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Mental Health

Helpline for Mental Health UK | SOS Silence of Suicide


SOS Silence of Suicide is a charitable organisation that offers a helpline and emotional support to people who are suffering from poor mental health and suicidal thoughts. SOS was founded in 2015 by Michael Mansfield and his wife Yvette in response to personal suicide losses. Its mission is to break the shame, stigma, and silence surrounding mental health and suicide by encouraging open conversations and providing compassionate support.

The charity runs a helpline for mental health in the UK at 0808 115 1505, which is open Monday through Friday from 8 p.m. to Midnight and Saturday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to Midnight. Outside of these hours, they advise individuals to dial 999 or 111 for assistance.

SOS Silence of Suicide provides a variety of services, such as in-person meetings at the SOS Hub, online chat services, and support groups. They also provide resources for common mental health conditions such as stress, GAD, PTSD, depression, and phobias.

Volunteering with SOS is a rewarding experience that helps to build a community that values understanding, tolerance, and kindness. The charity welcomes collaborations with other organisations to increase their impact and invites individuals and businesses to join or partner with them to support their cause.

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A deeper dive into

What is SOS Silence of Suicide and how can it help me?

SOS Silence of Suicide is a charity that provides a helpline, online resources, and in-person support for individuals dealing with emotional distress or suicidal thoughts. They offer a safe space to talk, listen, and support anyone feeling isolated or struggling with mental health issues.

How can I reach out to SOS for support?

You can call their helpline at 0808 115 1505 during their operating hours, or reach out via their online resources. For immediate support outside of these hours, you're advised to dial 999 or 111 for advice.

What kind of issues can SOS help me with?

SOS can support you with a range of issues including stress, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, phobias, feelings of isolation, bereavement, and suicidal thoughts.

Can I talk to someone in person through SOS?

Yes, SOS offers in-person support. They have a drop-in center called SOS Hub where you can talk to someone face-to-face.

Is there a way to volunteer or contribute to SOS?

Yes, SOS welcomes volunteers and offers various ways to contribute to their cause. You can become a volunteer, partner, or member organization to support their mission.

What should I do if I need help outside of SOS operating hours?

If you need immediate assistance outside of SOS's operating hours, you should dial 999 for emergency support or 111 for additional mental health advice.

Some reasons to choose

Comprehensive Emotional Support

The charity provides a compassionate helpline that offers emotional support to individuals facing mental health challenges. This service is a cornerstone of SOS, allowing for immediate and empathetic assistance to those in need of a listening ear and guidance.

Advocacy for Mental Health Awareness

SOS Silence of Suicide plays a pivotal role in advocating for mental health awareness. By actively engaging in conversations and breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, the charity fosters a more understanding and supportive community.

Personalized In-Person Assistance

Through their SOS Hub, the charity extends personalized in-person support, providing a safe and welcoming space for individuals to receive help and connect with others who understand their struggles.

Volunteering and Community Engagement

The organization offers ample opportunities for volunteers to get involved, learn new skills, and contribute to a vital cause. This engagement not only benefits the recipients but also enriches the lives of the volunteers by instilling a sense of purpose and community.

Partnership and Collaboration Opportunities

SOS Silence of Suicide is keen on building partnerships with other organizations, which amplifies their reach and effectiveness. These collaborations enable the charity to offer a broader spectrum of services and resources to those in need.
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SOS Silence of Suicide is a compassionate helpline for emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention. Founded in 2015 by Michael Mansfield and his wife Yvette after personal losses, SOS aims to break the silence and stigma around mental health and suicide. They offer a listening ear and support for those who feel isolated, bereaved, or struggling with mental health conditions like stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and phobias. Their services include a helpline, online resources, and in-person support, advocating for kindness and understanding in society. They also provide opportunities for volunteering and partnerships to bolster community support and awareness.
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