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Growth Hormone: Advantages and Signs of Discrepancy

submitted on 22 December 2020 by
In recent years, somatropin hormone has become known not only as a steroid supplement, but also as a method of stimulating testosterone production.

It has long been known that this hormone is needed not only by children but also by adults.

However, growth hormone has a number of other important functions in the body, including cell renewal, growth and the development of tissues in the body, including those of the brain and other important organs.

The hormone is synthesized in the pituitary gland and is used not only to accumulate muscle mass, but also to clear the accumulated fat.

Benefits of growth hormone
Growth hormone is injected in large doses to help lose weight and build lean muscle mass. In small doses, the hormone is used for faster recovery after heavy training, stimulating anti-aging processes.

More muscle strength
Because growth hormone stimulates the production of collagen in tissues, it is considered a means of increasing muscle strength and endurance.

Muscle strength is expressed in better performance during exercise, the ability to perform heavier and more intense loads.

Healthier revovery after fractures
A number of hormones, factors, minerals and vitamins are responsible for the repair of bones and joints, as well as for their general condition.

Growth hormone plays a major role in recovery and accelerates this type of process. As a result of a number of studies, it is clear that the frequent use of growth hormone leads to increased collagen synthesis and faster and better recovery.

Weight Loss
Growth hormone is a major factor in fat synthesis. It accelerates the breakdown of fats to free fatty acids and glycerol.

This is the main reason why growth hormone is an important and significant factor in the process of losing weight, gaining lean muscle mass and weight loss caused by fat accumulation.

Stronger Bones
The thyroid gland stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, which determines the formation of healthy bones, especially during puberty.

With age, growth hormone production decreases significantly. This is the reason why many adults have problems with bone strength and difficulty in recovering from fractures.

Stronger Heart
Adults who suffer from growth hormone deficiency are more prone to cardiovascular disease.

The reason is that people suffering from hormone deficiency have more weight and correspondingly higher levels of triglycerides.

Sympoms of Growth Hormone deficiency
In children: significantly lower height than peers; delayed puberty; slow development of teeth; significant amount of fat deposits in the abdomen and face; slow hair growth and the presence of bald areas.

In adults: depression; constant fatigue; increased hair loss; decreased muscle strength and mass; weaker memory; difficulty concentrating; thin and dry skin; high triglyceride levels; high levels of "bad" cholesterol; decreased bone density; fat deposits around the abdomen; insulin resistance.

How to stimulate growth hormone relationship naturally

High-intensity training
High-intensity interval training, which relies on alternating high-intensity exercise and rest periods, is the most effective workout for boosting growth hormone secretion.

Intake of L-glutamine is known to improve endurance, help the body cope with heavier and more intense workouts and recover better. Those who take the amino acid with regular training have much more muscle strength and better recovery after exercise.

The amino acid L-arginine also has a good effect on the release of growth hormone, and can increase its synthesis by 100%.

More laughter
Studies show that when you watch a humorous video, growth hormone and endorphin levels rise.

Detoxification of the liver
Growth hormone secretion is associated with maintaining a clean liver. If you want to increase the levels of growth hormone that your body secretes, liver detoxification is a good solution.

Vitamin C
Increased consumption of vitamin C and products containing it helps to increase the release of growth hormone.

Additional important information for growth hormone (Somatropin)

Over the years, a number of studies have shown that growth hormone is not the steroid agent it has long been thought to be.

It has anti-aging properties and improves performance during heavy training. Basically in the human body the important hormone is released during sleep in the first hours after falling asleep.

Allocating enough time for a night's rest is in this sense extremely important for the synthesis of growth hormone. If you are looking for more information about the most using growth hormone Genotropin check this article right way.

The effect of the hormone on both sexes is generally the same, but women usually use it in small doses to take advantage of its properties, which allow faster weight loss, as well as the anti-aging effect it has on the body.

In men, growth hormone also has anti-aging properties, slowing down thinning hair, maintaining sexual function and helping to gain lean muscle mass.
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