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The Real Benefits of Having Gallbladder Surgery

submitted on 21 July 2022 by
If you have gallstones, you may have wondered what it is like to have them removed in other words, what it's like to have gallbladder surgery. Granted, many people have done it, and most if not all of them say it's one of the best decisions they've ever made for themselves. Often, gallstones don't cause undue pain but when they do, or they have already blocked your gallbladder from receiving blood, then you know it's time for an essential operation. But even if your gallstones are not causing you too much pain (for now), it is still wise to consider it before it leads to more complications. But what else are the real benefits of gallbladder surgery, and what can you expect from it? Here are the answers to your major questions.

An overview
The type of surgery performed to remove your gallbladder is called a cholecystectomy. The gallbladder is not considered essential meaning it is not used for any major bodily functions. It is below the liver and keeps bile, which is made by the liver. Bile helps people digest their food. If you undergo removal of the gallbladder, the bile will travel directly to the intestines from the liver, and you'll have no problem digesting food.

The recommendations It is highly recommended by the experts in gallbladder surgery that you undergo gallbladder removal before it causes any complications. For instance, gallstones can cause discomfort and pain and lead to swelling (caused by inflammation) or blockage. With surgery, you will be able to avoid the pain and prevent other complications, such as jaundice (the yellowing of the eyes and skin) and pancreatic inflammation.

The surgery and its benefits
The most common type of gallstone removal surgery is laparoscopic or keyhole surgery and its benefits are immense. It is a surgery performed with a general anaesthetic, which means you will not feel any pain since you are asleep during the procedure. The entire surgical procedure takes less than an hour, sometimes an hour. Another benefit to the surgery is that you can usually go back home right away on the same day and the recovery period is short, too.

Most people go for keyhole surgery because the discomfort is minimal since you will have a series of minor cuts rather than one large cut. In addition, it is less risky and easier to care for (the tiny cuts can measure .5cm to 1.5cm at their largest). The other benefit that most patients are happy about is that you can return to your routine after just a short rest, and some people who've had the surgery are also grateful that the scars are not as visible.

Risks to the surgery
Of course, as with any procedure, there are risks. For example, you could suffer from an infection or bleeding, or you may need open surgery after all. There are also risks of injuries to your bile duct or digestive organs and numbness around the wounded area, which can last for around two to three months.

But the risks are lessened as long as you're in expert and capable hands who are sure to prioritise your care and safety.
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