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The Ketogenic Diet for Women



The keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet with a focus on wholefoods and holistic health. It's a diet I have been following for a while now. I've lost 30lbs and cured many things like acne, painful periods and mood swings. I also feel fantastic and full of energy!

In my blog I talk about my journey, including the downs as well as the ups. I offer advice for any women who are interested in regaining their health and well-being through a ketogenic lifestyle.

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Some women do fantastically well eating full keto, and others fare better when they use 'carb-ups' or cyclical ketogenic eating. This depends on how your metabolism and your hormone health is. Many women have adrenal issues, are not getting enough sleep and are too stressed. In these cases, utilising carbs every few days can help to heal these issues - once you are keto-adapted.

Healthy keto eatingThe ketogenic diet is a true journey of self discovery when it comes to your food, your body and how you think about food. I discovered so many things about myself as I healed.

My hope is that by documenting my journey on my blog I can help other women to do the same.

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