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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Consuming Ginger

The Importance of Hobbies When Going Through Addiction Recovery

12 Crazy Facts About Garlic

Permanent Makeup and Microblading, What is the Difference?

How To Treat Gum Infections

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London to Brighton Cycle Ride 2023

published on 10 September 2023 by
Take on the iconic London to Brighton Cycle Ride. Leave the city behind you and join thousands of fellow cyclists as you put your pedal power to the test in […] The post London to Brighton Cycle Ride 2023 appeared first on JDRF. ... >> read more

No fault divorce? It’s not as easy as it sounds

published on 3 October 2022 by
April 2022 saw a major overhaul of the divorce law in England and Wales, the first such revision since the 1960’s. Under the new rules, no longer is it necessary to blame your spouse for... The post No fault divorce? It’s not as easy as it sounds appea... >> read more

4 Features of The Best Health Insurance Plans

published on 3 October 2022 by
Find Health Tips Every individual has specific goals and objectives in life. For their accomplishment, we might need financial stability, but what if, due to any uncertainty, you have to spend all your savings on any health issues? Have you ever though... >> read more

Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry?

published on 3 October 2022 by
Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry? If you consider changing your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be right for you. With so many different procedures available, there is ... Read More The post Why Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry? appeared ... >> read more

What is tribal earlobe repair?

published on 2 October 2022 by
Tribal earlobe repair is increasingly requested for earlobes that have significantly stretched due to tribal earlobe piercings. Earlobe piercings that are greater than 1 cm in diameter mean the ear lobe is highly unlikely to retract back to its origina... >> read more

What is mindfulness?

published on 1 October 2022 by
Mindfulness is a word that is used more often now than ever before, but its meaning may not always be well understood. One definition from Wikipedia is “bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis.” Its suppo... >> read more

It’s time to book your Flu Vaccination

published on 30 September 2022 by
As the weather gets colder, it’s not uncommon for bugs to spread quickly. And, with Covid-19 still rife, it’s even more important to reduce the risk of illness and pressure within hospitals. To protect yourself and others from the flu, we advise you to... >> read more

Business Use & Remote Working

published on 30 September 2022 by
Posted: 30/9/22 The post Business Use & Remote Working appeared first on Wickwoods. ... >> read more

Wegovy Helps to Regulate Appetite and Accelerate Weight Loss

published on 30 September 2022 by
Wegovy was FDA-approved because of its ability to not only regulate appetite but to accelerate the weight loss journey for individuals The post Wegovy Helps to Regulate Appetite and Accelerate Weight Loss<input type="hidden" class="is... >> read more

The Most Popular Luxury Candles for Men

published on 30 September 2022 by
A luxurious scented candle creates a warm and inviting ambience in a room. Fragrance has the power to transform a space and transport you to... The post The Most Popular Luxury Candles for Men appeared first on . ... >> read more

Five Things To Consider Before Buying a Second-Hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

published on 30 September 2022 by
  Buying a second-hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle can be as daunting as buying a brand-new one. You may want... The post Five Things To Consider Before Buying a Second-Hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle appeared first on Allied Mobility. ... >> read more

All you Need to Know About Heavy Periods

published on 30 September 2022 by
Mr CP Lim (Consultant Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgeon)       Heavy menstrual bleeding is one of the most common reasons we see patients as a gynaecologist. About 1 in 20 women between the ages of 30 to 49 consult their GP each year reporting... >> read more

Understanding The Essential Acupuncture Channels

published on 29 September 2022 by
Acupuncture is understood to have a range of benefits, treating a variety of issues. If you are suffering from musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, digestive, gynaecological or emotional issues it may be able to help. Acupuncture is the practice... >> read more

What Pilates Can Bring Into Your Life

published on 29 September 2022 by
Joseph Pilates’ exercise philosophy can benefit men and women of any age. It is especially beneficial to people who recognize Read More » The post What Pilates Can Bring Into Your Life appeared first on Wellintra Fitness. ... >> read more

HEKA PATCHMASTER: Setting a new standard for electrophysiological software

published on 29 September 2022 by
The post HEKA PATCHMASTER: Setting a new standard for electrophysiological software appeared first on Digitimer. ... >> read more

King Size Bed Size – King Size Mattress Dimensions

published on 29 September 2022 by
Whether you’re upgrading to a king size bed or treating yourself to a new comfy king size mattress, it’s important to know what size you need to buy. Unfortunately, there aren’t universal measurements for mattresses. A king size bed size can sometimes ... >> read more

9 Swoonworthy Peach Hair Ideas for Enviable Locks

published on 28 September 2022 by
Peach is the latest colour trend that’s sure to give you a ‘do everyone will swoon over. “Peach is a great colour and super popular right now.” Kirsty Judge, from our award-winning colour workshop team says. “I think this is because it’s not a drastic ... >> read more

How Do I Choose the Right Therapist?

published on 28 September 2022 by
Read the full article... The post How Do I Choose the Right Therapist? appeared first on Klearminds. ... >> read more

NordicTrack VR25 Recumbent

published on 28 September 2022 by
All the best NordicTrack tech, with a stunning new design. The VR25 comes with a trial iFit membership, chest strap and is fully Bluetooth compatible... more The post NordicTrack VR25 Recumbent appeared first on Fitness Review. ... >> read more

New Mom? Here’s When You Should Get Your Mommy Makeover!

published on 28 September 2022 by
Having a baby is one of the most joyous occasions a woman can experience in her life. What’s not that exciting or joyous are the physical changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You can be thrilled about the new add... >> read more

The Best Healthy Spicy Snacks

published on 27 September 2022 by
A little or a lot of spicy heat can shake up snack time and boost your health. Spicy snacks are invigorating. They can also be beneficial to your overall health by helping reduce inflammation, boosting the immune system, and possibly extending lifespan... >> read more

Bellator 285 Recap | Romero vs Manhoef | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 580

published on 27 September 2022 by
Bellator 285 Recap | Romero vs Manhoef Bellator 285 Recap [4:59] Yoel Romero vs Melvin Manhoef [5:11] UFC this weekend [11:48] Lyoto ... >> read more

The Facts About Vitamin C Skincare

published on 27 September 2022 by
Vitamin C is best known for its uses in boosting immunity to colds and viruses and is essential for the […] The post The Facts About Vitamin C Skincare first appeared on Mulberry House Clinic, Northamptonshire.... >> read more

4 Tips to Aid Your Elbow Tuck Recovery

published on 26 September 2022 by
Many people experience loose skin surrounding the back of their elbows. The resulting insecurities can make wearing short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and sleeveless blouses particularly problematic. Often, people with this issue wear long sleeves year-r... >> read more

The Safety Benefits of Local Anesthesia vs. General

published on 26 September 2022 by
In 1846, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital performed the world’s first successful surgery using ether to prevent pain during the operation. Since this historic milestone, anesthetics and techniques have continued evolving, giving physicians and... >> read more

Liposuction Recovery: What to Expect

published on 26 September 2022 by
Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in New Westminster, BC. This treatment is the perfect answer for patients struggling with stubborn fat deposits, typically localized areas like the thighs, waist or lower belly.  As it doe... >> read more

Pay, purpose and prospects: rewarding job roles for students

published on 23 September 2022 by
When you’re looking for part-time work to support you through university, you’ll want a job with great pay to reward you for your good work, a real purpose that puts your efforts toward something meaningful, and outstanding opportunities for progressio... >> read more

What age should you get Morpheus8?

published on 23 September 2022 by
The widely known Morpheus8 requires preparation before the actual treatment. The first thing first is numbing by using a cream for local numbing. This is to help with any discomfort during the procedure. After this step,... The post What age should you... >> read more

Long-Term Safety of LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

published on 23 September 2022 by
Prevailing wisdom states that contact lenses are safer than LASIK for vision correction – but as time goes by, we’ve learned new things to challenge this belief. Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Will notes that contact lens wearers are more li... >> read more

Trauma & Mood Disorders

published on 23 September 2022 by
With Joel Hughes, Clinical Director, Edgewood Treatment Centre Virtually no one gets through life without experiencing some kind of trauma. Whether it is a violent act, natural disaster, divorce, or death, we all struggle to regain our footing after an... >> read more

Top 4 Reason Microneedling Has Gained Popularity

published on 23 September 2022 by
Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure chosen by my patients who want to reclaim their youthful appearance. It is commonly used to help with discoloration of the skin, restore even skin tones, and encourage younger looking skin. The benefits of ... >> read more

Lambda HOPE Expands Access to LGBTQ+ Recovery Services

published on 23 September 2022 by
The post Lambda HOPE Expands Access to LGBTQ+ Recovery Services appeared first on Hope Recovery Resources. ... >> read more

What age should you get Morpheus8?

published on 23 September 2022 by
The widely known Morpheus8 requires preparation before the actual treatment. The first thing first is numbing by using a cream for local numbing. This is to help with any discomfort during the procedure. After this step,... The post What age should you... >> read more

Four Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

published on 22 September 2022 by
A flat tummy and tight abs are the by far most appealing benefits of a tummy tuck, but there are other perks to this procedure that you might want to discover. We all know this cosmetic intervention removes the excess skin and fat on your belly to obta... >> read more

The Three Forms of Sleep Apnea

published on 22 September 2022 by
Recent studies by The American Sleep Association show that 50-70 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep apnea. These figures demonstrate how common sleep apnea is, but unfortunately, there isn’t too much information out there about this... >> read more

Acupuncture and Dry Needling Paths for Chiropractors

published on 22 September 2022 by
Most chiropractors need 200 hours of training before they can use needles in practice. After consulting with The College of Chiropractors of Alberta and with the College of Chiropractors of Ontario, we now offer two different paths to those 200 hours. ... >> read more

10 years of clinical hypnotherapy – what I have learned

published on 22 September 2022 by
Being an experienced hypnotherapist comes with many highs and the occasional low. But a decade in, I can confidently state that helping people is one of the best jobs in the world… This week was a milestone week for me as I celebrated 10 years as... >> read more

How to Prepare for Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring Surgery

published on 20 September 2022 by
After achieving significant weight loss, you may still find yourself with unwanted, loose skin that didn’t bounce back. These can stand between you and your ultimate goal for your appearance. Body contouring surgery can help you eliminate trouble areas... >> read more

What Is the Best Treatment for Cellulite?

published on 20 September 2022 by
Are you tired of trying to reduce areas of stubborn body fat with ineffective methods like creams, serums, diet, and exercise? At Allure Anti-Aging and Aesthetics, we understand how difficult it can be to try to get rid of the dimples caused by weak sk... >> read more

Transfer of Power

published on 20 September 2022 by
Within the space of a week, we have seen the appointment of a new Prime Minister, and the ascension of a King following the death of a much loved monarch. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest serving monarch the UK or England has ever had. During her 70-y... >> read more

Belly Button Bleeding After Tummy Tuck

published on 20 September 2022 by
A tummy tuck procedure entails removing excess belly fat you might have struggled to burn off through regular diet and exercise and excising any loose skin that may remain after weight loss. When done by a board-certified plastic surgeon, a tummy tuck ... >> read more

What Is the Recovery Like After an Arm Lift?

published on 20 September 2022 by
Have you pushed tank tops, short-sleeved shirts, and strapless dresses to the back of your closet or even hidden them in a bin underneath your bed to avoid putting your arms on display? Have you recently lost a significant about of weight and are now s... >> read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Non-Surgical Facelift

published on 19 September 2022 by
What we see in the mirror doesn’t always reflect how we feel on the inside as we age. It’s one of the main causes for which we pursue anti-aging procedures like facelifts and cosmetic injectables. How Does Skin Age? As people age, connectiv... >> read more

Rapport and The Personal Trainer

published on 16 September 2022 by
The post Rapport and The Personal Trainer appeared first on Body Aid Solutions. ... >> read more

Can a Tummy Tuck Help With Back Pain?

published on 16 September 2022 by
Many people believe tummy tuck surgery can only provide the aesthetic advantage of a flatter, toned abdomen. However, this cosmetic procedure has lesser-known health benefits. For example, it can help you resolve chronic back pain by strengthening your... >> read more

How Long Does Maxillofacial Surgery Take to Heal?

published on 15 September 2022 by
Recovering from maxillofacial surgery varies from patient to patient, and there are several factors that determine recovery time. Here, industry-leading plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera discusses maxillofacial surgery in-depth and analyzes how long it ... >> read more

How Many PRP Treatments Will I Need To Help My Hair Loss?

published on 15 September 2022 by
Millions of people worldwide suffer from severe hair loss and hair thinning. While hair loss can be very troubling for anyone, fortunately, medical science has come a long way in developing several innovative hair restoration treatment options over tim... >> read more


published on 14 September 2022 by
SAT MAY 6 – 13TH, 2023 | ASHTANGA YOGA FOR Life Join Adam at Purple Valley Yoga Centre in Tenerife for a one-week Ashtanga retreat. Everyone is welcome to this week. We will explore how to make the practice work for you whilst maintaining a ... >> read more

CME Sessions at 2022 ApolloMD Leadership Conference

published on 14 September 2022 by
The 2022 ApolloMD Leadership Conference focuses on the theme of “High Performance Leadership" and includes for the first time a full day of complementary CME sessions arranged for and sponsored by ApolloMD.... >> read more

Vulnerable Patients

published on 14 September 2022 by
If you are vulnerable to Covid and are at all concerned with coming into one of our practices for a […] The post Vulnerable Patients appeared first on DW Roberts. ... >> read more

Advice for Exercising After Breast Augmentation

published on 13 September 2022 by
If you’ve made the decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery but are worried about how it might affect your athletic lifestyle, you may be interested in learning more about how quickly you’ll be able to get back on your feet after your ... >> read more

Stronger Backs For 2022! Perfect Posture!

published on 13 September 2022 by
How Good Is Your Posture? Putting in the effort to improve your posture has huge payoffs: not only will using your body in a more efficient and balanced way reduce pain, prevent wear and tear on your joints, minimise the risk of muscle strains, help wi... >> read more

How to Ensure a Safe and Successful Exercise Program

published on 13 September 2022 by
When it comes to your fitness journey, many of us are itching to work out fast, lift heavier and skip rest days, hoping it will lead to quicker results. However, the truth is, when it comes to working out, quality is more important than quantity. Prope... >> read more

How Does Age Impact Gynecomastia?

published on 13 September 2022 by
While gynecomastia can have multiple causes, it may affect males at different points throughout their lives. Many men seek cosmetic surgery to improve their sense of self-confidence toward the appearance of their chest. In doing so, they experience ren... >> read more

What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy? Scenarios of OT for Kids

published on 12 September 2022 by
What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy? Pediatric OT Scenarios    Occupational therapy is a form of physical and mental rehabilitation that focuses on performing activities required in daily life. In the case of pediatric occupational therapy, thi... >> read more

STYLEGUIDE – 5 Stunning Women’s Business Shirts for Each Day of the Week

published on 12 September 2022 by
Women’s business shirts were invented to end all wardrobe battles. You know – the ones that start out with a mental inspection of all the pieces you own and end with questioning most shopping decisions you’ve ever made. So, you work in the office, and ... >> read more

Non-Surgical Options for Younger Looking Skin

published on 12 September 2022 by
As you go through the natural aging process, the desire to attain youthful and glowing skin climbs high on your list of priorities. It is for good reason as well: firm, supple, and vibrant skin not only allows you to look your best but also goes a long... >> read more

The Common Causes of Snoring

published on 12 September 2022 by
Snoring is the deep, vibrating sound caused as air travels past loose muscle and soft tissues in the throat. In some instances, snoring is mild, but it can be alarming for others, especially their partners. Roughly half of the U.S. population occasiona... >> read more

Everything To Know About Scar Removal Treatment

published on 12 September 2022 by
Scars are an unfortunate part of life. From injuries to acne scars, scarring leaves you with an unwanted texture that is difficult to hide and even more difficult to get rid of. Over the counter creams and medicines can only do so much to correct years... >> read more

Make the Summer Skin Damage Disappear with Laser Skin Treatments?

published on 9 September 2022 by
It’s summertime! It’s finally that time of the year when you can show off body accomplishments and wear those fancy outfits you can never wear in other seasons. In summer, everyone loves to spend time outdoors. Are you one of those looking ... >> read more

Tips for Recovery After a Thigh Lift

published on 9 September 2022 by
A thigh lift is a plastic surgery procedure that contours the upper legs by removing excess fat and tightening sagging skin. Patients can choose between an outer thigh lift, an inner thigh lift, or both.   Thigh lift results are a great partner fo... >> read more

4 Treatments to Let Your Skin Recover from Summer Skin Damage

published on 8 September 2022 by
We love spending time in the warm summer sun, but does our skin love it as well? Not so much. Enjoying the summer months isn’t a bad thing as long as you apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing to guard your skin. It’s likely your skin has been th... >> read more

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

published on 8 September 2022 by
The post Exercise To Lose Belly Fat appeared first on . ... >> read more

Why Are Eyelid Lifts So Popular?

published on 8 September 2022 by
While cosmetic surgeries rise and fall in popularity as beauty standards shift, some procedures remain in high demand no matter what. For example, eyelid surgery has remained one of the more sought-after aesthetic surgeries for almost two decades. What... >> read more

What Causes Hyperpigmentation And How To Get Rid Of It

published on 7 September 2022 by
Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that affects many people worldwide. Many of our clients at City Skin Clinic often ask us how to reduce and prevent it. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Hyperpigmentation is common, ... >> read more

Is Hormone Optimization Right for Me?

published on 7 September 2022 by
Like red and white blood cells, hormones perform a vital function in facilitating necessary bodily functions. Hormones are chemicals distributed to your body by various glands in your endocrine system, consisting of the pancreas and thyroid gland. Afte... >> read more

6 Things to Tell Your Surgeon Before Having Plastic Surgery

published on 7 September 2022 by
You’ve been considering plastic surgery. You’ve imagined how the benefits will change your appearance, and you like what you think. But you still have questions about the procedure and are slightly nervous about going under the knife. How do you learn ... >> read more

qEEG Brain Mapping for ADD, Autism & More Near Atlanta, GA

published on 7 September 2022 by
qEEG Brain Mapping Mind & Motion offers qEEG brain mapping as a tool to evaluate patients with a variety of psychoneurological disorders by measuring electrical activity in the brain. This evaluation serves as a basis for identifying fluctuations i... >> read more

Health and Safety Updates From HSE

published on 6 September 2022 by
Each year there are hundreds of fires on construction sites in the United Kingdom.  Insurance companies are paying out millions […] The post Health and Safety Updates From HSE first appeared on Bull Products.... >> read more

Milia Seeds/Oil Seeds

published on 5 September 2022 by
The post Milia Seeds/Oil Seeds appeared first on Ai Beauty Clinic. ... >> read more

The Pros & Cons Of Getting Your Teeth Done Abroad

published on 5 September 2022 by
Travelling abroad for cut-price ‘Turkey Teeth’ is a growing trend. Read our guide to the pros and cons.... >> read more

4 Giveaway Signs You Have Had Botox and How to Avoid Them

published on 2 September 2022 by
Many celebrities, models, and influences are proud to admit that they rely on Botox® to help their skin stay firm, tight, and smooth. Some even go as far as to take photos with their cosmetic dermatologist or vlog their procedure sessions and post on t... >> read more

How long does composite bonding last?

published on 2 September 2022 by
Composite bonding. It’s the fast way to improve the appearance of your smile. The results are certainly very […] The post How long does composite bonding last? appeared first on Kiln. ... >> read more

What Credit Score Do I Need for a Mortgage

published on 31 August 2022 by
Mortgages are quite intimidating if you don’t know much about them. They... The post What Credit Score Do I Need for a Mortgage appeared first on MoneyBright. ... >> read more

To Breast Lift or Not to Breast Lift?

published on 30 August 2022 by
Patients desiring change in their breast appearance are often puzzled as to whether a breast lift is needed. Many different procedures can be done to enhance breast appearance, depending on your goals. With so many options available, it can be confusin... >> read more

Botox for Men: All That You Need to Know

published on 29 August 2022 by
What if I told you there is a way of removing forehead wrinkles with Botox for men? A simple injection that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Doesn’t something as trivial as wrinkle removal seem a little too…... >> read more

Recovering From a Brazilian Butt Lift

published on 25 August 2022 by
If you want a curvy and voluptuous figure, getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Richmond, Virginia can help you reshape the contours of your butt. As one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, a BBL can provide you with remarkable resul... >> read more

Keeping Your Business Safe

published on 24 August 2022 by
Importance of Safety and Business Many businesses forget that it is their responsibility to keep not only their premises safe, but their employees and any visitors to the building too. By not putting the right health and safety training or measures in ... >> read more

Breast Implants Vs A Breast Lift. Which Is Best for You?

published on 24 August 2022 by
There are many factors to consider when choosing between breast lift surgery and breast implants. Despite having similar purposes, these very different procedures can bring dramatic results, each with pros and cons since one size does not fit all. This... >> read more

Probiotics Benefits | 5 Reasons Why We Love Probiotics

published on 23 August 2022 by
We have found probiotics to have some great benefits for our lives and bodies.  From these live, feel good bacteria we’ve seen some great results in reducing UTIs and yeast infections, easing IBS symptoms, and giving our guts some love.  Let’s dive int... >> read more

Why Should You Get Facials Monthly?

published on 19 August 2022 by
Skincare has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social media trends. Countless influencers are reviewing the latest facials and cosmetic products, and there’s vast online information about this topic. After checking these tips and reviews... >> read more

B-Gel: The Propolis Oral Gel

published on 16 August 2022 by
Do you suffer with mouth ulcers? Or denture sores? Perhaps you have a young child suffering through teething. We all know the pain and discomfort caused by having a sore mouth. No doubt you’ve tried various remedies, but found them to be ineffect... >> read more

The Modern History Of The Pecan

published on 15 August 2022 by
Although the pecan has a long history in North America, Georgia farmers were relative latecomers in realizing its value as a commercial crop. The first orchards were planted in the early 1800s. It was not until the late nineteenth century tha... >> read more

Dos and Don’ts After BBL

published on 15 August 2022 by
All over the world, Brazilian Butt lift surgery continues to grow in popularity year after year. With this nearly scar-free procedure and the added benefit of extra body contouring, BBL plastic surgery is a more natural body contouring method as it use... >> read more

Everything You Need to Know about Gynecomastia Surgery

published on 12 August 2022 by
Gynecomastia is a condition that causes enlarged breast tissue in males. There are many different causes for gynecomastia, but it typically doesn’t pose a threat to physical health. However, gynecomastia can cause discomfort, and it can negatively affe... >> read more

Dermal Fillers not just for lips

published on 12 August 2022 by
When considering dermal fillers, we might be forgiven for thinking that they only make the lips look larger or more shapely. The truth is that dermal fillers have so many uses for anti-ageing and facial augmentation, it’s difficult to list them all! Dr... >> read more

Should You Combine CoolSculpting with Thermage and Ulthera?

published on 5 August 2022 by
CoolSculpting body contouring procedures and Thermage and/or Ulthera skin tightening procedures are not only safe but incredibly effective. However, you can increase that effectiveness by putting the two together! While some people may think CoolSculpt... >> read more

How does SPF differ from UPF?

published on 4 August 2022 by
They both protect you from the sun but have different meanings and use. *SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures the effectiveness […] The post How does SPF differ from UPF? appeared first on Dr Richard Sibthorpe. ... >> read more

How to Become a Skincare Specialist

published on 2 August 2022 by
Do you have a passion for skincare? Are you always looking for ways to improve your skin? If so, becoming a skincare specialist may be the perfect career. Here at the Academy of Beauty Training, we will discuss what it takes to become a specialist and ... >> read more

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

published on 31 July 2022 by
Pisces Weekly Horoscope (February 19 – March 20) The post Pisces Weekly Horoscope appeared first on The Hair Salon. ... >> read more

ZO Skin Health Client Review

published on 29 July 2022 by
Another happy client! This client wanted to share her experience andwhat products made a difference to her skin. “I have been going to Face Clinic London for over 10 years now and have tried quite afew of their treatments. Dr Anita advised that I... >> read more

Brushing Techniques – Which One is Right For You?

published on 27 July 2022 by
There are many different brushing techniques to choose from, but the most common are horizontal, circular, and vertical. However, the prevalence of dental caries varies, and not every technique will prevent the development of dental decay. Here are som... >> read more

Make Your SmartLipo Results Last

published on 26 July 2022 by
SmartLipo is a minimally invasive treatment employing ultrasonic energy to break up and liquefy unwanted fat tissue before suctioning it out. It is an excellent alternative to traditional liposuction and other invasive body sculpting surgeries. You won... >> read more

All Of the Must-have Skincare Essentials to Beat the Heat This Summer!

published on 22 July 2022 by
Summer is the ultimate time to plan vacations— yes, even in the Pacific Northwest— when the sun finally comes out from behind the clouds, the lakeshores start crowding with people, and the cold pacific beaches area now refreshing. While the swimming, h... >> read more

How Will My BBL Look in 5 Years?

published on 20 July 2022 by
In recent years, body sculpting procedures like the Brazilian butt lift have been trending, with popularity sparked by curvaceous celebrities like the Kardashian sisters. If you’re considering this surgery to enhance your rear view and give you a sexy ... >> read more

What Procedures Can Help With Scar Removal?

published on 19 July 2022 by
A scar is one of your body’s natural healing responses. When you have an injury, wound, or skin damage from an illness, accident, surgery, or inflammation, it can leave a permanent mark. Even young children with healthy, resilient skin can get scars. I... >> read more

3 Common Causes of Fire on Construction Sites

published on 15 July 2022 by
… The post 3 Common Causes of Fire on Construction Sites appeared first on Grow Training Scotland. ... >> read more

The Do’s and Don’ts Before Getting Liposuction

published on 15 July 2022 by
Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures available in the U.S., with over 210,000 procedures performed annually. With the popularity of liposuction on the rise, it’s important for potential liposuction patients to understand ... >> read more

Is there an Advantage in Choosing a Female Surgeon?

published on 14 July 2022 by
It should come as no surprise that the field of plastic surgery – like much of other medical professions – has long been dominated by male physicians. While recent stats on the number of female plastic surgeons in Canada are difficult to ex... >> read more

What is Gut Health?

published on 14 July 2022 by
What is gut health and why is it important?   Gut health seems to be a hot topic at the moment and rightly so. The research is diving deeper each day to find out more about the human microbiome and how it affects our daily function, recovery from ... >> read more (c)2009 - 2022