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Find Full Time Nannies Online Anywhere in Canada

- submitted on 2 November 2016

Today it is not unusual for both parents to work full time after taking maternity and paternity leave, at which point they rely on a variety of childcare providers including babysitters, daycare centres, relatives, and nannies.While raising a family is a dream come true for many, most professionals are still dedicated to their thriving careers. The biggest obstacle facing parents who arenít willing to compromise their careers, or who just need to find a way to fill those few hours between the end of the school day and the end of the work day is finding the right childcare fit for their lifestyle.

For some parents, daycare is only a partial solution, while for others, itís either not their first choice or even possible. First of all, a parentís work hours may not coincide with those of a daycare centre, and parents have to constantly make arrangements to have someone pick up the kids. Generally, this means their friends and relatives lend a hand, but things always come up and fresh arrangements have to be made. It is not unusual for parents with more than one child to have to enroll a sibling in different daycare centres either because they attend different schools or because of a lack of space, leading to yet more logistics problems; the stress and confusion is enough to make anyone sick, and so they turn to a full or part time nanny.

For many parents, choosing someone they trust to be with their children can be a fraught experience, though more and more Canadian parents are turning to online communities like to find the right fit. The right nanny can provide the proper childcare right in your home, and if you have more than one child, you wonít have to worry about multiple school schedules or slots in different daycares, either. Every parent wants someone who will nurture and love their child as much as they do, who shares their values and have the credentials parents want, whether itís a Food Handlerís certificate, CPR training, or the ability to work with children who have physical or intellectual disabilities.

If you decide your best option is going to be a full time nanny, make sure you go to the right place to find someone who will work well with you. Some of the features offered by sites like Canadian Nanny that make finding help easier include:

Profile Favorites: If youíre feeling overwhelmed by the number of postings, it helps to make long and short lists of your top picks. That way, itís easy to pull up their profiles later, discuss it with your partner, and compare and contrast the benefits of each.

Notes on User Profiles: These are important because they will let you keep private notes about the details of any communication you have had with the candidate, including your interview notes and how they fit your needs.

Identity Protected Phone Calls: Many families are concerned about reaching out to conduct phone interviews to people online, which is why better services now offer identity protected phone calls. By signing up, your phone number is masked by a ďcloak numberĒ which will appear on their caller ID, allowing you to conduct interviews safely and securely.

Customer Support: Generic online classifieds simply donít offer any kind of customer support for their users, but you want to know that you can use a service confidently when youíre looking for childcare.

One final consideration to keep in mind as that you become an employer when you hire a full time nanny, which means you are obligated to file all the mandatory paperwork with the Canada Revenue Agency and the WSIB, including providing paystubs and T4 forms. It can be a time consuming process with hefty penalties for failing to complete them, which is why one company, Canadian Nanny, now offers a payroll service that takes the stress out of the paperwork. Instead of creating more work for yourself, go with a nanny service that can hold your hand through the service and make it all simple.
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