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Despite your best efforts do you find you just can't get in shape?

Do you sometimes feel that the fitness industry doesn't understand how far you've got to go and the challenges this creates?

You are not alone. The fitness industry is dominated by people who simply do not understand what it is like to truly be overweight. At we are just an ordinary bunch of people from a wide range of backgrounds, doing our best to make adjustments to our lifestyles to improve our health and happiness. has been set up as a resource for people just like you. We will give you a full and honest account of our journey as we aim to lose over 140lbs collectively. We will share our victory's and how we have achieved them, but we will also share with you the times when we miss our objectives. Then together we can finally achieve our goals and build lifelong healthy habits.

It should be noted we have no qualifications in the nutrition or fitness fields, we are just a normal couple with two small children trying to lose weight and find the right diet / exercise regime that works for us. That being said we can assure you that we will not write about anything without trying it first!

UK (Barking, London) based business providing information on nutrition and exercise. Website includes articles, privacy policy, full contact details. reviewer
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