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Physioteq Limited


Physioteq is a Cambridge based sports injury clinic and independent physiotherapy practice. The team work with clients of all ages, providing a range of specialist services including acupuncture, physiotherapy, help with recovery from sport injuries, general aches and pains, hypermobility, arthritis and post-operative care.

Physioteq offer physiotherapy in Cambridge. Whether you're suffering from aches and pains or suffering from a sports injury, Physioteq can help. Using the University of Cambridge's state-of-the-art fitness suite and strength and conditioning room, the team have the knowledge to get you back on track.

Starting with a 45-minute first appointment, the team will discuss any problems that you have, provide a full assessment and then formulate the best treatment plan for you. Visit the website today to book an appointment and for more information on prices.

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Common questions asked about

1. Can Physioteq help me?

Yes, Physioteq can help people from all walks of life. They offer personalized care at their Cambridge physiotherapy clinic. Whether you have a sports injury, post-operative recovery, or any other musculoskeletal issue, their expert physiotherapists can assist you in starting to move in the right direction.

2. Do they specialize in treating hypermobility?

Yes, Physioteq specializes in the assessment and management of hypermobility. While having a lot of joint movement can be beneficial in many cases, it can also cause problems. Their physiotherapists have expertise in dealing with hypermobility issues and can provide the necessary guidance and treatment to address any related problems.

3. Do they offer services for children and adolescents?

Yes, Physioteq understands that children and adolescents have unique musculoskeletal needs. They have one of the country's leading physiotherapists, Tom Quantrell, who specializes in child and adolescent musculoskeletal disorders. If your child is experiencing any issues related to growth or development, you can book an appointment with Tom to receive specialized care.

4. Do they provide metabolic performance testing?

Yes, Physioteq offers metabolic performance testing for individuals of all levels of sporting activity. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, metabolic performance testing can provide valuable insights into the physiological aspects of your performance. This testing can help you optimize your sports performance and reach your full potential.

5. What conditions do they treat?

Physioteq treats a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to sciatica, sports injuries, aches and pains, post-operative recovery, and performing arts-related issues. Their expert physiotherapists have the knowledge and experience to address various musculoskeletal problems and provide effective treatment options.

Some reasons to choose

Professional and In-Depth Medical Knowledge

The company's physiotherapist, Tom, has valuable and in-depth medical knowledge regarding various conditions and injuries. This allows him to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Clear and Courteous Explanations

Tom takes the time to explain everything very clearly and courteously to his patients. This helps them understand their condition and the recommended treatment, reducing any anxiety or confusion.

Fun and Friendly Attitude

Tom's fun and friendly attitude helps put patients at ease, especially children. This creates a comfortable and relaxed environment during sessions, making the experience stress-free for both the patients and their parents.

Supportive and Motivating Approach

Tom provides a supportive and motivating approach to his patients' recovery. He genuinely encourages and believes in their determination to get back to full fitness, which helps boost their motivation and commitment to the treatment plan.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Tom tailors the treatment plans to each patient's specific needs and goals. This ensures that the treatment is personalized and optimized for their recovery, leading to faster and more effective results.
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