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Top Skincare Products Every 40-Something Women Should Invest In

submitted on 4 November 2018
Aging is an inevitable and irreversible process. It all starts from the moment you’re born. During the early years of life, you can barely see signs of aging because the cellular regeneration rate of the body is still fast. Once you’re over 40, you start observing a lot of changes in your body, most especially your skin.

Some of the common tell-tale signs to look out for are age spots, thinning epidermis, and rough and leathery skin. If you want to delay the effects of old age, you should start using anti aging skincare products.

Antioxidant serum
Skin aging is not only triggered by your age. Most of the time, it is also caused by exposure to free radicals which mostly come from pollutants, cigarette smoke and industrial fumes.

Every day, you get exposed to various sources of free-radicals. As such, you need to use antioxidants to slow down the damaging effects. There are plenty of natural sources of antioxidants such as blueberries and oranges. If you want concentrated levels of antioxidants, you can use antioxidant serums. Some products are specially made for the skin around the eyes, while others are made for the entire body.

As you age, you will notice how your skin produces less oil because your sebaceous glands become less efficient in moisturizing your skin. As a result, your skin turns dry and itchy. As you continue to grow older, your skin will also turn leathery because your connective tissues become less elastic. To keep your skin supple and elastic, you need a good moisturizer. You can use moisturizing creams, gels and cleansers, depending on your skin type.

Sunscreens are essential skincare products for both the old and the young. It’s not enough to wear protective gear like sunglasses and hats. You need a quality sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to sunlight especially from 9 am to 3 pm can trigger skin cancer. It can also cause skin irritation, sunburn and age spots. You need to include a good sunscreen in your anti-aging kit.

Anti-aging night cream
Night creams can moisturize and brighten your skin. They are specifically made to keep your skin hydrated while you rest at night. People who have highly sensitive skin prefer creams rather than serums because they are milder. Creams also don’t over-exfoliate your skin.

Moreover, anti-aging night creams boost the production of collagen, so your skin can stay soft and elastic. When you buy night creams, opt for the ones labelled as “anti-wrinkle” or “anti-aging”. These variants are better for individuals in their 40s.

Investing in an anti aging skin care set will help you combat the early signs of wrinkles, crow’s feet and age spots. There are a lot of great skincare brands that offer quality products like night cream and antioxidant serum. You can ask your friends or check customer reviews to find the best products on the market.
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