How Effective is LED Light Therapy?

published on 6 August 2021 by
At the West Institute, we take pride in selecting the most state-of-the-art technology that has demonstrated effectiveness, convenience, and value to our patients. One such treatment is LightStim LED Light Therapy, an anti-aging, relaxing, overall well... >> read more

Non-Surgical Options For Younger-Looking Facial Skin

published on 5 August 2021 by
As we age, our face tends to be the first area of our body to show signs of our years spent on this earth. From sunspots, wrinkles, loose skin, volume loss, and prominent facial lines, these pages of our life story can make us look and feel older than ... >> read more

Dental Fluorosis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

published on 3 August 2021 by
Dental Fluorosis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Fluorosis, also known as dental fluorosis, causes discoloration to the permanent teeth. The discoloration may include anything from a white lacy appearance to deep brown pits. This change in the appeara... >> read more

Marquee Hire Scotland Image Gallery August 2021

published on 3 August 2021 by
Compass School – East Lothian Compass school required extra covered outdoor space during the pandemic to aid their social distancing for pupils effort. We supplied a 9-meter x 9-meter frame tent which as you will see from the images below, lent i... >> read more

Remote Hearings in Family Proceedings Ė Justice From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?

published on 29 July 2021 by
It has been over 16 months since we entered the first lock down, and many of us have become dab hands at video calls on platforms we hadnít even heard of before March 2020. Zoom,... The post Remote Hearings in Family Proceedings Ė Justice From The Comf... >> read more

All About Latisse

published on 27 July 2021 by
Weíve seen many beauty trends come and go, but long, luscious eyelashes are always in vogue.False eyelashes and mascara can help you temporarily create the illusion of thickness and length. But what is the best option for having long and thick lashes n... >> read more

The Different Types of Laser Skin Resurfacing

published on 27 July 2021 by
Lasers are versatile tools that have delivered many advances in dermatology and dermatologic surgery. They offer the precise treatment of a wide range of applications with a relatively short and easy recovery time. At Marmur Medical, we are passionate ... >> read more

What Is The Most Effective Acne Treatment?

published on 26 July 2021 by
Acne is a condition that results in red, inflamed, spotty skin. It can be sore, itchy or not have any other symptoms at all, but most sufferers find it affects their confidence and self-esteem, and scars can be possible without treatment. While nearly ... >> read more

How Your Breast Lift Transforms Your Body Over Time

published on 25 July 2021 by
The breasts play a significant role in a womanís self-esteem, confidence, and her sense of femininity. Unfortunately, they are prone to various physical changes associated with life events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the natural aging process... >> read more

Good times are ahead! Celebrate with The Botanical Garden and get your FREE Back2Life 5% CBD Oil

published on 21 July 2021 by
The Botanical Garden is proud to have positively affected the wellbeing and health of millions of people all around the world. Possibly including yours! In return for that loyalty, we are giving away FREE CBD OIL with every Dutch Natural Healing order.... >> read more

How To Get Ripped

published on 18 July 2021 by
Forget everything you thought you knew about diet and exercise in order to achieve that lean, ripped body. I have… The post How To Get Ripped appeared first on Personal Trainer Los Angeles. ... >> read more

Five Ways Turmeric Can Help Your Sex Life

published on 15 July 2021 by
In the last few years, the popularity of turmeric supplements has grown rapidly. Numerous studies have linked them to a range of impressive benefits, including several that promise to enhance your sex life. Turmeric has been known in ancient Indian cul... >> read more

EasyDNA Proudly Supports The Edward Foundation Bulldog Rescue Organisation

published on 14 July 2021 by
KENT, United Kingdom Ė July 14, 2021 Ė EasyDNA, which has maintained partnerships with several animal rescue organisations, is excited to take on a new collaboration with rescue organisation, The Edward Foundation. Founded in March 2011, The Edward Fou... >> read more (c)2009 - 2021