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Moringa: the Ancient Leaf that Can Treat Many Conditions

Hot Tub History: How Have They Changed Throughout the Years?

Everything you wanted to know about preparing for your Sugaring Hair Removal Session

Sure-fire Methods for Cancer Prevention

Is Online Medical Information Safe and Valid?

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4 Ways a Personal Trainer Will Change Your Life - 4 February 2020

Do you want to make a change? Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your life in a positive way? There are numerous reasons why a personal trainer is the answer. Whether you want to feel m...more info>>>

All Natural Products That Work For Acne - 27 January 2020

Moringa is a sacred plant used for a number of various medicinal purposes throughout South Asia, in particular India. Many people have been able to report positive results with this natural remedy for...more info>>>

Instead of Browsing Your Phone Before Bedtime, Here are Better Things to Do - 10 January 2020

It’s not a good thing to browse your phone close to bedtime. The light produced by the phone sends a signal to your brain that it’s still early. You shouldn’t sleep yet. It messes up your mind and mak...more info>>>

Fungal Infection: What to Do When You Have Nail Fungus - 9 January 2020

Suffering from any kind of infection can be frustrating. However, there is just something strange about suffering from a nail fungus. Compared to other types of infections, the fungal infection is oft...more info>>>

Scientists Weigh In - Secondhand Vapor is Not Harmful - 12 September 2019

Vaping did not really hit its optimum when it came around in 2004. The game changed a few years ago with the introduction of user-friendly devices introduced by the industry. However, people who have ...more info>>>

The Benefits of Genetic Testing for Parents - 8 September 2019

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times for you or your partner. The anticipation of having a child, and the changes one can bring may fill you with strong, positive feelings. However, you may als...more info>>>

Meal Delivery Services That Make Healthy Eating Easy - 8 July 2019

You know what’s the most important thing when it comes to taking care of your health and doing exercise? Yes, it’s the intake of the food. While exercise is equally as important as drinking water, it’...more info>>>

Comorbidity or Causation Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse? - 25 March 2019

It is no secret that many who develop substance abuse disorders are often also diagnosed with a mental health issue and vice versa—those who are diagnosed with a mental health issue often develop a dr...more info>>>

How To Help a Loved One Struggling With Opioid Addiction - 28 February 2019

You’ve likely heard about the opioid crisis in the news. There’s even a chance you know someone who’s become unintentionally dependent on opioids. What’s so dangerous about this particular drug is the...more info>>>

Preparing for an Appointment at a Beauty Clinic - 13 November 2018

You might feel excited heading to a beauty clinic for a procedure. At the same time, you might feel worried that you won’t see the best results, or things could go wrong. If you have decided to contin...more info>>>

Top Skincare Products Every 40-Something Women Should Invest In - 4 November 2018

Aging is an inevitable and irreversible process. It all starts from the moment you’re born. During the early years of life, you can barely see signs of aging because the cellular regeneration rate of ...more info>>>

Common Mistakes Hairdressers Make Leading to Hair Damage - 15 September 2018

You enter a salon expecting hairdressers to do a great job. You trust them with your hair because you knew that they have been in the industry for a long time. Unfortunately, accidents can still happe...more info>>>

Designer body Via Online Personal Training? Absolutely Not! - 30 April 2018

So called "personalised" exercise programming sent to you on your computer by someone very often hundreds or possibly even thousands of miles away, is something very commonly available these days, but...more info>>>

Three Ways to Update Your Look for Spring 2018 - 9 April 2018

The start of spring always signals the start of warmer weather, trees, and flowers blooming, and just that fresh feeling in the air. Along with that is the start of the spring and summer fashion seaso...more info>>>

The Top Reasons Live in Care is Best for Your Loved One - 28 October 2017

If you have an elderly loved one who needs assistance, be it physical assistance, medical assistance, assistance with household chores, or a combination of all of these, then you may be wondering whet...more info>>>

Treatments and Possible Solutions for Spinal Cord Injuries - 17 October 2017

The majority of treatments dealing with spinal cord injuries aims to prevent further injury and empower patients to return to a productive, active life. Unfortunately, there is still no way to complet...more info>>>

The Health Effects of a Car Accident Injury - 14 October 2017

We all know that car accidents can cause all kinds of different problems for you. You’ll have to sort out the property damage you’ve sustained, contend with insurance companies, possibly miss out on w...more info>>>

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss in Women - 28 August 2017

Thick, shiny, and lustrous hair is what all women strive for. As women, we often associate a thick head of healthy locks with attractiveness, femininity, and even a sense of style. But recent studies ...more info>>>

Top 5 Most Popular Spa Treatments - 24 May 2017

Spending time in a spa is a luxury we can’t always afford, but if you want to relax, lose weight, detox, or even enjoy a bit of bonding with your best friends or partner, nothing beats a trip to a lux...more info>>>

Where Should You Get Your Facial Treatment Done? - 7 February 2017

When it comes to facial treatment the truth is there are hundreds of articles written online. Knowing what you should trust and what should not be trusted is something that can become complicated. It ...more info>>>

Natural Skin Fillers You May Want To Consider - 7 February 2017

At the moment we simply cannot deny the huge popularity that dermal fillers and skin fillers have. They are aware for all that are interested in clinics and the safety offered is quite high However, t...more info>>>

How to Make Your Skin Feel Fresh and Clean - 30 November 2016

Parenting can take over your life sometimes and it can feel like you’re helpless to stop your body from ageing. Our skin, especially, can get out of control without anyone noticing. Suddenly we’re not...more info>>>

Nowadays There Is Hope for People Suffering from Hair Loss - 21 November 2016

For decades, men and women suffering from hair loss have had to learn to deal with their condition but nowadays that is no longer the case. Thanks to technological advances, today’s hair replacement t...more info>>>

Find Full Time Nannies Online Anywhere in Canada - 2 November 2016

Today it is not unusual for both parents to work full time after taking maternity and paternity leave, at which point they rely on a variety of childcare providers including babysitters, daycare centr...more info>>>

Bodybuilding supplements linked to Death of Navy Sailor in the Middle East - 27 October 2016

The unfortunate death of a Navy sailor provides support to the debate regarding bodybuilding supplements being harmful for human beings. Australian Defence Force Orders Toxicology Report Followin...more info>>>

New York is a Top Senior Destination - 13 October 2016

When you think of places to retire, New York City is usually not on the top of the list, and while some sun-seeking seniors head south when they hit retirement age, others are keen to stay right where...more info>>>

FDA Mandates Essure Black Box Warning, More Safety Studies - 31 July 2016

After deliberating for months, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that stronger warnings should be given with Bayer’s birth control device ‘Essure’, along with focus on further studi...more info>>>

What you can do to help veterans - 3 June 2016

War is never an easy subject to talk about. At least, it seems hard for us, despite being so far away from the turmoil and bloodshed that is often on the other side of the world. For us, it can just b...more info>>>

Why Dental Practices Should Diversify The Treatments They Offer - 23 May 2016

When you run a dental practice, you want to offer the best possible range of treatments for patients, and ideally you'd like as many people as possible coming through your door. While you may be worki...more info>>>

Are Used Endoscopes Equally Good Compared to Brand New Endoscopes? - 13 May 2016

If you work with endoscopes in any variety, you already understand how important quality is to the integrity of your practice. Whether for diagnosis or treatment, these precision instruments require p...more info>>>

A range of quality nail salons to choose from - 5 April 2016

If you are living in London and nail treatment is a high priority, the choices are varied. Some are more popular than others, and while location is important, there will undoubtedly be a few establish...more info>>>

Hair salons: A Booming Business - 21 March 2016

According to the latest statistics, the hair salon industry is positively blooming. With western people becoming more fashion conscious, the sharp rise in hair salons and beauty therapists is a direct...more info>>>

Easy Ways to Find Professional Beauty Salons - 16 March 2016

Thanks to the internet, there are now very easy ways to find professional beauty salons near you. All you have to do is enter your postcode in the box provided, state the service you want and press “g...more info>>>

6 Health Benefits of Moringa Powder Capsules - 11 March 2016

A healthy, balanced diet and regular activity are necessary for a healthy body, but it’s not always possible to get the well-rounded nutrition you need to get through the day. Taking plant-derived sup...more info>>>

Recommended Lawyers for Road Traffic Accidents - 9 March 2016

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Whatever type of car crash or accident on the road, if you have been injure...more info>>>

How to Maintain a Great Beard - 15 December 2015

Long gone are the days that having a beard means you have an excuse to be lazy with your grooming habits. In fact, many men who choose to rock the bearded look now take better care of the hair on thei...more info>>>

Mole Removal Surgery Advantages - 25 May 2015

Medically speaking, moles are pigmented cells clusters. They can appear on any part of the human body. In most situations they are harmless, even if there are cases in which an adult woman can have ar...more info>>>

Facts Of Interest About Sperm Freezing And Storage - 25 May 2015

Sperm storage and freezing is basically a procedure that freezes sperm cells so that they can be preserved and then used at a later point in time. This is a procedure that has been conducted successfu...more info>>>

Nutrition Lies You Should Never Believe - 8 April 2015

So much misinformation exists when referring to nutrition. This is especially the case with the internet since practically any person, without any knowledge, can write what he/she thinks is true. It i...more info>>>

Hold Back the Years: Try These Beauty Tips - 11 March 2015

The road to beauty is one of diminishing returns. You can slap on creams, head off on your morning jogs and wear more makeup than a Moulin Rouge dancer. But when the icy figure of age grabs you by the...more info>>>

Get Your Health and Beauty on Track With These Tips - 3 March 2015

You’ve purchased the creams, downsized your diet and spent more time looking in the mirror than you have sleeping. So much effort – and you still don’t have the body of your dreams. You still feel age...more info>>>

An Introduction to Intermittent Fasting - 26 February 2015

The following article was kindly contributed to us by Katherine Swift of NatuRem Ltd Intermittent fasting has now been proven time and time again not only to work to help you lose weight but also f...more info>>>

On the Health Benefits of Coffee and Tea - 25 February 2015

We're happy to share with you a very insightful infographic on the health benefits of coffee and tea (via ...more info>>>

Edward Thompson’s Stuttering Treatment Method - 24 February 2015

Stuttering doctor is created to provide a stable treatment method made through the many years of experience and expertise of Edward Thompson who himself admits to having suffered from stuttering most ...more info>>>

You've Having a (Healthy) Laugh - 24 February 2015

The simple act of laughing is a real tonic for your mind and body. The below infographic (via explains exactly how laughter helps give you a health boost. ...more info>>>

How To Perfectly Apply Lipstick - 20 February 2015

You are most likely already aware of the fact that you can fix your lip problems with the use of lipstick but do you know how to properly apply lipstick? Consider the following as you may learn some t...more info>>>

Remember This When You Want To Work Out At Home! - 14 February 2015

Home workouts are great. They keep you in a setting that you are comfortable with and you do not have to worry about others looking at you with weird eyes because of the fact that you are not as fit a...more info>>>

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Recipes - 12 February 2015

Following on from our previous article, it occurred to me that some people may not quite fall in love with the taste of Matcha, despite its incredible health benefits. But, not to worry if that's the...more info>>>

Introducing You to the Paleo Diet - 11 February 2015

The Paleo Diet, or sometimes known as the Caveman Diet - has been very popular over the last 5 years or so. The below infographic gives you an illustrative insight into what the diet consists of (via...more info>>>

All You Need to Know About Matcha Green Tea - 5 February 2015

So what is Matcha Green Tea? You might be wondering what it is that makes Matcha so special, isn’t it just another type of green tea? Well it all comes down to how it’s grown and processed and also ...more info>>>

How to Get in the Habit of Good Posture - 4 February 2015

Posture is often something we don't pay any attention to. Yet posture is a hugely influential factor in your overall health. The following infographic by shows you how to get in...more info>>>

Keep Moving for a Healthier Life - 4 February 2015

Sitting and generally leading a sedentary life has thankfully (and finally) becoming a focus in health discussion these days. We are becoming more and more sedentary as our working lives become more ...more info>>>

All You Need to Know About Vitamin D - 2 February 2015

Vitamin D helps us in so many ways, so at this time of year (in the northern Hemisphere), it's vital we know where to find sources of Vitamin D other than the sun (that yellow circle somewhere above t...more info>>>

My Observations on Cycling Reasonably Long Distances - 22 January 2015

So I've bought a hybrid bike to get fit and also challenge myself to complete longer and longer distances. The challenge of completing long (for me) distances excited/excites me more than simply pedd...more info>>>

A Look at Various Fruits and Their Health Benefits - 21 January 2015

This excellent infographic from highlights a number of fruits and their respective health benefits. Personally, I like to eat fruit in the mornings, with a nice cup of tea...more info>>>

Have You Tried Juicing? - 20 January 2015

The phrase "will it blend?" has become synonymous with viral marketing on the internet, but in health circles, it's more a case of "will it juice?" - all kinds of vegetables and fruits have succumbed ...more info>>>

How to Perform Yoga Anywhere - 18 January 2015

The beauty of yoga is that you can perform it almost anywhere. Don't believe me? Look at the infographic below to see just how easy it is to do yoga in the most unusual of places (via http://greatist....more info>>>

A Look at Life Expectancy and Longevity - 17 January 2015

While living forever might seem a tad optimistic, a healthy, long life is a distinct possibility. The inforgraphic below shows how you can put the odds in your favour to help achieve such a goal (vi...more info>>>

Resveratrol: the Health Benefit Behind Red Wine - 23 December 2014

Resveratrol is a compound produced by certain plants in response to stress, injury, or fungal infection, and is found in red wine - as well as eucalyptus, lily, peanuts, mulberries and (naturally) gra...more info>>>

20 Interesting Facts About Your Heart - 21 December 2014

(via ...more info>>>

A Superquick Guide to Superfoods - 18 December 2014

Yes, this really is a superquick guide - after all, eating healthy shouldn't (and isn't) complicated, as the infographic below (via illustrates. ...more info>>>

So You Want to Try a Vegan Diet... - 17 December 2014

Well, before you do - have a look at the infographic below which helps you source vegan foods rich in protein, calcium, iron and other micronutrients (via ...more info>>>

A Holistic Look at What Constitutes a Healthy Person - 16 December 2014

Being healthy is a holistic thing - it's balancing all areas of your life to increase your mental and physical well-being. But just what makes a person healthy? The infographic below (via info>>>

A Collection of Odd Facts About the Human Body - 15 December 2014

The human body is a wonderful and...odd thing. This intriguing infographic by thehealthcaremarketer.wordpress.comshows just how odd it really is. ...more info>>>

The Top 10 Benefits of Running - 14 December 2014

Running regularly has a number of health benefits - but what exactly are they? This excellent infographic below (via ) explains all. ...more info>>>

A Primer on Protein Powder and Its Side Effects - 4 December 2014

Protein powder is popular amongst body builders / lifters, but there can be side effects if you take it regularly. Here is an infographic provided by that explains what side effects can...more info>>>

What Is Moringa And How Can My Health Benefit From It? - 4 December 2014

I fully admit I hadn't heard of moringa until recently. Now that I have, I wonder how on earth I hadn't heard of it before. It does have some incredible nutritional properties to it, as the below in...more info>>>

What Is Naturopathy? - 4 December 2014

(via ...more info>>>

A Look at ADHD in America's Children - 3 December 2014

(via ...more info>>>

Moving Beyond the Label of Substance use - 2 December 2014

Bio: The following is a guest post by Saint Jude Retreats, an alternative to traditional substance use treatment. Saint Jude Retreats provides a program for people with substance use problems that con...more info>>>

So What are the Best Juice Diets? - 1 December 2014

(via ...more info>>>

Optimum Workout: Is More Better? - 30 November 2014

...more info>>>

A Visual Guide on How to Perform CPR - 28 November 2014

An infographic by ...more info>>>

What are the Most Rewarding Health Jobs? - 28 November 2014

via ...more info>>>

Natural Ways to Beat Constipation During Pregnancy - 28 November 2014

via ...more info>>>

Simple ways to reduce pain - 12 November 2014

Pain is a constant in the life of many people today, as it always has been. This has a lot to do with our lifestyles, but also the simple truth is that we are living longer, and through human history ...more info>>>

Training for a half marathon - 12 October 2014

Are you getting ready for a half-marathon? You need to plan strategically, train hard and cover all the bases if you want to get past the line before the clock ticks past your target time. Below are s...more info>>>

Better Than Roses on Valentine’s Day, Life is the Greatest Gift - 30 September 2014

What is the greatest gift? I dare say we all have our own opinions about this, but if there was a top 10, surely the gift of life would be high in the chart. But how can we actually give life? I suppo...more info>>>

Back From the Brink - When Precription Drugs Are Not Helping Our Health - 25 September 2014

Prescription drugs help millions of people fight disease and to improve their health, but the abuse and addiction to some of these drugs is now a major concern. According to the Center for Disease Con...more info>>>

10 Makeover Ideas to Brighten Up Your Bathroom - 18 September 2014

It's great to freshen things up from time to time, and a home makeover can transform the way you feel about the house you live in. You'll wake up with a smile on your face again. Where should your mak...more info>>>

Baby Versus Career Infographic - 11 September 2014

So you want to be a working mum who has the best of both worlds when it comes to raising a beautiful family and having a lucrative and successful career. Well, these days, it's possible to have that b...more info>>>

3 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Lifestyle! - 8 September 2014

There are many different reasons why changing your lifestyle might be the best thing you have ever done. We live in a world where we get caught up in the small details, in the small problems and we fo...more info>>>

Why Should You Join A Group Exercise Class? - 8 September 2014

More and more people are constantly driven by the idea of making a change in their lifestyle due to the fact that they feel the need to improve the quality of their lives. The life at the office, the ...more info>>>

Why Should You Trust A Massage Therapist With Your Body? - 7 September 2014

There is the common belief that massage is just a simple process that involves the hands of an expert, some smelling candles and ambient music on the background. Real massage therapists talk about the...more info>>>

Substance Abuse Rehab: Why a Personalized Program Makes a Difference - 20 May 2014

While substance abuse is an issue that affects millions of Americans and is hardly a new problem, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to it. Substance addiction is a very dangerous situation and it...more info>>>

An introduction to care homes – what you need to know - 27 August 2013

Deciding that your loved one needs to move into a care home can be one of the biggest decisions you will make, so it pays to do your research first. Care homes are staffed 24 hours a day, so if your...more info>>>
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