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8 April 2015

Nutrition Lies You Should Never Believe

So much misinformation exists when referring to nutrition. This is especially the case with the internet since practically any person, without any knowledge, can write what he/she thinks is true. It is really important that we only trust high authority figures. It is great to notice that alternative and complementary medicine are now valued in modern healthcare but many lies still exist, with people ending up believing them. Do not believe the following statements as they are incorrect!

Do Not Consume Eggs As They Are Not Healthy!
It is such a shame to see eggs being seen as bad food. The concern appeared as high cholesterol levels are included in eggs but the truth is that eating cholesterol does not actually increase blood cholesterol. You should not be worried about heart diseases as you eat eggs.
Eggs are actually among the most nutritious of all the foods you could eat. They include so many great nutrients together with antioxidants that can protect eyes. We are faced with a high fat food but it will actually lead towards weight loss when used in adequate quantities.

Fat Is Bad For Your Body!
Tens of years ago it was believed that heart disease was a cause of high fat consumption. People were mainly referring to saturated fats. The studies that highlighted this were highly flawed. In the year 2010 we found out thanks to studies that were conducted on hundreds of thousands of people that there is absolutely no link between heart disease and saturated fat. When you eat saturated fat, good cholesterol (HDL) levels increase in your body. Because of this, you should not fear butter, cheese, coconut oil or meat.

All People Need To Eat Grains
It is so weird to see the belief that a human needs to have a diet that is based on the consumption of grains. We can clearly see that the current agricultural revolution appeared recently in the evolution of our history. Genes did not change much. The grains do not contain many nutrients, especially when referring to foods like the vegetables. At the same time, they include phytic acid. This is a substance that prevents mineral from fully being absorbed, which is definitely not what you want. Wheat stands out as the most common of all the grains people consume too much. Gluten will always damage intestinal lining and there is a high quantity inside modern wheat.

Increasing Protein Intake Is Really Bad For Kidneys And Bones
Some people still claim that high protein diets will cause kidney disease and osteoporosis. Calcium excretion is increased through the consumption of protein but when looking at long term studies, you do not have problems. It was proven that protein consumption actually improves bone health. There are absolutely no risks of ending up with kidney disease, unless you already have kidney problems. In this case, a doctor’s observation is necessary. High protein diets are normally protective against kidney failure and even osteoporosis so do not be afraid to add some supplementation or more protein to your diet.
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