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We provide massage, facial treatments tailored to your location

Beauty Build Up Mobile (

We provide a mobile service & treatment can be tailored for your convenience at home or work.

Tailor made facial treatment

Facial treatment focusing on your skin's needs.

Our experts will recommend the treatment that achievesthe best results for your skin.

Treatmentincludes purification, detoxification, peeling & deep hydration.

Tissuemassage from shoulder to head finishing with deep moisturising care.

Body massage - Both relaxing& improves the body's circulation.

Special Treatment:

Skin renewal - Safe and effective skin cell replacement,using quality brand products with aftercare instructions.

Skin Peel rejuvenate treatment - Skin peel treatment rejuvenates your skin giving immediate results. This treatment offers a visible transformation & shouldn't be compared with 'superficial exfoliating treatments'. It removes dead skin and reduces wrinkle depth and scarring. Your skin will be smooth, soft, radiant& it's youthfulness will be reignited with a new skin look.

After just one treatment clients notice a 'new skin' effect, the result is a smooth, refined texture & your skin feels plumper. We finish the treatment with a hydrating mask that immediately provides your skin with the nutrients it requires.

Skin consultations:

- Consulting for differentkinds of skin issues & providing training.
- How to resolve skin problems using suitablemethods for the long term.
- How to help slow down the ageing process.
- How to maintain healthy skin and upkeep oftreatment.
- Use of suitable products customised for you.

We only supply high quality of organic skincare products. We specialise in anaesthetic, clinical brand skin & hair home care products.

Other services:

Make up

Personal stylish make up forday & night.
Wedding & special event make up
Make up technique & build up your confidence

Body waxing, eyebrow & eyelash tint, eyelash extensions

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What services does Beauty Buildup Mobile offer?

Answer: Beauty Buildup Mobile offers a range of beauty services including facial treatments, body massages, wedding and event makeup, body waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions, skin care consultations, and facial electrical treatments. These services can be tailored to your convenience and can be provided at your home or workplace.

2. What is included in the Aroma Facial Treatment & Massage?

Answer: The Aroma Facial Treatment & Massage is a tailor-made treatment that focuses on your skin's needs. It includes purification, detoxification, peeling, and deep hydration. The treatment also includes a tissue massage from shoulder to head, finishing with deep moisturizing care. Our experts will recommend the best treatment for your skin to achieve the desired results.

3. What is the Special Treatment offered by Beauty Buildup Mobile?

Answer: The Special Treatment offered by Beauty Buildup Mobile includes skin renewal, skin peel rejuvenation, and monotherapy treatment. Skin renewal involves safe and effective skin cell replacement using quality brand products and aftercare instructions. Skin peel rejuvenation provides immediate results for skin rejuvenation. Monotherapy treatment involves delivering multiple tiny injections of pharmaceuticals and vitamins into the mesodermal layer of tissue under the skin.

4. Does Beauty Buildup Mobile provide skin consultations?

Answer: Yes, Beauty Buildup Mobile provides skin consultations with a qualified beauty therapist and facial electrical treatment specialist. These consultations aim to address different skin issues and provide long-term solutions. The consultations also cover topics such as slowing down the aging process, maintaining healthy skin, and the upkeep of treatments. Suitable products customized for your skin are also recommended during the consultations.

5. Can Beauty Buildup Mobile provide makeup services for weddings and events?

Answer: Yes, Beauty Buildup Mobile offers makeup services for weddings and events. Our team of experts can create the perfect look for your special day. Whether you prefer a natural or glamorous look, we can tailor the makeup to suit your preferences and enhance your features. We ensure that you look and feel your best for your wedding or event.

Some reasons to choose

Mobile Service

We provide a mobile service, allowing customers to receive beauty treatments in the comfort of their own home or workplace. This offers convenience and flexibility for busy individuals.

Aroma Facial Treatment & Massage

This tailor-made treatment focuses on the specific needs of the customer's skin. Our experts will recommend the most suitable treatment to achieve the best results. The treatment includes purification, detoxification, peeling, and deep hydration, providing a comprehensive skincare experience.

Body Massage

Our body massage service offers both relaxation and improved circulation. This helps to relieve stress and tension while promoting overall well-being.

Special Treatment

We offer various special treatments to address specific skin concerns. This includes skin renewal, which involves safe and effective skin cell replacement using quality brand products. Additionally, our skin peel rejuvenate treatment provides immediate results, and our monotherapy treatment delivers multiple tiny injections of pharmaceuticals and vitamins to the skin for targeted improvements.

Skin Consultations

Our qualified beauty therapists provide skin consultations to identify and resolve various skin issues. They offer training on suitable methods for long-term solutions, guidance on slowing down the aging process, and advice on maintaining healthy skin. Customized products are also recommended to meet individual needs.
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