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3 March 2015

Get Your Health and Beauty on Track With These Tips

You’ve purchased the creams, downsized your diet and spent more time looking in the mirror than you have sleeping. So much effort – and you still don’t have the body of your dreams. You still feel aged and wrinkled, your stomach still seems flabby and you still feel a pang of jealousy whenever some blonde, long-legged supermodel wanders by on the street.

But you could be taking the wrong approach to your health and beauty regime. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few top-notch strategies to help you gain the look of your dreams.

Smooth skin – for just a pinprick
You’ve seen the A-list celebs do it – now it’s time to enter the Botox game. A simple injection into your forehead will unleash a serum that will flatten out your skin and combat those visible signs of aging.

Naturally, there are good and bad places to gain effective service. Head to a fully licensed Botox clinic run by pros and you’ll gain a reversal of the aging process that’ll stand firm.

A superfood solution
Are you regularly feasting on Domino’s pizzas, Chinese takeaways, king-size Galaxy bars and gallons of Diet Coke? Then the root of your health problems is pretty clear. Even if you’ve decreased your unhealthy eating, the diet that’ll make you look radiant is about quality, not quantity.

The solution to this is simple – learn how to cook, and use the finest ingredients. Superfoods are what you’re after, fruit and veg high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Top up your meals with enough of these and your diet will be on health-tacular track. And your meals don’t have to reside exclusively in the world of banality. Fill your foodstuffs with tangy beets or delicious lemon juice.

Pretty soon you’ll be making putting the culinary craft of Gordon Ramsay to shame.

The science of sleep
In the hubbub of modern life, getting a full night’s sleep can seem about as likely as riding a winged stallion to the moon. But without your 40 winks, your eyes will look like they’re secreting 100-tonne sandbags and your face will feature a grimace more severe than a 40s’ schoolmaster. Make sure you get between eight and ten hours of sleep every evening to gain an increasingly radiant appearance. More than this, get your sleeping pattern in order by avoiding the telly or computer screens for at least an hour before your head hits the pillow. Read a book or simply relax for a while, instead.

With your new routine firmly in place, your body will start to look more toned, relaxed and dazzling.
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