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Semi-Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Brows, Eyeliner, Lip Blush


I am a professional semi-permanent cosmetic consultant. I have hadextensive training and create a beautiful look to frame and enhance yourfeatures which is designed to suit the individual clients needs and style. src='' alt='Permanent Aesthetics Studio' style='max-width:90%;padding: 4px'>

Semi-permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most striking and important features ofthe face. It is a painless and simple procedure where thin natural pigment hairstrokes are added to the brows to make them appear fuller with a natural shapewhich can last up to 2 years. Whether you have no eyebrows, over plucked orthin eyebrows or you just want a fuller shape, semi-permanent eyebrows areperfect for everyone. Wake up every morning with perfect smudge free brows.

Semi-permanent Eyeliner is a beautiful treatment to enhance your eyes. Painless, defined and smudgefree eyeliner will frame and shape your eyes. It will make your eyes looklarger and eye lashes more enhanced with this simple procedure. Blacks ornatural brown pigments are used to create a sharp defined line to the upper andlower lash line which can last for up to 3 years. This can be thin and naturalto make your eyes pop, or heavier and darker for a more glamorous look.

Semi-Permanent Lip Blush

As we age our lips can thin and loose colour. There are two typesof lip enhancement, full gloss and go lips are a celebrity favourite, the lipsare lined and shaded with different pigments to give the image of a fuller lip,natural colours and more striking colours can be used to give the lips agorgeous permanent colour. Lip line enhancement is anotherpopular treatment to reshape your lips. A thin natural coloured line is appliedto the lip line to enhance the shape, to give you a rounder lip with a perfectshape all over.

A deeper dive into

Common questions asked about

1. What services does Victoria Benz Permanent Aesthetics Studio offer?

Victoria Benz Permanent Aesthetics Studio offers semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) services, including eyebrow, lip, and eyeliner treatments. These treatments provide the look of professionally applied makeup every day, enhancing natural features and correcting asymmetries. Additionally, the studio offers advanced aesthetics services such as anti-aging treatments with Botox and fillers.

2. How much do the SPMU treatments cost?

The prices for SPMU treatments at Victoria Benz Permanent Aesthetics Studio start from 190 for eyebrows, 150 for lips, and 220 for eyeliner. These prices may vary depending on the specific treatment and customization options chosen. It is recommended to book an appointment for a consultation to discuss individual needs and receive an accurate price quote.

3. What are the benefits of SPMU eyebrows?

SPMU eyebrows offer beautiful eyebrows every day, eliminating the need for daily makeup application. They can correct asymmetrical eyebrows, creating a more balanced and defined look. The treatment is popular among individuals who desire fuller, more symmetrical eyebrows. The results are long-lasting and can provide a natural or vibrant look, depending on personal preference.

4. What is the process for SPMU lip treatments?

SPMU lip treatments at Victoria Benz Permanent Aesthetics Studio can provide fuller lips with remarkable results. The procedure involves the application of pigments to enhance lip shape and color. The treatment offers an anti-aging effect, making the lips appear more youthful. Clients can choose between a natural or vibrant look, depending on their desired outcome.

5. Is SPMU eyeliner suitable for athletes?

Yes, SPMU eyeliner is suitable for athletes. The treatment provides a smudge-free look, ensuring that the eyeliner stays in place even during physical activities. The eyeliner is individualized and customized to suit each client's preferences, creating a bright and defined eye appearance. Whether participating in sports or leading an active lifestyle, SPMU eyeliner is a convenient and long-lasting solution.

Some reasons to choose

Highly Trained and Professional Staff

The company prides itself on having fully trained SPMU artists and advanced aesthetics practitioners. This ensures that clients receive top-quality service and treatments that meet the highest professional standards.

Regain Confidence and Self-Esteem

The company's main goal is to help people regain their confidence and self-esteem. By treating all clients like VIPs and providing personalized treatments, they aim to make each individual feel beautiful and confident.

Professionally Applied Makeup Everyday

The company offers semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) that gives clients the look of professionally applied makeup every day. This saves time and effort in the daily makeup routine, while still achieving a flawless and polished appearance.

Wide Range of SPMU Options

The company provides a wide range of SPMU options, including eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. Clients can choose from different styles and looks, such as natural or vibrant, to suit their preferences and enhance their features.

Perfect for Athletes

The SPMU eyeliner option offered by the company is perfect for athletes. It provides a smudge-free look and bright defined eyes, even during intense physical activities. This allows athletes to maintain their appearance and confidence throughout their training and competitions.
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