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Reece Mander Fitness | Personal Training Canary Wharf

Working professionals and busy entrepreneurs come to Reece Mander Fitness to solve their problems.

Problems We Solve

Reece and his team are renowned personal trainers in Canary Wharf for helping get big results for their clients. If youíre experiencing any of the following problems, and are willing to take action now to fix them, then maybe we can help.

✓ Iím frustrated with my slow or non existent weight loss.
✓ Iím struggling with low energy on a daily basis and want to feel better.
✓ I want to reduce body fat and increase my strength.
✓ I want to sleep better and feel better.
✓ I want to increase my flexibility and mobility.
✓ I need help with motivation by getting results.
✓ I need guidance on what to eat.
✓ Iím concerned about my health and I want to take action to fix it.
✓ Iím tired of following yo yo diets and want a sustainable long term plan to help me stay lean forever.
✓ Iíve tried working out in a gym but iím not convinced that I am doing the right thing.

What our clients expect from us:

World class personal training services

Personalised nutritional services, included in all our training packages.

Motivation and accountability.

Whoís not a good fit?

For the right people, Reece Mander Fitness has a strong track record of achieving extraordinary results. But, there are a few attributes that would indicate that we wonít be a good fit for certain people. We work hard to avoid those situations where we may not be able to deliver those results. Some attributes that might be a sign of a bad fit include:
People who are not willing to take action on the information we give them.
People who like the idea of training with a personalised plan, but are not willing to invest in themselves financially.
People who are not willing to do the hard work in the gym we ask of them.
People who are not committed to changing their lifestyle.

We encourage you to use our site to learn more about personal training by reading our blog, seeing how our clients overcame their problems or to learn a little more about us.

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