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15 December 2015

How to Maintain a Great Beard

Long gone are the days that having a beard means you have an excuse to be lazy with your grooming habits. In fact, many men who choose to rock the bearded look now take better care of the hair on their face than they do the hair on their head! Facial hair is the in-look to have in 2015 and this means that there are more products available than ever before for men wanting to take better care of their beards. You can shop online at to get hold of men’s grooming products at affordable prices and these can range from moisturisers through to waxes and balms.

If you want to grow a nice beard, then it is vital to ensure that you take good care of it by cleaning and trimming it regularly.

Here are some top tips on how to maintain a healthy beard:

• Use a specialised scrub to ensure it is thoroughly clean
• Use beard oil to keep every strand of hair in place
• Invest in a good quality razor to keep the beard from getting out of control
• Moisturise the skin around the beard regularly

While many modern men are growing beards, there is one famous man that is still as cleanly-shaven as ever: James Bond.

Over the years we have come to expect Bond to look suave and handsome with his freshly-shaven appearance but there is talk of a future Bond sporting a bearded look. One thing’s for sure, if Bond ever does choose to have a beard we can expect him to shop through a company such as for his grooming products! Our favourite agent isn’t a hipster, nor should he be, but if anyone can rock a beard it’s James Bond.

Sean Connery is one man that looks awesome with a beard but which other famous actors who have played Bond could pull off the facial hair look?

• Pierce Brosnan
• George Lazenby
• Timothy Dalton
• Daniel Craig

Many believe that Damien Lewis will be the next face of Bond and a full-grown yet nicely trimmed beard will look great on his handsome face.

While we are still to meet a bearded Bond, there are many men out there who are rocking the facial hair look but as any modern man knows, it is vital to take good care of a beard in order to avoid looking dishevelled. Specialist oils and waxes can help you to maintain healthy facial hair and it is also important to ensure you take good care of the skin around the beard by cleansing, toning and, of course, moisturising.

You should invest in some good quality scissors to keep your beard well-trimmed, as well as a good razor to shave the excess hair that grows around the actual beard. All of these products are easy to get hold of through specialist companies and this means you really don’t have any excuse not to take good care of your facial hair.

bond beard
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