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Serenity Rehab Thailand Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Thailand

Affordable, high quality, international, inpatient residential drug addiction and alcohol addiction treatment rehab centre in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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1. What is the focus of Siam Rehab's addiction treatment program?

Siam Rehab's addiction treatment program is a non-12 step, fitness-focused program. The focus is on providing a unique recovery experience that combines effective addiction treatment with sports and fitness facilities. The program aims to heal both the body and the mind, offering an array of top-tier facilities such as Muay Thai boxing, swimming pool, basketball court, gym, and yoga classes. This holistic approach helps individuals overcome addiction while improving their physical and mental well-being.

2. How does Siam Rehab tailor treatment to individual needs?

Siam Rehab understands that every individual is unique and requires personalized treatment. They believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to addiction treatment. Therefore, they work collaboratively with each client to identify the best approach tailored to their specific needs. Siam Rehab offers diverse treatments and programs, including SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma, CBT, REBT, ACT, DBT, IV NAD+, and IV Vitamin Therapy. This personalized approach ensures that clients receive the most effective and suitable treatment for their recovery journey.

3. Does Siam Rehab offer mindfulness and relaxation practices?

Yes, Siam Rehab embraces an East meets West philosophy and offers mindfulness and relaxation practices. They have a dedicated meditation room equipped for mindfulness meditation training, allowing clients to cultivate inner peace and mental clarity. Additionally, clients can benefit from traditional Thai massage, which provides soothing and therapeutic effects. These practices complement the addiction treatment program, promoting overall well-being and helping individuals find balance and serenity in their recovery journey.

4. Is Siam Rehab a Canadian-owned and operated addiction rehab center?

Yes, Siam Rehab is a Canadian-owned and operated addiction rehab center located in Thailand. This ensures that clients receive high-quality care and services that meet international standards. The center is situated within 30 acres of meticulously manicured jungle gardens, providing a serene and inspiring environment for healing and recovery. Siam Rehab's ownership and operation by Canadians also offer a sense of familiarity and comfort for clients seeking addiction treatment abroad.

5. Are long-term addiction rehab programs available at Siam Rehab?

Yes, Siam Rehab offers long-term addiction rehab programs. They understand that addiction recovery is a journey that requires time and ongoing support. Their long-term programs provide clients with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a comprehensive and extended treatment experience. These programs allow individuals to address the underlying causes of addiction, develop coping skills, and establish a solid foundation for lasting recovery. Siam Rehab's long-term programs ensure that clients receive the necessary support and guidance throughout their recovery process.

Some reasons to choose

Grateful for the Care and Love

From the first moment I walked into Siam Rehab I was inundated with care and love from all the staff and fellow clients that paved the way for my personal recovery program. This program was very significant to my growth and recovery through a real caring is sharing approach, throughout which I truly felt in a safe and trusting space.

Diverse Program for Holistic Recovery

Through a diverse program ranging from one to one counselling, group work, meditation, and fitness sessions, I was able to return to my former mental, physical and spiritual self again.

Reflective Sunrise Walks

One of the highlights for me was the reflective sunrise walks each morning amongst the serene, picturesque countryside of Chang Rai.

Restored to Sanity

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the wonderful staff and fellow clients at Siam Rehab for bringing back my positive assets and eliminating my negative ones, those which have been causing so much pain and chaos in my life. Not only have you restored me to sanity, but equipped me with a range of tools to get my life manageable again, and I am grateful.

Breaking the Addiction Loop

For a long time I had been stuck in a deadly loop. I was in rehab, a private hospital in Perth, Western Australia, trying to beat my long addiction to methamphetamine. This was my second rehab in the last.
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Thailand (Chiang Rai) based business providing a range of addiction treatments. Website includes details of treatments provided, "meet the team" information, work examples (testimonials), FAQs, details of business premises, assoiattions, full contact details. reviewer
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