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The Beauty Tonic
Welcome to The Beauty Tonic.

Our website is dedicated to women's beauty, health and well-being. Here you will find easy DIY beauty recipes to try at your own home, skin care tips, presentations of the best beauty products in the market and categories dedicated to natural beauty products, essential oils and hair care.

Our writers, Estelle and Nicole, are both industry professionals with a vast experience on the fields of beauty and makeup.
  • Nicole is a special effect makeup artist, currently working on theatrical makeup and conematography.
  • Estelle is a cosmetology graduate working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some of our most popular topics in our website are the analytical reviews about beauty devices like microcurrent machines, epilators and derma rollers. We are trying to objectively review only the top devices in this field and the beauty community seems to enjoy our reviews.

Also, DIY beauty recipes are quite popular, but the truth is that the internet nowadays is full of them. This is why we are trying to present some more traditional recipes that is hard to be found online, like the exotic face rejuvenation mask from Tahiti. Also there are a lot of traditional recipes from places around the world. This is a field that takes a lot of time for investigation, but we are trying to grow it more and have a full library of DIY recipes from all around the world.

Website Categories:

  • Beauty Recipes - A category dedicated to DIY beauty recipes. Learn how to do your own homemade beauty products with materials you can find in your own kitchen
  • Beauty tips - Beauty tips and tricks. Litttle things you can do to improve your beauty routine and maintain a healthy skin.
  • Makeup - Makeup secrets: How to apply mascara properly? How to create that perfect cat-eye look? What are the best drugstore blushes available? Find the answers to these questions and many many other.
  • Product Reviews: Reviews of the latest products in the field of beauty. Find the beauty gadgets that will work wonders for your beauty. Find the creams that will make your skin perfect.
  • Natural Beauty Products: Creams and products purely made from organic materials. Nature can trully give us all we need as human beings.
  • Skin Care: Old and new skincare products. Which one should you use for each situation? Find the answers in this category.
  • Hair Care: Hair...something so important for our appearance, that can completely change it. Find how to take proper care for your hair in this category.
  • Hair Removal: Women like hair on our scalp, and nowhere else! Here you can find presentations of the best methods for hair removal.
  • Essential Oils: Essential oils are another gift of nature. Here you will find their properties and uses.

Visit our website and browse freely through our 300+ different posts. Some of our most popular posts are the following: .

Best Derma Roller Reviews-The ultimate Microneedling guide

This is our most popular post. Derma rolling, or microneedling is a skin treatment method that helps the beauty products penetrate easier in the skin improving their efficiency. Also, helps in treating skin conditions like fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, dark spots etc.

Best Epilator Reviews :

Our reviews of the best epilator devices in the market. Read about the top models and their features and browse through our comparison chart. Epilators are devices that offer a comfortable hair removal experience in your home. They are considered to be the most effective non-invasive hair removal method.

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