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Our clinicians have over thirty years experience in succesfully treating children with all levels of paediatric musculo-skeletal problems of growth to high level disability. We have also been treating children with Plagiocephaly since 2003 and have an enviable record of excellence which we strive to maintain at all times. We take a holistic approach to the care that we offer and have a network of physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropracters and doctors who we refer to in order to enhance our treatments.

technologyinmotion.com FAQ

What does the word brachycephaly mean?

this is another medical term for a type of flat head syndrome. a ‘brachy’ baby has a wider than normal head with the flattening across the back of the skull. many babies will have a combination of both plagiocephaly and brachycephaly, with a wide head shape that is more flattened to one side. for more details on brachycephaly, please read our article, explaining in depth what brachycephaly is and how it can be treated.  

Are some babies more at risk than others?

research shows that head shape deformity is most common in babies who: • are born prematurely or are a twin or a triplet. • have had an assisted birth (forceps or ventouse). • have limited ability to turn their head due to a torticollis.  

What is timband treatment? is it safe?

yes. this treatment for plagiocephaly involves wearing a lightweight helmet that allows the head to grow back to a more normal shape. each timband is made especially for your baby using a photographic scan, which accurately takes all necessary information quickly and safely. as the head grows, the timband helmet gently allows the head to grow back into a normal shape, ensuring a safe, gentle and permanent correction.  

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