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3 Tips to Make Indoor Cycling Better

submitted on 28 August 2022
If you have been exercising indoors with your training cycle for a long time, you must have reached the point when you are bored of the routine. The exercise bikes pay results, yes, but as all things go, they get less exciting by the day. When the excitement reduces, you start reducing the exercise & go back to unhealthy ways of life.

Here are some tips to improve your Indoor cycling game and turn it into a fun activity.

Cycling Indoors is an Easy to Do Exercise
As with other indoor exercises, cycling with a training bike is an easy way to get fit. You have a comfortable corner of your room, away from all the pollution and traffic from the outside. You can ride it for as long as you want too. It is unlike the gym sessions where you have to wait for your turn to get on the bike and stress out if someone else is going to rush you out of it.

Having your own cycle makes it easy. But there is something that’s even more interesting. It's called Online cycling and it is possible with the app called Vingo. The basic requirements are very simple and it wouldn’t cost a fortune to start this exciting way of cycling.

Get Modern Cycles with Built-in Sensors
The Vingo app will transform your bike time into an adventure and it does so with the use of Virtual reality. To use this app to improve your game, you will need a good enough training bike for yourself. If you are thinking of replacing your old cycle with a new one, you can get one with built-in sensors that can track your speed, resistance, inclination etc. Or, if you want to continue with your old bike, sure, go ahead.

Either way, the Vingo app works just fine. The app uses all the above measurements and projects your own little virtual world before you. Your movements on the bike are mimicked on the screen and you will get the feeling of working out in the virtual space.

Get an App to Make Cycling Experience Better
You can use any app to get this virtual experience too. The apps are all designed to provide you a mental get-away from your regular routine. But, among all the apps available, we would say the Vingo app is by far the cheapest and the most sophisticated one yet.

It has a lot of cool features like avatars, voice chat, and realistic sceneries & maps. You can access all of them all the while you’re cycling in the Indoor cycling app.

Share Your Achievements inside the App on Social Media
Another cool feature of the bike training app is its social media connectivity. You can link all your social media accounts, from twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc to it and post your progress in your accounts. This way you can also inspire your friends to get fit. Best of all, you have a lot of fun exploring the virtual world with the app.
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