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Pure Deer Antler Velvet Supplement - Pure Velvet


Antler Velvet Supplements
Pure Velvet provides pure, top quality deer antler velvet. Acting as both an antler velvet retailer as well as a manufacturer, they have established themselves as the best deer antler velvet provider in the US market. Testimonials and deer antler velvet reviews form 3rd party sources have supported this brand as the best quality for unlocking deer antler velvet's nutritional benefits.

Primary Deer Antler Velvet benefits include:
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Youthful feel and anti-aging elements
  • Support of healthy joints
  • Increased ability to develop muscle mass
  • Assists healthier hair and skin

Pure Velvet's deer supplement comes in multiple different concentration levels:
  • Pure Velvet Classic (1,000mg)
  • Pure Velvet Premium (2,000mg)
  • Pure Velvet Elite (3,000mg) - this version also includes Tribulus FAQ

What are the health benefits of deer antler velvet extract?

antler velvet, when taken in liquid form from a trusted source, has many potential benefits. it is a supplement that can help support your immune system, boost energy, and support  growth hormones in the body which can lead to muscle growth.* read more about antler velvet's health benefits

What is igf-1?

igf-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor-1, which is a natural hormone that is created in the body and has strong interactions with human growth hormone (hgh). while it is naturally created in the body to regulate how our bodies grow, it can be increased through supplementation. it is occasionally used to supplement people who have reduced amounts of igf-1 in the body.

Does your body stop producing growth factor-1 when taking deer velvet supplements?

this is why it's very important that you purchase pure liquid deer velvet. taking synthetic deer velvet, which we do not sell, can result in the body not creating its own natural growth factors.

Is antler velvet an illegal, or banned substance?

no. deer antler velvet (or dav) is not illegal and is not banned in any sport. there have been many questions about dav's use because it can increase the levels of igf-1 in the body. so, while it can give you an edge in competition, it is completely legal and is not banned in any sport. it was very controversial when ray lewis used deer antler velvet to heal a torn tricep injury before the super bowl, but the supplement is not banned.

How and when should i take the dav supplement?

the pure velvet supplement should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. the liquid should be dispensed under the tongue and held in the mouth for 45 to 80 seconds.

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