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Contact MoneyBright for advice on road traffic accident claims, workplace compensation claims, industrial disease compensation, unfair dismissal claims, and PPI claims.

MoneyBright's team comprises solicitors with experience across these 5 main areas.

If you've been in a car accident that wasn't your fault, or you were hurt in an accident on public transport, MoneyBright's team of road accident claims specialists can help.

If you've been injured in an accident at work, speak to one of MoneyBright's workplace claims experts.

If you've been affected by an asbestos-related disease or any other industrial illness, MoneyBright can handle your industrial disease claim.

If you're in a dispute with your employer over an issue such as unfair dismissal, MoneyBright's employment law solicitors will provide the representation you need.

And if you've been mis-sold payment protection insurance, you can reclaim PPI with MoneyBright's help.

Get in touch today to get your claim off the ground.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does MoneyBright offer?

MoneyBright offers a range of services related to personal finance, lifestyle, saving, investing, and travel. They provide money management tips, money-saving advice, and information on how to invest wisely. Additionally, they offer guidance on various aspects of personal finance, such as mortgages and insurance.

2. How can MoneyBright help me save money?

MoneyBright provides valuable money-saving tips and UK deals directly to your inbox. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can stay updated on the latest offers and discounts available. They also offer advice on budgeting, reducing expenses, and making smart financial decisions to help you save money in various areas of your life.

3. What information does MoneyBright provide about mortgages?

MoneyBright offers information on what credit score is needed for a mortgage. They provide guidance on how to improve your credit score to increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage. They also offer tips on finding the right mortgage lender and understanding the mortgage application process.

4. What advice does MoneyBright offer for shopping for unoccupied house insurance?

MoneyBright provides guidance on what to look for when shopping for unoccupied house insurance. They offer tips on finding the right coverage for your specific needs and ensuring your property is protected while vacant. They also provide information on the importance of unoccupied house insurance and the potential risks involved.

5. How can MoneyBright help with personal finance management?

MoneyBright offers valuable advice and resources for managing personal finances. They provide tips on budgeting, saving, and investing to help individuals achieve their financial goals. They also offer guidance on debt management, retirement planning, and other aspects of personal finance to empower individuals to make informed financial decisions.

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Money Management Tips

MoneyBright provides valuable money management tips to help individuals effectively manage their finances. They offer advice on budgeting, saving, and investing, helping people make informed decisions about their money.

Personal Finance

MoneyBright covers various aspects of personal finance, providing informative articles and resources. They offer insights on topics such as financial planning, retirement savings, and debt management, helping individuals improve their financial well-being.


MoneyBright offers lifestyle tips and advice to enhance the overall quality of life. They provide insights on topics such as travel, home improvement, and leisure activities, helping individuals make the most of their resources and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Save & Invest

MoneyBright emphasizes the importance of saving and investing for long-term financial security. They provide guidance on different investment options, strategies for building wealth, and tips for maximizing savings, helping individuals achieve their financial goals.

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