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How to Find a Safe Salon During the Coronavirus Pandemic

submitted on 13 October 2020 by
How to Find a Safe Salon During the Coronavirus Pandemic Fancy having your nails done? Looking for a pamper, or feel you need a lash lift? Many of us have gone without our usual treatments for a long time because of the coronavirus pandemic; but it's not going away anytime soon. Like many things at the moment beauty treatments are something that can still be done with a bit of common sense and a few precautions. Some beauty salons are much better at this than others. According to online beauty directory "The Beauty Book" safeguards can vary significantly from one salon to another so it pays to do some research to give you peace of mind. That way you can continue having your usual treatments until the world resumes some level of normality.

How to find a "relatively safe" salon during the Coronavirus crisis
Do some research, ask the right questions and use some knowledge of what you already know about the salons in your area to find one that you feel safe and comfortable with.

Ask What PPE They Use

Not all salons use the same level of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and some don't use any at all.

Remember that it is law for both staff and customers to wear a face covering in premises providing personal care and beauty treatments (hair salons, barbers, nail salons, massage centres, tattoo and piercing parlours). A good salon should be enforcing this.

In addition to face coverings salons may also be using disposable gloves and aprons (particularly hairdressers).

Others may have some form of protective screens, perhaps between customer bays in the salon, or for instance between a nail technician and the customer. This is not as common but if a salon does have them then you know they invest well in the safety of their customers - and to some people this may be an extra comfort.

Find out what their procedures are
Some salons have posted their coronavirus procedures online, or on the outside of their shops - failing that ask them what protocols they have in place. Do they wipe down chairs and equipment after each treatment for instance? This is something you can quickly compare between one salon and another.

How busy are they?
A busy salon is generally a good sign, but when it comes to Coronavirus this can be both a good and bad thing. On the one hand it says that they're doing something right to be busy, on the other it means a lot more contact and people. Then again if a salon is busy it may mean they're in better shape to be able to provide additional safety equipment and measures for customers.

You may prefer to go to a popular salon on their off-days, or find a salon that's busy but not "overly" busy. Or perhaps you feel more comfortable with one that's relatively quiet. Either way it's something to consider.

Look at their online reviews
Recent reviews can be a good indication of how safe customers feel at different beauty salons. In some cases it may not take long to spot a disgruntled customer who felt that a particular salon didn't do enough regarding their safety. Though failing any specific mention of Coronavirus in general it's safe to assume that a salon with a good number of positive online reviews is one that values their customers and puts their needs first.

Have they undergone Coronavirus training?
According to beauty training provider TNB Skills Training, salon staff can take advantage of often free or low cost training which covers things like:
  • Reducing risk of transmission in a salon
  • Disposing of waste safely & disinfection
  • Safety procedures to follow
Some salons who's staff have undertaken this training may have certificates posted to state this. Again it's low cost and doesn't take long so it's a good value-add if salons have taken the time to do it.

What's their attitude like?

Different salons have different attitudes to their relationships with colleagues and customers. Some are overly relaxed and friendly or even "touchy-feely" - others are more structured and professional. You may already know which salons these are from your own experiences or that of friends. You can often find information from online reviews on this sort of thing too. What can be said is that everyone has different attitudes to personal space, safety and to dealing with coronavirus. How salon staff conduct themselves may play a role in how safe and comfortable you feel with a treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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