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How to Make Your Skin Feel Fresh and Clean

submitted on 30 November 2016
Parenting can take over your life sometimes and it can feel like youíre helpless to stop your body from ageing. Our skin, especially, can get out of control without anyone noticing. Suddenly weíre noticing sore things that shouldnít be sore, rough things that should be rough and lines and wrinkles in all of the worst places. So, if your skin is getting out of hand, here are a few tips to breathe some life back into it

Shave the right way
Itís the difference between Excalibur and a butter knife. A good razor could completely change your face. So, thereís a reason why those razors youíre buying are so inexpensive. Cheap blades arenít going to do any favours for your skin. Sometimes theyíre not sharp enough and although we tend to believe Ďthe more blades the better the shaveí the truth is that all of those extra blades on your razor could be causing the problem. They can cause ingrown hairs, razor burn, inflammation around the roots of your airs and trapped dirt under all of those blades could cause spots and rashes. Instead of buying razors once every few weeks you might want to invest in one, great quality razor. As long as you remember to keep it sharp and sterilised, your skin will show a world of improvement and all those sore little lumps and bumps will be gone before you know it.

Also, more than just your razor, itís important that you start taking shaving more seriously. Donít leave it when you have five minutes to get out of the house. Itís as important as putting on clothes in the morning. Lather your face properly and slowly shave with the grain of your hairs, rather than against them. This way youíll avoid pulling at the hairs and will be less likely to irritate the roots.

Exfoliate and moisturise
Dry and flaky skin is just unpleasant. Itís frustrating to step out of the shower, feeling fresh and ready to look your best, and then feel those scaly patches on your shoulders. A big part of having fresh skin is making sure that itís been properly taken care of, so donít put up with the texture of your skin reminding your partner of a lizard. A gentle exfoliator and a decent moisturiser can get your everything feeling silky smooth and looking brand new. Whatís more, using the right SPF moisture can actually improve the elasticity of your skin. This can help reduce the appearance of certain blemishes like wrinkles and stretchmarks, although it wonít remove them completely. There are stretch mark removal treatments for men available, but moisturising and exercising can make them a lot less noticeable. Choose your moisturiser carefully and apply it after washing when you r skin is still damp.

Treat yourself
Being a dad can be a little stressful sometimes and we donít always get an opportunity to escape for a while. A warming clay mask might not seem like much of a ďtreatĒ realistically, but itís the sort of treat that will do you good and wonít necessarily put you out of commission for hours. A lot of women swear by sugar scrubs, and clay and Manuka honey masks. Applying one every now and then when you have a few minutes spare could completely rejuvenate your skin. Afterwards you wonít be able to ward off the people wanting to stroke your baby soft face. Youíll be amazed by the results, so donít knock it until you try it. And, for the record, thereís nothing unmanly about smooth skin.
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