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Integral Health Solutions


Working in partnership with you we Diagnose, we Design solutions, we Deliver the change and we Demonstrate that it works. Wecall it our Diamond Approach.

It means we will be with you from start to finish, embedding the behavioural and cultural change required to make the changes stick and leave a legacy of sustainable improvement. It informs allthat we do together.

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Common questions asked about

1. What services does Integral Health Solutions provide?

Integral Health Solutions offers a range of services including Continuing Healthcare, Integrated Care System Development, Clinical Utilisation Review, Care Decision Making, Health Economics Operational Research, Healthcare Business Planning, Sustainable Improvement, System Leadership, Portfolio and Programme Management, Behaviour & Culture Change, Quality Value, Support for Commissioning & Contracting, Quality Patient Safety and Productivity, and NHS Financial Planning and Re-design.

2. How does Integral Health Solutions help transform healthcare systems?

Integral Health Solutions understands the challenges facing health and social care, such as a growing older population, increased demands and expectations, the need for improvements in care quality and outcomes, and the necessity to increase productivity and value while ensuring patient safety. They provide a new approach to developing sustainable models of care that secure high quality, efficient, and effective care.

3. Can Integral Health Solutions assist with financial and service pressures?

Yes, Integral Health Solutions recognizes the climate of prolonged financial restraint and the resulting intense financial and service pressures. They offer services such as NHS Financial Planning and Re-design to help address these challenges and find solutions that ensure financial sustainability while maintaining quality care.

4. How does Integral Health Solutions support commissioning and contracting?

Integral Health Solutions provides support for commissioning and contracting, helping organizations navigate the complex process of procuring and managing healthcare services. They offer expertise in areas such as Quality Value, Behaviour & Culture Change, and Portfolio and Programme Management to ensure successful commissioning and contracting outcomes.

5. Can Integral Health Solutions help improve patient safety and productivity?

Yes, Integral Health Solutions offers services focused on improving patient safety and productivity. They provide support in areas such as Quality Patient Safety and Productivity, Clinical Utilisation Review, and Care Decision Making, helping organizations identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance patient safety and increase productivity.

Some reasons to choose

Integrated Care System Development

The company specializes in developing integrated care systems that bring together health and social care services to provide seamless and coordinated care for patients. This approach ensures that patients receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Clinical Utilisation Review

The company offers clinical utilisation review services, which help healthcare organizations optimize the use of resources and improve patient outcomes. By analyzing clinical data and processes, they identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Healthcare Business Planning

The company provides healthcare business planning services, assisting organizations in developing strategic plans and financial models to ensure long-term sustainability. They help healthcare providers navigate the complex financial landscape and make informed decisions to achieve their goals.

Quality Patient Safety and Productivity

The company focuses on improving quality, patient safety, and productivity within healthcare organizations. They work with healthcare professionals to implement evidence-based practices, streamline processes, and enhance patient outcomes while maximizing efficiency.

NHS Financial Planning and Re-design

The company offers expertise in NHS financial planning and redesign, helping healthcare organizations navigate financial challenges and develop sustainable financial strategies. They assist in identifying cost-saving opportunities, optimizing resource allocation, and improving financial performance.
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