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Here at DHI Manchester, we offer a range of male and female hair loss treatments to suit you. Visit our website and book a free consultation today!

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1. What is SENECA's approach to hair restoration?

SENECA specializes in providing innovative hair restoration treatments performed by medical specialists under strict protocols. Their aim is to offer a final solution to hair loss problems. They prioritize personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs, ensuring the best possible results. SENECA's approach combines years of experience with the latest advancements in the field to provide effective and long-lasting solutions for hair restoration.

2. What is the Direct FUE technique for hair transplant?

The Direct FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is an advanced medical procedure offered by SENECA for addressing hair loss. It involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area. This technique ensures minimal scarring, faster recovery, and natural-looking results. SENECA's medical specialists are trained in performing the Direct FUE technique with precision and expertise, providing patients with a safe and effective hair transplant solution.

3. How does hair loss impact self-confidence?

Hair loss can significantly impact an individual's self-confidence. It can lead to heightened stress and anxiety, exacerbating the issue. SENECA understands the distressing experience of hair loss and aims to provide effective solutions to restore self-confidence. By offering personalized hair restoration treatments, SENECA helps individuals regain a sense of control over their appearance and improve their overall well-being.

4. Are SENECA's treatments performed only by doctors?

Yes, all treatments at SENECA are performed exclusively by doctors. SENECA prioritizes the expertise and qualifications of their medical specialists to ensure the highest standard of care for their patients. By having doctors perform the treatments, SENECA guarantees a safe and professional environment, providing patients with peace of mind and optimal results.

5. Does SENECA provide aftercare treatment?

Yes, SENECA offers aftercare treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients. Aftercare treatment is an essential part of the hair restoration process, as it helps in the healing and recovery phase. SENECA's medical specialists provide guidance, support, and follow-up care to monitor the progress and address any concerns that may arise post-treatment. This comprehensive aftercare approach ensures that patients receive ongoing support and achieve long-term success with their hair restoration journey.
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