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Pilates inspired chair exercises. Easy to follow DVD programs that offers a variety of safe, therapeutic, effective and fun workouts suitable for all abilities.
Trust me when I tell you that if you attend 'Let's Sit UP for a Fun Workout" with Kate Jakobsson you are no slouch!

I am a reasonable fit 50-something aged woman who first went along to Kate's Pilates inspired seated workout as a show of support for my 70-something aged mother and I soon found out why she was a committed regular at this jolly class.

The sessions I attended were made up of a loyal group of locals (mainly ladies) whose age group spanned 60-100 years, but whose energy levels and sense of fun were definitely 100%. They were a lively and welcoming group and it was obvious to me that the class was uplifting both physically and mentally.

The pace was surprisingly brisk and a certain amount of mental energy needed to be employed in order to follow the exercise patterns.

The instructions were however, given clearly, easy to follow and repeated with smiling encouragement.

Despite the physical challenge of a very thorough work-out (From eye and facial exercises to sitting, standing and pulling rubber-banding........) we could all work at our own pace and abilities.

Where the exercises involved dance-like moves, we sang along or worked with rhythm of an appropriate piece of music.

It was a most satisfying and inspirational experience and, for my part, kept me returning to attend the class whenever I could in my own right!

I would certainly recommend a "Dose of Kate" what ever your age or ability.



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