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3 Reasons Hospitals Can Benefit From Reducing Personnel in the Operating Room

submitted on 10 November 2022
One would naturally presume that the more personnel in an operating room, the better, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While there certainly should not be a lack of operating room staff during surgeries, overcrowding ORs (operating rooms) has some very negative effects like higher costs, decreased efficiency and contamination risks.

Besides the negative effects of hospitals overstaffing operating rooms, the development of technology has made some positions redundant, and those staff members could be better used elsewhere. Below are three main ways hospitals can benefit from reducing the number of staff members they have in their operating rooms.

Operating rooms must be completely sterile and aseptic environments. The more people that enter it, the more risks there are of them bringing in germs and increasing contamination. Having fewer people in an OR prevents unnecessary contamination.

The less traffic there is going in and out of an operating room, the more hygienic the environment will be. Often, newer surgical tool developments can be used in place of a staff member and are also designed to be more hygienic than conventional methods. Click here to find out more about these revolutionary surgical tools.

Surgical operations make up a large portion of hospital income, making them a necessary component of any healthcare system. Inefficiencies in the OR cause a delay in patient treatment, may impact patient outcomes, and place a significant financial burden on the healthcare system because a decrease in efficiency ultimately means a decrease in financial turnover.

Another way that decreasing personnel in ORs can financially benefit hospitals is the decrease in salaries, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and consumables. If the staff are not needed in the OR, they are being paid for hours that could be better used elsewhere. They also cause an increase in expenses on disposable PPE and consumables such as gloves, disinfectant wash and surgical clothing.

By reducing the number of staff members in operating rooms, they are freed up to work in other positions that might increase the efficiency of the operating room in situations where those staff members could be better used in other operating rooms or by performing other duties that would otherwise have to wait for them to be available after surgery.

Having less staff in an OR would also decrease the amount of unnecessary and distracting conversations during procedures, thus increasing efficiency in the amount of time that the procedures take to complete. This then causes a ripple effect in the sense that it frees up the operating staff and the OR sooner to be prepped for the next surgery.

Concluding Words
Hygiene, costs and efficiency are three of the most important factors to consider when it comes to ORs. Some of a hospital's most vital spaces are its operating rooms. Many operations are performed there, generating enormous cash for the hospital.

They may, however, also be an expensive division. An ineffective OR can seriously harm a hospital due to the long hours put in by staff members and the high expenditures on salaries, supplies, procedures, and care.

Even while being on time is one of the easiest methods to increase operating room efficiency, it may still be difficult with so many individuals participating in a single treatment. You can reduce the delays and difficulties that equipment and overstaffing can bring about for your OR by keeping track of what works and what doesn't.
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