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Alternative Remedies

Aligned Bodies Rolfing

Alain Zakeossian, certified Rolfer in London.
I practice Rolfing in London with locations in Ealing, Chiswick and Mayfair.
People who receive sessions of Rolfing Structural Integration typically report less body tensions, improved posture, flexibility, enhanced body awareness and wellbeing.

Aligned Bodies Rolfing

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Common questions asked about

1. Who can benefit from Rolfing Structural Integration?

Rolfing benefits most people, as all bodies have some degree of disorder and compensation in the connective tissues. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, have postural issues, or want to enhance your athletic performance, Rolfing can help. It is suitable for people of all backgrounds and ages.

2. What is Rolfing Structural Integration?

Rolfing Structural Integration is a system of physical manipulations and education that aims to improve posture and movement by re-establishing adequate tonicity and spatial relationships of the body's connective tissues. It involves purposeful mobilization and release of the fascia network and strategic movement sequences. Fascia is the component of connective tissue that permeates the entire human body, providing stability and tautness.

3. What happens during a Rolfing session?

During a Rolfing session, a Certified Rolfer will use their hands and sometimes elbows or forearms to apply pressure and manipulate the fascia. The goal is to release tension and realign the body's structure. The session may involve both passive and active movements, as well as verbal guidance to help you become more aware of your body and movement patterns.

4. What is the Rolfing 10 Series?

The Rolfing 10 Series is a series of ten sessions that are designed to systematically address and balance the body's structure. Each session focuses on different areas of the body, gradually working towards overall alignment and integration. The series is personalized to each individual's needs and goals, and it is recommended to complete all ten sessions for optimal results.

5. What are the benefits of deep tissue massage and Chavutti Thirumal massage?

Deep tissue massage and Chavutti Thirumal massage are two additional services offered. Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing tension and knots in the deeper layers of muscles, promoting relaxation and pain relief. Chavutti Thirumal massage is an ancient Indian massage technique that uses the therapist's feet to apply deep, broad pressure. Both modalities can help improve flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and enhance overall well-being.

Some reasons to choose

Improved Body Alignment and Posture

After undergoing the Rolfing 10 Series, clients have reported feeling taller and straighter. Rolfing helps to realign the body's structure, improving posture and overall body alignment.

Relief from Chronic Pain

Many clients have experienced relief from chronic pain after receiving Rolfing sessions. The deep tissue massage techniques used in Rolfing help to release tension and tightness in the muscles, providing long-lasting pain relief.

Enhanced Physical Performance

Athletes and individuals looking to improve their physical performance have found Rolfing to be beneficial. By addressing imbalances and restrictions in the body, Rolfing can help improve flexibility, range of motion, and overall athletic performance.

Improved Body Awareness

Rolfing sessions often involve education and guidance on body awareness. Clients learn to become more in tune with their bodies and develop a better understanding of how their body moves and functions. This increased body awareness can lead to better self-care and overall well-being.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Rolfing takes a holistic approach to healing, addressing not only physical symptoms but also emotional and energetic aspects of the body. Clients have reported experiencing emotional benefits and a sense of calm and relaxation after Rolfing sessions.
UK (London) based business providing Rolfing therapy/treaments. Website includes details of treatments provided, "meet the founder" page, FAQs, pricing, testimonials, details of certifications gained, associations, details of business premises, full contact details. reviewer
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