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20 February 2015

How To Perfectly Apply Lipstick

You are most likely already aware of the fact that you can fix your lip problems with the use of lipstick but do you know how to properly apply lipstick? Consider the following as you may learn some things you were not aware of.

For starters, apply some foundation right over your lips in order to offer a good base for the lipstick. The mouth has to be kept closed and you should trace one line around lips with the use of a sharp pencil. Blunt pencil is not a good idea.

In order to make your lips look larger, you have to follow natural lip outer edge so that you are 100% sure that you will never go out of the natural line. If you want to make the lips smaller, follow the trace inside your natural lip line.

Using lip liner is always better if you want the lipstick to be on longer. Light or dark lip liners are available. After you fill the lips, we recommend that you use a good lipstick brush in order to apply the rest of the lipstick. Always use a tissue across your lips in order to blot.

Remember the fact that you will need to perform some touch ups as time passes in order to have lips that look gorgeous. You will end up avoiding dry lips and look stunning at the same time.

We should also mention that the lipstick needs to be of the highest possible quality. Better lipsticks remain on for longer periods of time.
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