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Hope Recovery Resources provides supportive, sober living communities and recovery support services to men and women recovering from alcoholism, substance abuse, and emotional and/or eating disorders.

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1. What types of residential services does Hope Recovery Resources offer?

Hope Recovery Resources offers a range of residential services, including recovery residence services and in-house living. These services provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals seeking recovery from addiction. The recovery residence services offer a safe and sober living environment, while in-house living provides a more independent living arrangement with access to support and resources.

2. How does Hope Recovery Resources collaborate with treatment/therapy providers?

Hope Recovery Resources believes in a collaborative approach to recovery. They work closely with treatment and therapy providers to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to care. This collaboration may involve sharing information, coordinating treatment plans, and providing ongoing support to individuals in recovery.

3. Does Hope Recovery Resources offer family support services?

Yes, Hope Recovery Resources recognizes the importance of family support in the recovery process. They offer family support services to help families understand addiction, develop healthy coping strategies, and rebuild relationships. These services may include support groups, monthly family support groups, and helpful resources for families.

4. What is the admission criteria for Hope Recovery Resources?

Hope Recovery Resources has specific admission criteria to ensure that individuals who can benefit from their services are admitted. The criteria may include factors such as a willingness to participate in the recovery process, a commitment to sobriety, and a desire for personal growth. Each candidate is evaluated on an individual basis to determine their suitability for the program.

5. What fees are associated with the services provided by Hope Recovery Resources?

The fees for the services provided by Hope Recovery Resources may vary depending on the specific program and level of care. It is recommended to contact them directly to inquire about the fees associated with the desired services. They may also provide information on insurance coverage and payment options to help individuals and families navigate the financial aspect of recovery.

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Collaboration with Treatment/Therapy Providers

The company offers collaboration with treatment and therapy providers, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and integrated care. This collaboration allows for a more holistic approach to recovery and increases the chances of successful outcomes.

Drug Screening

The company provides drug screening services, which help to ensure a safe and drug-free environment for clients. Regular drug screening can help to identify any potential relapses or issues that may arise during the recovery process.

Family Support

The company offers extensive family support services, recognizing the importance of involving and supporting the family unit in the recovery journey. This support can help to strengthen relationships, rebuild trust, and provide a strong support system for the client.

Recovery Coaching - Home Visits

The company offers recovery coaching services, including home visits, to provide personalized support and guidance to clients. This individualized approach helps clients navigate the challenges of recovery and develop the necessary skills for long-term sobriety.

Supported (Sober) Transport

The company provides supported transport services, ensuring safe and sober transportation for clients. This service can be particularly beneficial for individuals who may need assistance or supervision during transportation to treatment or therapy appointments.
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