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Want to Feel Healthy and Happy and Beautiful? Here are Some Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

submitted on 9 March 2023 by
Want to Feel Healthy and Happy and Beautiful? Here are Some Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence Most of us are relatively happy with the way we look some of us would even consider ourselves halfway attractive. But we must admit, a small part of us is still insecure, even though we have no reason to be! Perhaps you feel that you are too fat and are embarrassed with your belly fat or arms, or perhaps you have the impression that you are too short, your hair is too thin, and so on. There could be myriad things wrong with you, from the shape of your nose to how you smile but we're here to tell you right now: you are beautiful! But do you want to feel even more beautiful and healthy and happy, besides? Here are some easy ways to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Stand tall and proud!

The first thing you can do if you want to feel good about yourself both physically and mentally is to stand tall and proud. When you have an erect posture, you tend to feel better and this has science to back it up! A published study in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that those sitting erect in a chair instead of slumped and slouching were more at ease and confident. Also, when you make it a point to keep your chest open and your shoulders back, you will feel noticeably slimmer, taller, more radiant, and more self-assured.

Face a mirror every day and find something admirable

Another thing you can do which works well for everyone is look in a mirror and find something you like. Unfortunately, those who are unhappy and lack confidence in themselves tend to look at a mirror and zero in on a feature they don't like about themselves, such as a crooked nose or too wide-set eyes. But instead of doing this, what if you look for a nice feature? Don't say you don't have one; everyone will have at least one feature they like, be it a nice eye colour or eyebrows or a well-defined jawline. You can even look at your body and find something you admire, such as well-toned arms, a flat belly, or a trim back and if you want such features, click here to find out more.

Smile more

Everyone knows that a smile is infectious when people you meet, even strangers, see you smiling, they will automatically smile back. So before you leave the house in the morning, make it a point to smile. And let's face it; strangers are more attracted to smiling faces than sullen ones! Additionally, when you smile, the muscles in your lips and eyes will lift, making you look younger. It also results in a warm feeling, which ripples through you the brain benefits from an instant boost in mood because the muscles have contracted, and you can easily maintain this boost in mood as everyone smiles back.

Take deep breaths

Tension shows itself in many forms, but it primarily shows itself as shallow breaths; these shallow breaths manifest in your throat, face, and shoulders. So one way to combat tension is to take deep breaths. When you breathe deeply and slowly, you will look more at ease - and it will show.
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