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Welcome to TruYu Beauty Studio, your microblading destination in Coeur d'Alene, ID and the Spokane Valley for beautiful eyebrows. TruYu Beauty Studio's founder, Sarah has a passion for working with her clients to enhance their natural beauty. She created TruYu Beauty to be a safe place for women to grow in confidence with their appearance. She is certified in Permanent Cosmetics and in Blood-borne Pathogens and follows the OSHA safety guidelines. Sarah was trained as a graphic designer and worked with many clients, including Nicole Miller's cosmetic line. Through her art, she has developed a keen eye for detail that translates into her beauty business.

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Can you hide scars?

absolutely, though we can’t guarantee how the skin will heal and how well the skin will hold the pigment.   can you hide other blemishes or acne in my eyebrows? we never want to compromise someone’s health, and because of that, we can’t cover acne or moles. moles change size and color and sometimes these changes are what can determine if there is a health concern.

How do you find the right color and brow shape?

we’ll help you figure out what brow color. there are many factors when picking out the right color, such as how natural you want them; if you want them to match your hair color; or have them be darker. then we also match the brow and the hair color. some people like to have their brows a few shades darker, and so based upon their preference, we’ll find a color that works great with your complexion, eyes, and hair. we will also help you with picking out the perfect brow shape.

Does it hurt?

we numb the brows. numbing takes about twenty minutes and know that you’ll receive extra numbing during the entire process. if your brows are sensitive, just speak up; we’ll be happy to help keep you as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure.

Does it take a long time?

everyone heals differently. there are so many factors that are involved in the healing process that it’s impossible to say how quickly someone will heal.  some people may scab more, and for others the scabbing is hardly noticeable. there may be some redness, but it typically fades within the same day.

How long does the pigment last?

how you heal will determine how much pigment you retain, which is another reason for the touch up appointment six to eight weeks after the initial procedure. depending on a multitude of factors, your brows will last from one to three years. for fresh looking brows, a refresher is typically preferred every one to two years.

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US (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) based business providing microblading treatments. Website includes details of treatments provided, "meet the founder" page,blog, FAQs, full contact details. reviewer
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