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13 October 2016

New York is a Top Senior Destination

When you think of places to retire, New York City is usually not on the top of the list, and while some sun-seeking seniors head south when they hit retirement age, others are keen to stay right where they are. There are over 1 million seniors in NYC, and theyíre staying put because itís their home and their community. As the American population gets older, thereís a growing recognition of the desire to age in place. Itís a term that means a lot: living in the residence of your choice, staying in the city or state of your choice, and living with dignity and respect.

Over the past decade, New York has been transforming itself in order to make life easier on its growing senior population. There are over 200 senior centers where people in the neighborhood can go to take classes, stay fit, learn how to use technology, and socialize. The city has introduced a number of initiatives, including safety islands at intersections so that slow walkers have a safe place to stop if they canít keep up with the traffic light, and seniors-exclusive times at public swimming pools.

However, even with these new initiatives, not all seniors can equally take advantage of the city they love and live in. Whether itís due to an illness or an injury, some need an extra helping hand getting by, or even more intensive care. The desire to stay put in your own residence does not change with these circumstances, and thatís why home health care can become so important, especially for families who live in other parts of the country or canít take on the full burden of care themselves. A growing awareness of ďaging in placeĒ has led to the rise of agencies like Mavencare who connect families to senior caregivers in NYC like never before.

In addition to thoroughly screening caregivers to identify highly trained, professional people, better agencies also put in the extra effort to make the right match. They will take into account not only the clientís medical and care needs but also aspects like personality and cultural concerns such as their first language.

When youíre looking for a caregiver agency, work with someone who can evolve with your familyís growing needs, from companionship to dementia, respite, or any kind of care (you can learn more about your options at Home healthcare is not the same for everyone, and many may only need several visits a week from caregivers to help them get out into the city, go grocery shopping, or even take advantage of NYCís senior centers. For others, such as those suffering from a dementia-related illness, they may rely on regular visits or a live in caregiver for fulfilling their basic needs, from nutrition to medication. Companies like Mavencare make it easier for remote families to stay involved, thanks to their homecare app. It allows families to receive live updates from caregivers about what their older relative is up to and how theyíre doing it. It also allows families to update medication schedules, check to make sure medication reminders have been delivered, and where caregivers are when they are out and about with patients. When youíre looking for someone to lend a hand looking after an older family member, the number one quality to look for is reliability.
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