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Ekotex Yoga - Yoga Mats | Yoga Equipment | Yoga Props

Ekotex yoga is a family-run company based in Edinburgh,UK. We design and produce high quality, simple, eco-friendly yoga mats and equipment for customers worldwide. Within our first year we won a Product Award for the Bump Mat with the Mother & Baby Gold Award. The Bump yoga Mat is an extra thick, cushioned yoga mat and was voted the BEST maternity product in 2018.
Our best-selling product is our organic cotton buckwheat yoga bolster. Available in 9 colours, they mould perfectly to the body and are used for yin yoga, restorative yoga and meditation. We also supply these in bulk at a wholesale price to studios throughout Europe.

A selection of products by

Organic Cotton Yoga Rug
Organic Cotton Yoga Rug
Scottish Duo - Yoga Bolster & Meditation Cushion Set
Scottish Duo - Yoga Bolster & Meditation Cushion Set
Mini Bolster - Replacement Cover
Mini Bolster - Replacement Cover
Meditation Mat & Zafu Set
Meditation Mat & Zafu Set
Meditation Mat & Zafu Set
Meditation Mat & Zafu Set

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Common questions asked about

1. What are the bestselling yoga props available on

At, we offer a wide range of high-quality yoga props. Our bestselling yoga props include yoga blocks, bricks, straps, belts, bolsters, meditation cushions and zafus, eye pillows and sandbags, as well as yoga blankets and towels. These props are designed to enhance your yoga practice, provide support, and help you deepen your stretches and poses. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, our bestselling yoga props are essential tools to improve your practice.

2. Do you offer yoga kits and bundles?

Yes, we offer yoga kits and bundles at Our yoga kits and bundles are curated to provide you with a complete set of yoga props and accessories for a well-rounded practice. These kits and bundles are designed to save you time and money by offering a discounted price compared to purchasing individual items. Whether you are looking for a beginner's kit or a specific prop bundle, we have options available to suit your needs and preferences.

3. What are the benefits of using yoga blocks and bricks?

Yoga blocks and bricks are versatile props that offer numerous benefits to your yoga practice. They provide stability and support, allowing you to safely and comfortably explore different poses and stretches. Yoga blocks and bricks can be used to modify poses, deepen stretches, improve alignment, and increase flexibility. They are especially helpful for beginners who may need assistance in achieving proper alignment. Additionally, yoga blocks and bricks can be used as props for restorative and therapeutic practices. Overall, incorporating yoga blocks and bricks into your practice can enhance your experience and help you progress in your yoga journey.

4. How can yoga straps and belts enhance my practice?

Yoga straps and belts are valuable tools that can enhance your yoga practice in various ways. They provide assistance in achieving proper alignment, especially in poses that require reaching or binding. Yoga straps and belts can be used to extend your reach, deepen stretches, and improve flexibility. They also help in maintaining stability and balance during challenging poses. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, incorporating yoga straps and belts into your practice can help you safely explore new poses, improve your alignment, and deepen your stretches.

5. What are the benefits of using meditation cushions and zafus?

Meditation cushions and zafus are essential for creating a comfortable and supportive meditation practice. These cushions provide elevation and support to the hips and spine, allowing for a more relaxed and aligned posture during meditation. By providing a stable and comfortable seat, meditation cushions and zafus help reduce discomfort and distractions, enabling you to focus on your meditation practice. They also promote proper alignment, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy posture during long meditation sessions. Incorporating meditation cushions and zafus into your meditation practice can enhance your comfort, concentration, and overall experience.

Some reasons to choose

Free Mainland UK Shipping on orders over 75

Customers in the UK can enjoy free shipping on orders over 75, making it convenient and cost-effective to purchase yoga mats, props, and accessories from this company.

Bestselling Yoga Props

This company offers a wide range of bestselling yoga props, ensuring that customers have access to high-quality and popular products that can enhance their yoga practice.

Yoga Kits & Bundles

For those looking to start their yoga journey or upgrade their current practice, this company offers yoga kits and bundles that provide a comprehensive set of props and accessories at a discounted price.

Yoga Blocks & Bricks

Customers can find a variety of yoga blocks and bricks on this website, which are essential tools for improving alignment, stability, and flexibility during yoga poses.

Yoga Straps & Belts

This company offers a range of yoga straps and belts that can assist in deepening stretches, improving flexibility, and providing support during challenging poses.

Yoga Bolsters

Customers can find a selection of yoga bolsters, which are versatile props that can be used for restorative poses, meditation, and providing support and comfort during various yoga practices.

Meditation Cushions and Zafus

For those interested in meditation, this company offers a variety of meditation cushions and zafus that provide comfort and proper alignment during meditation sessions.

Eye Pillows & Sandbags

This company offers eye pillows and sandbags, which can be used to enhance relaxation, relieve tension, and promote deep relaxation during yoga and meditation practices.

Yoga Blankets & Towels

Customers can find a range of yoga blankets and towels that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, adding comfort and style to their yoga practice.

All Accessories

In addition to yoga props, this company offers a wide range of accessories such as bags and straps, allowing customers to find everything they need to support their yoga practice in one place.

Spare cushion and bolster covers

Customers have the option to purchase spare cushion and bolster covers, ensuring that they can keep their props clean and hygienic for long-term use.


This company offers wholesale options, making it convenient for yoga studios, instructors, and retailers to purchase props and accessories in bulk at discounted prices.
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